Is the Huawei ban finally over?

it seems like the end of the Huawei ban
could be in sight, kind of. The Commerce Department announced it will finally
allow select US tech companies to sell to Huawei pursuing it doesn’t
compromise national security so the Commerce Department has
blacklisted Huawei for months upon months now
that means no US business can have any sort of transaction with Huawei so that
includes selling chips that includes selling software the way to get around
this though was to apply for a license through the Commerce Department and then
the Commerce Department would allegedly at some point approved the license or
not approve the license and if approved that company could start doing business
with Huawei so companies have been applying for licenses for months now the
Commerce Department has actually received 260 applications for licenses
which the Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has said is much more than frankly he
expected so finally now the Commerce Department has the green light to go
through these and approve some and not approve probably many many more so you
might remember that a few weeks ago I talked about how the huawei mate 30 was
released without any Google mobile services support so that means that the
mate 30 was originally released with bare-bones Android whatever was
available open source and that also means that there weren’t any Google
specific apps pre-programmed on the mate 30 so think Google Play
Store Gmail YouTube that sort of stuff so there was for a bit of time a back
door it was this website called LZ play and you could go on to that website
download Google mobile services for your Huawei mate 30 or maybe 30 Pro and it
seemed like for the most part your Huawei phone would operate as normal as
you would expect it to operate with Google Apps so if the commerce
department approves these licenses relatively soon this would be really
really good for the European market who is expecting to receive the mate 30 in
May 30 Pro soon and the European market is by and large used to having these
Google Apps on any Android phone so here’s what’s possible to expect once
the commerce department starts rolling out these approvals the huge huge thing
that might happen is that Google and Huawei can work
together once again and that means that Google is able to offer Android support
to current Huawei phones like the mate 30 make 30 Pro it’s important to
remember that this band really only applied to future Huawei devices and the
mate 30 pro was included in those future devices another thing that can happen is
that US chip makers like micron or Intel can now sell to Wow way without needing
to find some sort of loophole in the band so now assuming that their license
is approved they can have probably a more normal business relationship much
like what they were doing before before the band ever happened I highly doubt
that Huawei hardware will ever appear in u.s. 5g networks that’s because it’s an
alleged national security risk remember the whole reason that this band
started is because of allegations that Huawei could use its equipment to spy on
anyone using its equipment and report that information back to the Chinese
government this has never been proven it’s just alleged but for that reason
it’s extremely unlikely Huawei equipment will ever appear in future generation
networks and to be honest they’re not going to be appearing in current
networks either there’s a whole program right now for smaller rural telecom
providers to rip and replace all Huawei equipment and that’s actually being
funded by the US government and even though this is a somewhat friendly move
by the Commerce Department to wow way this does not signal the end of the
us-china trade war but trade talks could be coming soon even as early as this
month that’s when there could be some sort of agreement or preliminary
agreement reached between the US and China it’s important to remember that
even though the Commerce Department says it will approve these licenses soon we
don’t know exactly when they’ll actually be approved and the Commerce Department
expects to decline many of the 260 applications they
received so stay tuned to find out which companies are in fact granted licenses
so what do you think of the u.s. finally lifting parts of this month’s long ban
let me know in the comments below and thanks for watching if you liked this
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2 thoughts on “Is the Huawei ban finally over?

  1. Great news USA has not shown any evidence on Huawei to show that there's a security threat but out of all of this it has Huawei known to the world

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