Is YouTube Dying or Growing?

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100 thoughts on “Is YouTube Dying or Growing?

  1. ⚡️ QOTD: Is YouTube dying or growling in your opinion? LMK! 👇👇👇 Register for the free upcoming YouTube masterclass at ➡️ 🎥💯

  2. sigh I miss the old YouTube from 2005-2014! Things were more simple. Now it became a negative place! It was meant to be a creative fun place to make fun videos, not THIS!

  3. sure feels like its dying, maybe my content just sucks but I have hit a wall when it comes to growth. No matter what I stream or record for a video its just flat. Very disheartening when you put so much time into your content and improving it

  4. YouTube's relevance is slowly receding, like your hairline.

    Memes are far more relevant than closet racist idiots like PewdiePie and Logan Paul.

  5. Definitely dying half the videos are boring and they always are adding new bullshit features. Nothing good, im always bored watching youtube.

  6. Youtube is shit now. Alot of war footage has disappeared. Now just nobody's promoting complete shit/products.

  7. YouTube has just woken up Instagram and Facebook to use video, along with other platforms, so the marketplace has been diluted
    I think Facebook is still a better overall experience

  8. YouTube is boring. Too many channels of people who regurgitate the same videos and who only want subscribers so they can make ad revenue and not get a real job to help humanity but rather sit in their house messing around on their computer.

  9. I hope YouTube doesn't die because i have all of my songs on it saved playlist videos liked videos and my favorite subscribers

  10. No hate but I just find it funny that he posted a video on “Is YouTube dying?” And he posted it on YouTube

  11. The problem is think media YouTube is nothing with out the creators and guess what almost all big and small creators don’t really like YouTube’s ways right now remember vine it was so great but they didn’t treat their creators and they ditched vines history don’t repeat itself but it like to rhyme

  12. im a youtuber i think its gonna go out of business youtube is making it harder on youtubers but may be going youtube might go out of business when logan paul filmed the dead body it hurt youtube a lot but youtube is trying to stay in business youtube is my favorite company but might be dying people are saying youtube is going out of business i hope it dont youtube has to protect its business had youtubers jobs so they dont have to guiet good luck youtube

  13. Youtube IS dead bro i don't know what your talking about. most small channel are gone in the sink and almost impossible to reach. 90% of the stuff are marketed stuff by YT and associate. YT IS DEAD.

  14. I have a question.
    I used to have 40 likes on my video.
    But now it's only 1.
    Before you say your subs hate you.
    That's not true because I sent a email to all my subscribers and asked if they unlocked it.
    They said no they did not unlike it
    I need an answer.

  15. You suck up.
    You lost me at 1:49.
    Because of their behavior, and the changes they've made to their comments and notifications features YouTube will soon be dead.

  16. YouTube has a future..? Yes.. Bright one? Yes, but with a really "small" and really dark secret which most people pretend that they don't see it…

  17. I want YouTube to die so people can get money the right way without advertising and bragging I hate all bragers I do want YouTube to die in like 2020

  18. Add to it now there is an indian music 😂😂👽👽👳👳 channel is taking over pew die pie's place so this is the sign of finality for me

  19. I gave up on trying to start a channel. I deleted the three years of 5-15 minute videos I uploaded. I've given up. I don't like seeing what YT is turning into. You can't say whatever you want now, because there's always the one person who doesn't like it. You can barely curse if you want to make money. You can't play games that either aren't popular or are violent or else you lose money. What happened to the old YT? Why did money become the main reason to do YT? It ruined it. I've just stopped going on YT for a bit, and started talking to others online, and offline. I make friends, and we all talk about this.

  20. everything on my feed is either extremely old (one year+) or super controversial/fake news… its pretty dead out there. even the typical cringe videos are dated by 12 months +

  21. Thinking about to start. Doing my homework…recording…deleting…don't know what to do…It's my burning desire to have my own UT Channels from long time…

  22. youtube is officially dead in my eyes, i have 256 channels in my web folder, and out of those 256 channels only 25 of them are actually still uploading new content worth watching, only thing i see on youtube these days are podcasts and vlogs

  23. sorry, youtube is not growing, just because ppl has gmail doesn't mean ppl are browsing around on youtube, you're not looking at the hidden numbers, tell me, why are a lot of videos that you already watched 2 weeks ago still has the new label on it? it's because there a lot less youtubers uploading, so little in fact, that's it's screwing up the recommended and trending algorithm, to where it just sends you to the same videos over and over, i bet if we could see the stats on the number of daily uploads on youtube in the past 6 months, you would see dramatic drops, i think youtube has mere years of life left before it is up for sale, and if i was a betting man, i can bet apple will be what buys out youtube for roughly $1.7 billion

  24. YouTube gaming is ending and getting merged with the original YouTube app and YouTube really needs to do away with youtube music

  25. Posting a 'YouTube is Dying' video on YouTube and getting 54,359 views, 2.1K likes and 756K subscribers… I will add a 😏 for every like and 1,000 😏 if Think Media likes this comment.

  26. The corruption of YouTube must be destroyed. Restore the YouTube now. No more corruption:

  27. You got me! Subscribing! I don’t know why some of my videos get thousands of views and some bomb!

  28. The policy changes is going to kill YouTube lot of people are leaving already going to dlive did staying here with this b*****

  29. PewDiePie is gone from YouTube and doing a lot more better at dlive would y'all fools Keep On Believing the same bowlshit it's going to be okay it's just going to get worse and worse and YouTube YouTube is going to die same thing with Google cuz they own the same s*** same thing with Facebook it's going to f**** die because there are full of s***

  30. YouTube kids it should have nothing to do with YouTube Hershey cookie pie what the hell they're kids are watching is that YouTube's business it is the parents fault and nothing else YouTube is is getting stupid

  31. Show me dead bodies a different thing they should have took down that channel but cussing leave people alone like that stitches f**** ridiculous

  32. No it's not a bro is that well it is dying I don't know what the hell you're getting your ship from but dlive is getting bigger people are leaving YouTube to go to this platform so YouTube is going to die yes it is dead I don't care if you don't want to believe it or not it's dying

  33. Out of all the social media resources, YouTube is the one I would love to see last forever. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are dying for sure and are getting out of hand and useless. Google and YouTube are the most reliable sources that very beneficial in today’s economy. When it comes to music from way back in the day, along with videos as well, YouTube is the most outstanding search engine perform to perform the techniques.

  34. pewdiepie vs t series was the final battle for youtube.but hey, im sure a new website will come and pewdiepie will reign again. because youtube is dying. and t series will be number 1 on this dead, horrible website. 😀

  35. i remember 2016 i used to watch pewdiepie. it was the best. i played tuber simulator and all and then… disaster struck. t series basically finished off. youtube its dead.

  36. its ok for big channels and people who just upload tv shit but growing a channel now on youtube its horrible im fucking sick of being recomended shit on tv clips when i wanna wanna youtubers making contrent and discovering new youtubers instead of the old youtubers who have millions of subs i miss youtube back in the days where u could discover the weird and wonderful vids on youtube its all so structured and corperate now ugh !!!!!

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