Jacquelynne Suguitan and Phillip Alvarado Trinet testimonial

This past week has been hectic, we’ve been
juggling around work, and all busy traveling engagement, so the last thing that we didn’t
want to stress about was alcohol and catering and because of Youcanevent.com we literally
shot out our event and was already ready for us. So they’re amazing, and made my life a lot
easier. What about you Phillip? Thank you Youcanevent, thank you Antonio,
for helping us organize this part of our event so we can focus on guest list, getting attendees,
was a wonderful experience, easy to do, thank you Youcan. Super easy, great customer service, they were
also able to work with all the partnerships here so rather than stress about what payments,
Youcan was able to streamline that for us. So thank you so much!

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