It’s Been a Very Explosive 2018 So Far

Craig: Alright guys this isn’t working. I’m gonna change up the channel again. It’s just not what I want to be doing, so I’m gonna do what I’ve always dreamed this channel would be: Um, Taylor Swift covers only. [sings] “Oh. Look what you’ve made me do. Look what you’ve made me do. Look what you just made me do, look what you just made me… Oh!” Are the unsubscribers gone yet? [Wheezy beard intro] Actually, that intro was really good. The rest of the video is gonna be a disappointment. Don’t worry, [whispers] I’ll do another cover later in the video. But I am really trying something new today: Explosion Wednesday. In explosion news, “Logan Paul controversy: YouTube under fire [flame noise] for letting shocking [lightning noise] video stay up [sighs] You Probably already heard about Logan Paul’s terrible video where he shows a suicide victim and it was in the thumbnail. It’s terrible. It’s disgusting. It’s terrible. But apparently, YouTube didn’t think so. The video was flagged, they reviewed it and then they allowed it to stay up. Logan Paul eventually deleted it after a backlash. And after it was already viewed 6 million times. Okay, so I’ve been trying to figure out the problem here, and I think I got it. But it’s complicated, stay with me. YouTube thought that shooting video that millions of people will watch of an actual dead body is okay. [clears throat] Here’s the thing: It’s not. Figure your *shirt* out YouTube, before everything comes crashing down. I’m not pretentious enough to only use Vimeo. Also, Logan Paul’s an idiot. In other news: “Trump Tower meeting with Russians ‘treasonous’, Bannon says in explosive [explosion noise] book. So, there’s a new book by Michael Wolfe [howls] We are legally obligated to do that every time you say his name. Called “Fire [flames noise] and Fury [punching noise] inside the Trump White House”, in which he interviews 200 people in Trump’s inner circle and outer circle. Maybe some triangles and squares. Rhombuses. And in it, his once-out right-hand man Steve Bannon says that he thinks that that meeting in the Trump Tower between Trump people – Treople, if you will – in June 2016 was treasonous and unpatriotic and bad *shirt*. Trump responded today saying, when he was fired, he not only lost his job, he also lost his mind. Whoa. [crunches chips] Can’t wait to see how this plays out. [crunches chips] I don’t know what else to say, really. Except: [singing] “’Cause baby, now we’ve got bad blood. You know it used to be mad love. So take a look what you’ve done. ’Cause baby, now we’ve got bad blood. Hey!” Alright. Whoo. Glad there’s no more feuds to talk about today. Oh, except for Trump’s other feud with Kim Jong-un, in which he’s comparing [explosion sound] nuclear button sizes via Twitter. Guys. It’s not the size of the button. [sexy music] It’s the motion and the [explosion noise] explosion across the ocean Heheheh. Aaaah. Are we done, yet? Is there any more news? Yes. [explosion noise] “‘Bomb cyclone:’ US braces for [explosion noise] explosive winter [lightning noise] storm. Guys. Sorry, these are the kinds of headlines people are writing. They fit really thematically into Explosion Wednesday. A [explosion noise] bomb cyclone, or weather bomb [explosion noise] is an unofficial term for what is known as [explosion noise] explosive cyclogenesis. [In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins]
I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord Oh. So that explains it. [shakes head] Basically, along the eastern seaboard, on Thursday and Friday, there is going to be a terrible, very very cold windy storm that’s… pretty much like a winter hurricane. Aaaah. At least it’s not nuclear war? No matter how bad things get, at least it’s not nuclear war. Unless it is. In that case, F&%#$&*^aaaaaa. – Craig Benzine I hope, if you’re in the path of the storm, you’re doing everything you can to stay safe and warm and you’ll be in my thoughts. Good luck. [sighs] 2018, I thought we had an arrangement. I wrote a song and everything. This isn’t looking good for our relationship, because [singing] “’Cause baby, now we’ve got bad blood. Hey.” Before the links pop up here, I want to let you know about a link in the doobly-doo to a podcast I’m doing with my friend Jake Jarvey, called “Movied” in which we just talk about movies. I don’t know when the next episode’ll come up, but the first one’s all about The Last Jedi and it’s super spoilery. If you’d like to save up some money before nuclear war, I made a video all about saving money yesterday, right there. Here’s a video YouTube thinks you’ll like that doesn’t have a dead body in it. If you’d like to support what I do, there’s my Patreon right there. Click thumbs up if you liked it, turn your head upside down and click thumbs down if you didn’t like it Hit subscribe and the bell if you want to see more or please unsubscribe if you don’t want to be here. *ding*
[subtitles by the Wheezy Waiter Wiki team]

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100 thoughts on “It’s Been a Very Explosive 2018 So Far

  1. As you took a bite of the chip, I also was taking a bite of a nacho (which is partially chip). No real relevance. Just wanted to share. Also 10/10 on the TSwift covers 👍 (and the quote about winter storms and nuclear war)

  2. The only way I choose to consume news media these days is explosively… can we try a "hug it out" Friday now too please?

