iPhone X Review

– [Matthew] The iPhone 10 is
packed to the gills with risk. Dozens of new technologies,
new input mechanisms, several manufacturing firsts, and an incredibly aggressive
timeline to launch. It’s clear that Apple
needs this to go off right, but how did they execute? Most iPhone reviews are done
like technically-savvy writers put them in through their
paces locally or in a lab. My thesis was this just wasn’t how most people actually use their phones, that it created a focus
on the wrong things. Instead, what if you took
an iPhone to a place where millions of people
travel every year and use the absolute crap out of it
for several days straight? That, I thought, would lend
itself to a much more accurate through line between me
fiddling with an iPhone for a few days and what the average buyer might be able to divide
about how it works for them. So, I took the iPhone 10 to Disneyland. I’ll get right to the point. Most of you probably wanna
know whether Face ID works, it does. Face ID works very, very, very well. It worked the vast majority
of times I tried it, it never once unlocked using a picture of myself or another person’s face. And the failure rate seemed to be about the same as Touch ID, aka, almost never. The Face ID also enables
some other cool things, one prominent example of the
way that Face ID enables this, is that you get notifications,
text messages, and apps that are private by default. But when you look at the phone, it expands them out so that you can see the contents of what you’re looking at. It’s super cool, a way to balance privacy and convenience based on context and identity. As far as the camera goes, once again, top-notch effort from Apple. Very similar hardware to what
you’d find in an iPhone 8, with some improvements, including stabilization
in the telephoto lens, and the new 3D camera on the front side, allowing for portrait
shots in selfie mode. So I found myself to defaulting
to 2X mode a lot more, cause it allowed for some
great captures inside rides at a zoom level that wasn’t possible. And shooting portraits in open shade, and dimmer lighting conditions, because I had that confidence
of that stabilizer. And it turned out some great shots. And in the selfie camera, with the 3D mode on it, turned out some pretty amazing portraits for a pure selfie shot. And yes, the depth of
field is a little narrower than you would see on
a normal portrait mode, but it still turned out
pretty good across the board. Apple’s version of an OLED screen is manufactured by Samsung. But it’s not an off
the shelf Samsung part, it’s custom-built,
diamond-patterned OLED array which is built to Apple’s
own specifications. What this means, is that the colors are bright and saturated without blocking up, and they’re incredibly,
incredibly easy to see in direct sunlight, which proved to be really handy when walking around the parks. Now, about that notch, it’s caused a lot of consternation and I completely get why people hate it. They view it as a compromise, and it is. Apple deeded the camera
and sensor package in there and this is how it chose to implement it. Overall, using the iPhone
10 well takes some time. It’s a big change from
a physical home button to a completely swipe-based interface. But it’s fast, fluid, and a ton fun once you get used to it. Before you know it, you’ll forget you ever had to wack a home button to get things done. There are some rough edges here and there, the notch isn’t for everyone, and the screen does have some color issues at extreme viewing angles. But overall, Apple bet enormously big on a bunch of technologies all at once, on the iPhone 10 and it delivered almost across the board. It really is like using the
future of smartphones today. – Da-da.

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61 thoughts on “iPhone X Review

  1. is the 64gb storage option a good choice ? for this future generation of iPhone? how much space comes free to use with the 64gb ?

  2. If Jesus Cook wants to impress me, get me a new fucking Mac Mini. 1,111 days Apple. The iPhone X is pure lazy on Apple's part. There is NOTHING new on it, and it's overpriced.

  3. Was 3:39 shot on the X or something else. Really hard to tell what was iPhone X material and what wasn't in this video.

  4. We've contacted TechCrunch with our really new technology, AirySense. It lets touchless typing and mousing, and especially good for IR cameras, i.e. for iPhone X.

  5. Android Logic: I hate Apple therefore I'm going to watch every video on YouTube about Apple and it's products just so I can comment how much I hate Apple.

  6. Wow great review! Definitely appreciate a non-lab/desk approach to the review! As a Disney-goer this definitely generates some excitement!

  7. "Note 8 marks a big, but cautious return for Samsung" (your title)…
    but "iphone x has dozen of new technology" (your mouth).
    what a shitty apple fanboy review.

  8. Face ID is going to be game changer, just watch all the android phone makers copy it and implement it in their phones over the next few years.

  9. How was the battery life after being at Disneyland? I go to Disney very often and always found that my iPhone 7 battery life tended to drain much faster due to all the picture taking and lack of a good internet connection. I have high hopes for the iPhone X. Your review was well needed!

  10. This was a well done review, with other reviews talking about how fast the performance is and how much they can push the GPU its nice to see a review about just using it in the real world like most are going to

  11. I love the idea of going to Disneyland for a review on a phone. That’s brilliant, and something no other techtuber has done. Nice work 😄

  12. I still don't understand why apple removed touch ID. Just give both and let the consumers pick what they want to use between touch ID and face ID.

  13. Although I am a Disney parks fan, most of the time I'm not in a Disney park. Most of the time I use my iPhone for email, calendar, reminders, maps, music, books, YouTube, and movies. Where is the review that runs the phone through all of that and talks about interface issues caused by un-optimized apps and by the notch? Because reviews like this tell me nothing.

  14. They should have put the fingerprint in the power button in the side tho like the new razor phone got..that shit is dope…

  15. Weird all of reviews I’ve seen are positive and the most perfect phone ever. Feels like they don’t want to piss off apple.

  16. How did the battery last at Disneyland I'm there from open to close and I need a mophie to keep my phone alive all the pics and video I take at the park kill my battery

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  19. Hahaha he called pentile display is designed by apple… Last time I heard, isheep called pentile display as inferior, that was on Galaxy Nexus

  20. I am an android fan, and I personally disagree with your opinion, apple products are not my cup of tea. But I respect you and your opinion.

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