Jason Wills – Disrupt or Die

Well good morning and welcome to this week’s
movie, this is a chance for me to just talk briefly about a blog I am writing at the moment
and it’s in regards to disruption in industries, in business and I bring this up because I
went recently to a strip-mall here in Christchurch, New Zealand, and as I got to that mall I pulled
up outside a carpark and there was an old DVD video store that’s been around for years
and years and sadly that’s now shut down and there is a new store going in its place and
it got me thinking you know I’m surprised that DVD store has been there for so long
to be fair because about 15 years ago you know I thought about what’s the point in having
DVD stores when you’ve got the internet now and you can live stream or stream any information
for that matter straight off the internet including movies and of course iTunes were
doing a bit of stuff along those lines as well but then Netflix they also came up with
I guess a different model a disruptive model wherein they started buying DVD’s and the
distributing them straight to users addresses so they would actually post out the DVD’s. Which was a fantastic idea because people
didn’t need to go into the store. And what a great idea that was. But then they took it one step further and
they disrupted the model again and they took those DVD’s and they put them onto their own
file servers and they started streaming them, so you could pay to stream down movies direct
from Netflix. And so I guess that was probably the end of
it for DVD stores once Netflix starting doing that, obviously Apple was already doing that
sort of thing with the Apple TV. And so the poor old DVD store a lot of those stores
United Video here in New Zealand, and Australia and also Blockbuster in the USA, just couldn’t
cut it anymore because you know they didn’t change their model in time and they got left
behind. And so there is a lot of disruptive technology
out there and that’s what I’m talking about that businesses need to think about you know
how do they keep up. There was an old saying “Adapt or Die” and
you know a lot of my I guess my thinking over the last few years with the company that I
was in, was all about adapting and trying to innovate and trying to keep up with what
our consumers wanted but I think it has gone further than that now and it’s all more about
disruptive technology and you need to start thinking about disruption otherwise you are
just going to be left behind. And if you think about the we’ve got the taxi
business with Uber, we’ve got Amazon with the book stores, Amazon Go with their new
shopping malls where you just go in take everything you want without checking out it’s just charged
straight to your account and of course Netflix as well, so businesses need to think
about disruption. That’s what my Blogs about. I really hope you enjoy it and if you click
on the link that I’ve got on this movie that will take you directly to it. Thanks a lot.

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