  3. wait. In the Air Tonight is Genesis?? I thought it was just Phil Collins?

    not that it really matters of course. it's like whether a song is The Police or Sting. but I care about getting those right too for some reason so idk

  4. Not a Genesis song at all but was the genesis of the famous reverb-echo drum sound that was used by everybody throughout the 80's.

  5. Wheezy, based on this explosion Wednesday (which, I think, might be a good idea to make a "thing") we need another "5 Reasons To Be Alive Today."

  6. I think I get up from bed to watch wheezywaiter and to watch ASMR while dreaming about the next wheezy video

  7. hahahahaa! this was gold! thanks mr. wheezy Dadman for the lol in irl. laughed at the genesis joke then laughed again when you added the 'notation explanation' for i assume your younger 'wheezy watchers'

  8. I genuinely laughed out loud during the Taylor Swift cover. And then laughed harder when you took your shirt off.

  9. I so appreciate your sense of humor, Craig. Your videos are some of the few that cause audible chuckles. -Rebecca

  10. Is Craig implying T-Swift doesn't have her shirt together…. like, she can't find them so goes without them in all her songs….

  11. You got a thumbs up from me for sneaking Phil Collins in there. When I'm done with your video … which is currently paused at 2:45 … I'm going to listen to Phil Collins and Genesis until I manage to get my frozen self (I'm in Wisconsin) thawed enough to toddle off to bed.

  12. Oh look, we have the same brand of tortilla chips! My family usually gets the round ones because they seem to hold salsa better.

  13. I didn't think I'd see Craig shirtless, in a wig, covering Taylor Swift in this video, let alone three times…

    But I have zero complaints.

  14. So Codys lab can get flagged and taken down for microwaving plague level pests ( fruitflies ) but some blonde 21 year old wanker that tells our kids to have lots of sex and shows dead bodies hanging from trees whilst giggling will get his video trending. Thanks YT

  15. Ugh I missed your videos. I subscribed years ago but time passed and you stopped appearing on my Youtube front page and recommendations so I forgot to keep checking your channel.
    But now i browse my subscription feed. Keep up the good work!

  16. WHAT!? I did not know that youtube actually reviewed it. It DIRECTLY VIOLATES their terms of service. People who show fucking trailer footage get their channel ripped down and THIS can stand. Fucking hell >.<

  17. Is it a first amendment right to show violent or offensive video? As in, no matter how scummy or inappropriate a video, can it still be posted?

    I'm guessing YouTube has a policy about specific content like violence and dead bodies, but I've seen other videos of war and stuff. And war has LOTS of violence.

  18. Hahaha…. omg. the shirtless bits made me crack up. Shirtless, that wig and the expression on your face… good times. Thanks for that.

  19. When you said Michael wolf and howled, I had to reassure both my cats because they were sure the dog had entered the house somewhere
    You are very convincing

  20. WWWiki article:
    Recurring themes: ding, shirt, doobly-doo, Explosion Wednesday, Craig quotes

  21. Sup Waiter, I like how you told us to unsubscribe if we don't want to be here. That is awesome.
    Can you please do another video where you read peoples comments? (like where you had a conversation with them) that was sooooo funny. 🙂

  22. Logan Paul was a classic "there is no such thing as bad" publicity stunt.
    Why am I even commenting about it argh

  23. I’m hiding inside and we fought our superintendent on twitter until he cancelled school. Does that count as staying safe and warm?

  24. Well, I just found my new ringtone and it will remind me of a shirtless Craig. I need that image out of my mind soon.

  25. Ok ok, lemme get this straight… oh wait I can't I'm gay. Well just lemme try to understand this a little better. So YouTube thinks a video with a LEGITIMATE dead body in it is perfectly acceptable, but a video that contains ANIMATED blood and gore and guts is unacceptable. Same with a video where you say fuck 30 Times. That's like how on tv you can say ass and hole but you can't say asshole 👿

  26. YASSS MORE PHIL COLLINS REFERENCES!!!… Except that music video is from Phil Collins' first solo album Face Value… not Genesis… Oh lord, oh lord…

  27. Wow, imagine the fact all of the pain and suffering to the point of killing yourself, and then you still have to be in a Logan Paul video.

  28. That Taylor Swift moment was the best thing I’ve seen all day I went to subscribe and realized I already was so I hit that bell

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