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Hi!I’m Hannah I’m a music technology
major here at West Liberty University and today I’m going to show you what
it’s like to be in this program. And now we’re going to go to Electronic Music
Ensemble with Dr.Harder. The EME is really a unique ensemble that we have at
West Liberty. You get to learn a lot of different instruments that you might not
normally find yourself playing. We’ve performed some pieces that are composed
specifically for electronic music bands or groups and then we also take other
songs that were composed for like say like popular style music and then we
arrange them for electronic music ensemble Now we’re gonna have a
one-on-one meeting with Dr. Harder for my senior project. So Hannah you did an internship in Nashville. Tell me about that. For my final senior project I actually completed an internship in Nashville
Tennessee at a recording studio called the Record Shop with the producer Sean
Giovanni and I decided to do an internship because
I wanted to get extra hands-on experience for an extended amount of
time that I just can’t get at school I was the only intern there so I got to
work one-on-one with Sean a lot. He was very open to making sure that I was
learning something and really gaining a lot out of the experience that I had
with him it set me up for exactly what I want to do in my future Now we’re going into my Steel Band Ensemble. so I’m
originally from the Cleveland area and I came to West Liberty to play
volleyball I came in as a vocal performance major really wanting to sing
and do things in music and I wanted to work in the music business but I didn’t
know to what capacity and my second semester here I actually changed my
major to music tech and I’ve loved every second of it. It’s been so applicable to
what I want to do which is being an audio engineer. So now we’re in the 91.5
WGLZ radio station and i’m getting ready to do my radio show.
Hey West Lib I’m Hannah and we’re going to be doing an interview with
Sarah today… What’s really unique about West Liberty’s music Tech program
is that it’s kind of a full comprehensive like umbrella major it’s
not just like just audio engineering or just like one specific avenue you get to
dabble in a bunch of different things and you get to learn a bunch of
different skills so our program is actually a Bachelors of Music which is
also pretty unique to this type of program as well so you’re getting the
NASM approved music courses and then we’re also getting the technology side
of things. Coming up next on 91.5 WGLZ is Be Alright with Ariana Grande We are heading into the recording studio
to do a guitar tracking session Our recording studio is awesome. It’s fully
equipped state of the art studio we just got a Slate Raven console which is
awesome. It’s touchscreen and it has two separate screens so you can have your
recording tracks and your mixing screen on two separate screens. We have a
whole bunch of preamps in the studio, we have a Focus Right, a Neave 511 and
then we also have an Avalon which is really cool as well. What channels are
you going into there, Hannah? So our studio also has Pro Tools and
Logic which are both compatible with the Raven technology. Having Pro Tools in our
studio sets us up for the real world because it’s the recording industry
standard so we could do anything in our studio from a simple one instrument
tracking session to a full band tracking session with drums guitars vocals. Our
studio space is really comparable to a Nashville studio, I interned at one over
the summer and a lot of the equipment that we have is similar to what they
have down there. The space might not be as large or whatever but it’s all the
same process it’s very similar to what you will see in the real world [Guitar Music] I hope this gave you a look at what it’s
like to be in this program. For more information check out the website

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