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Ahoy everyone! Thanks so much for tuning in! So I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama and today we’re returning to the janky tribes of Magic! and we’re going to be looking at some horses. There’s going to be a brief history and also a deck tech at the end. Before we get started, if you want to see
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order! With that said, let’s get going! So I’m back with another look at the janky
tribes of magic, and this time around I’m looking at horses! Some say they’re just
a load of old pony, but I love them! So we begin with the original horse, Nightmare.
6 mana for a flying nightmare horse whose power and toughness are equal to the number
of swamps we control! This mare has been reprinted 21 times, from
way back in alpha up to the present day in the current intro decks! Homelands, the set derided by many players
brought us a few more equine friends, Black carriage, dwarven pony, and clockwork steed,
part of a really nice looking but ultimately rubbish cycle of artifact creatures. Other notable horses from this early stage
of the game include Workhorse which has amazing artwork, Sacred Prey featuring art from Rebecca
Guay, and Zodiac Horse, from Portal Three kingdoms, one of wotc’s early attempts at
a beginner product. It was part of a cycle that included all signs of the zodiac, as
the set was heavily influenced by eastern culture and history.
Portal also brought us the keyword of Horsemanship. It’s another evasion keyword, where the
creature can only be blocked by something that has horsemanship itself. Quite a harsh
mechanic much like Shadow was in Tempest. Moving into more modern times and we seem
to get a horse per block! Cards like timbermare, carnival hellsteed, temur charger and stallion
of ashmouth. Nestled within this period was a horsey treat,
and I don’t mean ikea meatballs. Akroan Horse is a particular favourite of mine, immediately
being given to an opponent and then you start to get 1/1 soldiers, just like Greek mythology! Now we’re up to standard sets and the card
that prompted this whole video! Crested Sunmare! I’ve been shoehorning this card into decks
left, right and centre! If you’ve gained life in a turn, you get
a 5/5 token, and with the sunmare in play they’re indestructible! Two sunmares down
and they make each other indestructible for even more shenanigans!
It was very much at home in my cat deck as so many of them had lifelink, and now with
core set 19, there’s a much on theme solution! Before we get to that though, unstable brought
just an Ordinary Pony, it’s basically a blink pony, and you can pair it up with some
crazy stuff… So that leads us to M19 and the mare cycle!
Most of them are unblockable by a single changing colour, and each horse has a different ability
after that. The shield mare gains us three life each time
its targeted by an opponent, Whenever the surge mare deals damage to an
opponent we can loot, and can switch up its power and toughness a bit.
Plague mare gives our opponents creatures -1-1 for the turn.
Lightning mare is uncounterable and has slightly pricier firebreathing.
Vine mare has hexproof and is currently wrecking moderate havoc on standard when comboed with
captains hook. That means it can’t be blocked by anything, which is a right mare for our
opponents! The final horse is colourless, diamond mare!
As it enters play you pick a colour, then any time you play a card of that colour you
gain 1 life. So with the history lesson out of the way,
let’s build a deck! Now this deck is currently standard legal, but only for another month
or so. After that it’ll be strictly kitchen table or even Frontier! We’ve got a fairly big horse package, 4
of the main mare himself, backed up by 4 diamonds and shields, and also 4 metallic mimics. If
those horse tokens start coming into play with +1+1 counters on them that’ll be awesome. With our horses naturally being earthbound
we need some protection from aerial attacks, 4 harvesters and a few Serra’s wings should
do it, and as a bonus they help with the life gain! Next are a couple of cards that’ll shut
down certain decks and give us some incremental life in the process. 3 authorities and 2 ashes
should do it. A two of for anointed procession should do
nicely, we’re not an out and out token build, but double sunmare tokens each time is nice. Finally there’s the removal suite. Ixalans
binding, seal away and a couple of settles should do it. That leaves space for 23 lands. Feel free
to throw in a monument or two, or even a field of ruin, it’s all meta dependant.
What you could also do is try to squeeze in a Lyra or two in place of the ashes if you’ve
got them! And there you have it, my guide to the janky
horses of magic! If you haven’t already, please remember to
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Catch you all on the next one, Cheers!

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