Israel’s Tech Miracle, New York City’s Future // #TechnionGala Full Video

shortly after the collapse of Lehman
Brothers in 2008, the economic development corporation was asked by
Mayor Bloomberg to think about ways for the city to recover from the downturn.
One of the exercises that we launched was an initiative that we called our
“game changers initiative”. if you look at the great centers of innovation in the
21st century around the world, what they all have in common is at their core a
critical mass of applied sciences research and development, and talent
creation. The new “wealth” of countries is knowledge, and I think it
was Mayor Bloomberg who said knowledge is the new currency… and it was something
that Mayor Bloomberg really believed in he wanted to create another Silicon Valley and New
York. it’s Mike Bloomberg’s vision.. he says it’s gotta be better, we’ve got to
be better, we’ve got to transform the city into this amazing take place. We’ve
got to be a competitor to Silicon Valley. We would like to invite a top caliber
academic institution to build an applied science and engineering school here in New York City. The success of
that competition was driven by the leader at least as much as by everybody
else who was involved. In order to to pull something like this together you need somebody who looks far into the future nothing could happen without a visionary leader. This is what
Michael Bloomberg did. We are very excited to announce a winner it is a dynamic joint submission from
two world-class institutions Cornell University and the Technion Israel Institute of
Technology. It is thanks to an incredibly generous gift. It comes from Irwin Jacobs
and his wife, Joan. We are grateful to Irwin and Joan for making this investment in the future of New York City. What makes the Technion
particularly special is not just its academics, but the fact that it partners those academics with an ability to create a broader innovation economy around It. Having a close relationship between academia and
industry has a huge potential People call it a miracle because of the
fast transition. If you look back several decades Israel was based on agriculture, and the
Technion managed to drive the transformation of the country into a leading high-tech
country which is ranked third in the world in high-tech industry. Having foreign students on campus in Israel opened the Technion to the influence of other
cultures. Our branch in New York brings us closer to the United States. Our branch in
China brings us closer to China. We are an Israeli university, but we have global influence. This uniqueness succeeded to develop generation after generation of young engineers, that came out of a culture that the impossible is possible. Air pollution is one of the biggest challenges in the world.
Every year more than 3.5 million people die because of air pollution. Our
mission is to help to improve the health and quality of life for millions of
people worldwide. We gather hundreds of thousands of sources and analyze them
and then create map that shows the air quality in real time at the street level. We help people with low vision engage in daily activities more efficiently more
comfortably and with more confidence. We designed a system where low vision person using
head-mounted display they can identify a particular product and then it will
actually locate the product in an image or video. InSightec was born to address a vision of a completely non-invasive surgery. Surgery without collateral damage. No blood loss, no infections, no immobility. This is the operating room of the future. There’s no question in my mind that the
arrival of the Technion is not only something that people who care about
science and technology should be excited about but that people who care about the
future of new york city should be excited about It’s Mike Bloomberg’s vision, and the capability of the Technion that are
oing to transform New York. This really is a game-changer. It will
generate more than twenty three billion dollars in economic activity over the
next three decades. In a word, this project is going to be transformative. I think that without being presumptuous, Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute and Cornel Tech will play a major role worldwide for innovative
spirit, for new ideas the impact won’t be only on New York, it will be on countries around the world. By supporting the Technion, you support the next entrepreneurs, the next innovators. This is a very big deal for New York’s
economy, if we’re gonna stay competitive in global world where things change very rapidly. There are very few things you can do for your children that are as valuable as trying to leave them about world.

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