Jabra Elite 75t first look: the AirPods rival gets an upgrade

– Pretty early on Jabra,
one of the few companies that actually produced a
viable Airpods alternative. But, as the likes of Samsung and Beats have caught up in recent months, it’s getting harder
and harder to recommend their true wireless earbuds. So, it makes sense that here at IFA 2019 Jabra’s announced a follow-up. They’re called the Elite
75t’s, and while they don’t really change too much
about Jabra’s earphones, there’s enough small, incremental changes to make them a really good upgrade. Now, full disclosure:
Jabra has provided us with a really early sample of the Elite 75t’s, but they’re not a working sample. They don’t produce any sound. So, whilst we can talk
about their features and their fit and their feel, we can’t say anything about how these earbuds actually sound. That said, given Jabra’s
history of producing earbuds that do sound really good, we still think they’re really interesting. Let’s get into top line specs. Now, Jabra is claiming
that you’ll get 7.5 hours of listening out of the earbuds themselves for a total of 28 hours when
you include the charging case. That’s about a 50%
improvement over the 65t’s. Now, that’s not quite
as good for our top pick for the best true wireless
earbuds out there at the moment, which is the Beats Powerbeats Pro which gives you about nine hours or so, but it compares favorably to the Airpods or Sony’s true wireless earbuds, which will give you five hours
and six hours respectively. So, if we turn our attention to the case, not only do you get slightly
better battery life, it’s also a little bit
smaller and finally, it charges over USB-C, which is pretty much a given in 2019, but I’m still really
thankful to see Jabra do it. Oh, and the inside of the case, the little, I’m gonna call them cradles, where you put the earbuds,
they’re now magnetic. Which just makes it slightly
easier to put them in and it means they don’t
fall out quite as easily. Now, the old Jabra’s, as well
as having bad battery life and charging over Micro USB, they’re also kinda big
and bulky and not only was that plain annoying, but
it meant that people with, I guess, smaller ears found
them really uncomfortable. So, the big thing that
Jabra’s happy about this time is they’ve made them smaller. They’ve said 20% smaller,
which should hopefully mean that they’ll fit in a
much wider range of ears. Now, me, I’m captain average. I have completely average-sized ears and everything just seems
to fit them just fine. I didn’t have a problem
with the previous Jabra’s. But, I know someone who
believes deep in their heart that Jabra’s old earbuds
were just plain too big. So, I’m gonna ask her what
she thinks of the Elite 75t’s, and whether they’ve actually solved that problem once and for all. – All right, John, here goes nothing. Oh, tell me it isn’t so. Oh, damn. – But fit isn’t just about comfort and Jabra reckons that
by having better fit, you should also get better sound quality by having a better seal
against your ear canal. Unfortunately, we can’t
verify this ourselves, we’ll have to wait for the
final earbuds to actually tell. Now, it’s a real shame
we can’t listen to these earbuds ourselves because I have a lot of questions about them. Not just in terms of sound quality, but also in terms of
how well they maintain their connection with a phone. Because smaller earbuds mean less space for things like a Bluetooth antenna and that’s really important
when you wanna maintain a good connection with a phone. Now, Jabra claims it’s found
a neat little workaround where it runs the antenna
around the top of the earbud right here, but we just don’t know how this is gonna work in real world use. And the bigger problem is that whilst I think Jabra seems to
have done a really good job of catching up with the competition, in recent years the
competition has been moving on at a breakneck pace. Features like wireless charging and active noise cancellation
are becoming more and more important as time goes on. And these aren’t things that
the Jabra Elite 75t supports. Jabra does say that it’s gonna add a new wireless charging model next year, and I think that’s a really good move. Especially as we see so many
rumors about the iPhones this year support bi-directional charging. Which then, in future, in theory, will be able to charge these earbuds. So, Jabra’s finally
competitive again in 2019. And if these earbuds are
able to sound as good as Jabra’s previous earbuds,
then it might just have itself another really compelling
Airpods alternative. Until, I guess, the market moves on again. Which, to be honest,
with the breakneck pace that the true wireless
earbuds market has been moving in recent years, might
not be that long at all. So, the Jabra Elite 75t’s
are gonna be available in mid-October in the U.S. for $199 or in the U.K. for $189
Great British Pounds.

