Israel vs Austria: Business Culture, Startup & Female Entrepreneurs

Hey this is Petra with BoundaryLess helping you to unleash your potential and make a difference across the globe and today
you’re in for such a treat because my today’s guest truly is a global leader.
Tanja started her own startup “HeyBeauty”, scheduling tool for beauty appointments
at the age of 25. Currently she is a managing partner at “Startup Live”, the
leading startup event series in Europe and one of the biggest entepreneurial
communities worldwide. Being passionate about female entrepreneurship, she also
founded the “Female Founders” club and network to connect and support women
within the startup scene. Originally coming from Austria, Tanja has also been
living and working in several different countries such as Germany, Switzerland,
Italy, Thailand and Israel, connecting their startup scene with European
startups. Tanja I am so excited to have you here today. Now let’s take it back to the core stone of your work which is helping startups to
make it big someday. So what is the one most important thing that every
entrepreneur should know once they want to start a business in Austria. Tanja: So if it would be that easy you know everyone could do it. I think over the course of
the last years a have learned a lot that it is about the people you surround yourself with, you
know. It’s about the team, that’s what everyone says in the end, it’s about if
you have investors on board, if you want to grow the business, the co-founders
you lean in to, that’s the most important part and I think this is
the most critical one. And then just do it’s really a rollercoaster ride and you
need to go through everything which life is throwing at you and that’s why you need the perfect co-founders, to actually be able to do that. And I think this is the one lesson I have learned during the last year’s. I know you have spent
a lot of time in Israel lately and concretely in Tel Aviv,
especially connecting European startups with the Israeli ones. Why Israel? Tanja: that’s so
difficult to answer. I mean, I don’t know if you have been there, I visited first time
last year and since then I have been there 14 times. Which is kind of a lot. But
yeah, I think the main thing when it comes to Israel is the culture and the
people. So again it’s about people, it’s an amazing spirit they have, the startup scene there is one of the most important ones worldwide so they have a lot of startups, a lot of investors and I think Austrian startups or especially
all European ones can learn a lot from them, so this is why we are trying to
connect them and I mean I fell in love the city last year and I mean,
yeah, that’s the reason why I’m coming back every single month, basically. I
know Israeli might be very direct, especially in the business meetings. They
might get even very emotional, but they seem to be okay after leaving the meeting room,
which is quite in contrast to the Austrian culture, since Austrians rather tend to
prevent or avoid conflicts. So what are some of your experiences with cultural
differences, did you have any struggles once starting in Israel? Tanja: well I mean in
the very beginning I was fascinated by their power and their really hands-on
mentality. This is something that’s really super common over there and which you
can find here in Austria especially in the startup scene but over there it’s like: wow.
But then my first real meeting I’ve encountered there was like, oh my gosh, and I am a direct person as well, so I have no problem with arguing with someone, but
those people there, it was like, first thing, we started like thirty minutes late,
because they were just talking about anything, like vacation and
stuff and then we started, so I was like okay, and they just started talking
Hebrew and I was like, sorry guys, you know I’m not speaking Hebrew, and so once
we got into the whole conversation, they just started again in Hebrew, so I was like, really? So for me
it was kind of rude, you know, because I didn’t get it, but in the end, they
just after the whole conversation they just left, they stand up, so I was like what? So this was my first thing, we didn’t even enter the meeting, right? Did
we? What’s happing here? I have another appoitment. What?
So can you imagine that? Starting super late and now just leaving? And they were just like: bey! What? So this was the first thing in Israel. I was like, okay, I don’t know what’s wrong with you
guys, but you know, they are super easy as well. So it’s easier if you just don’t take things
very personally. I think they say up their minds, they just say what
they think and they can shout, but once you can relax with that
I think it’s okay. I think it’s a very difficult for some Austrians of course, because we
totaly avoid conflict but if you see it on an easy level, it’s totaly fine. Now you empower women to establish their own businesses. What might be
the main struggles or challenges women enterpreneurs might be facing in
Austria? Tanja: I think especially when it comes to Austria, it’s about the culture, you
know, the mindset of the people, I think there’s still a huge difference between
what we see or what we think about men and women and what we can trust in them. I think it’s still a very unusual to have a female CEO, a female startup founders, for example, and women starting their own business.
And then coming back to Israel again, I think this is something we can learn a lot
from them because there is equality between men and women, at least how I see it,
right? They have military service from beginning on, for both genders, so they learn how to work together and they see that this as a strong woman as well so
this is not the question of their abilities and strength, like when
it comes to Austria, you know. And I think this is something what Austria
should empower during the next years as well and this is one of the reasons why
we started “Female Founders”, to have more role models within this system, so that
our kids, our daughters can grow up in a culture where it’s totally normal to
have female CEOs and female leaders everywhere. And yeah, that’s the thing,
that’s the main challenge I think. Still. So what would be your advice for these
women? Tanja: actually not to think about the stuff that much, like we do, we usually
tend to do. Just do it, and they will think, hey I’m a woman, I have certain disadvantages, just do it, do your best, prove them wrong if it’s necessary, you know,
and just give your very best and I think this is the only advice you need,
because then everything is possible. You need to want to go the extra mile
and I think as a woman you will need to prove it maybe one more time often than
the guy, but still, I think if you go through, then there are amazing
things which happen because they are some role models already, so follow
them. Yeah, that leads me to my last question, what would be the one key lesson that
you’ve learned over the course of the last year, that you would like to
leave us with today? Tanja: you know I never understood when people are complaining
about Mondays and then go back to work and stuff, so my key message, is to
every single person I meat I always wanna give something to them, is that they should do what they love, you know, I think we’re living in a great society
now, where everything is possible and once you realize that and once you
follow your passion, I think, this is really true, you don’t have to work any the in your life anymore. And this is what I wish for everyone. Oh
wow that’s beautiful. Tanja, thank you so much for taking the time to be here with us today, it was such a pleasure. Tanja: thank you for having me
and good luck. Now Tanya and I would love to hear from you so what is the one idea or
concept that you heard today and you want to apply into your life from today
on. Let us know in the comment section below, like this video if you liked it,
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new videos every week. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you next
time on BoundaryLess.

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