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100 thoughts on “Jabra Elite 75t first look: the AirPods rival gets an upgrade

  1. Don't see where they improved to the point where they can charge $200. They are intruding features that should have been in the least one (usb-c, magnets, smaller case). I love my 65t active but I'm getting wireless charging, magnets and usb-c for $130 with my Galaxy buds.

  2. Don't buy jabra, I had 2 pairs of elite 65t and both of them had some sorta problems. The first one's left earbud was dead outta the box and I had to get a replacement and the second pair had connection issues.

  3. Whats the point of a review when the only real thing you can talk about are things that jabra told you themselves. There doesnt seem to be to much personal take and its all really just information from jabra

  4. It makes no sense to review a product that literally doesn’t work … this basically just a commercial. Disappointed in the verge

  5. Anything that goes inside the ear canal is already a viable airpods alternative for me. My ears hurt like helm from airpods and they sound so bleh. Can't enjoy anything unless your in dead silent environment.

  6. You are reviewing the new Jabra true wireless earbuds but you can't talk about how's the sound quality? you serious The Verge?

  7. Do we know if they will have dual connection to your device? I.e. will both buds connect to my phone independently vice the slave/master connection?

  8. Hey verge what's the point of talking about an audio equipment which doesn't give you audio you should wait for real one to carry-out a review………no hard feelings just a suggestion

  9. The difference between the 65t and any apple buds are night and day. 65t are so much better. It's like apple's and oranges. Apple users are so delusional

  10. If a wireless earbuds that cost $200 or more don't include ANC and wireless charging, what's the point even?
    Reviewers don't talk about audio latency either..imagine spending that much money but end up getting audio delay when watching YT or while gaming
    So far Beats and Airpods have been spot on with audio delay problems
    No other company addressed this problem, even with Bluetooth 5.0

  11. So we have just trust your words about this? Wow YouTube video has reach a new height! This is a good way to steer away potential buyers… kudos to Jabra for choosing the verge to do this “pr” for them.

  12. I found the issue with your friend having trouble fitting the 65t in her ears – she appears to have shrapnel in her ear (specifically the scapha /antihelix area). If she had a medical professional remove the shrapnel she might find more comfort.

  13. Sound is subjective, they can tell you it sounds awesome but you never know until you tried for yourself so please stop

  14. I love how he, like most apple users, mentions as wireless power charging from the phone doesn't exist yet because iPhone hasn't come out with that feature yet.. regardless of the fact that Samsung has come out with it since this March and their another phone.. not even a mention about that

  15. The Verge: Heres a new jabra model
    Me: awesome! Liked the previous jabras a lot, cant wait to know how they sound
    The Trollerge: they dont have sound yet
    Me: am I a joke to you?

  16. if she thought the 65T were too big then I doubt she wears any ear buds at all…the 65T's seemed to be the smallest to me with great sound

  17. People complaining about no sound instead of appreciating this reviewer who is giving us a sneak peek of this beautiful 75t. Thank you for this channel

  18. Usb C is not given, it is a must in 2019. Wireless charging is a given. I Find western tech very slow to adopt new tech while Asia tech are much faster

  19. Facts. My biggest issue with my Jabra Elite Active is the interference in the gym. You see bluetooth interference when the gym is bustling with people. I have ways to counter it.

  20. Jabra was so close for me, it literally came down to the physical buttons. I'm not a fan of pushing the button into my ear

  21. Airpod rival? You are a joke! The jabra (65T) is so much better. So do the 75T with i suppose the same soundquality. It’s a upgrade to be smaller and fit just even better. And improve the case (magnetic and to open)

  22. what is the point in doing a review on ear buds without hearing them……like testing a car without driving…..pointless !!!

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