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– Brian with Tech Crunch. We are here at the Apple event. It’s September 12th. We’re at the Steve Jobs theater. This is the big event right here. This is the iPhone 10. You are looking at an emoji. This is using Face ID, the
new face unlock feature. All of this utilizes
these new cameras on back, the new depth sensing cameras. You’ll notice, right off the bat, that the orientation is different. It was horizontal in the seven plus. It’s flipped over. It does a ton more depth sensing and there is a lot of interesting
applications for that. It also does some security
features as well, so this will actually unlock your
phone, using face unlock. It will tie to Apple Pay as well. They’re using some machine learning. It’s going to learn how your face changes over time, and adapt to it. There’s an IR camera
in the middle, as well. So that means, among other
things, this will actually be able to do all of these
things in pitch black. Moving to the front of the device, it’s clear what’s new here. The home button is completely gone. Virtually bezel free. There is a little black
space around the sides and, obviously, the thing that
will really stick out to you, it’s slightly larger than you
saw on the essential phone. It moves from side to side up
there, so this is basically kind of a no man’s land, where the front facing camera lives. But, iOS is going to adapt
to use that real estate. Among other things, you’ve got this OLED display on the front. Highest resolution on
any of their products. It’s really brilliant. Adaptive as well. So, from one point of
the screen to another, there’s consistency across it. It’s much better at displaying
real life colors as well. There’s a dedicated Siri button on here. The reason why they’re doing that, again, is because the home
button is completely gone. That said, if you don’t wanna use face ID, you can actually touch the middle of the screen to unlock the phone. This is not my phone. Which is why I was not able to unlock it. This is going to run you 999 dollars. It’s a big part of the premium pricing, and that’s also a big part of the fact why you’re not able to actually
buy this thing right now. It will be up for
pre-orders on October 27th, and it will start
shipping on November 3rd. Yeah, so this is the iPhone ten. This is a very, very
expensive product from Apple. This is what happens when the company just completely gets
rid of all restrictions and tries to make the nicest device it possibly can, and they
appear to have succeeded.

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19 thoughts on “iPhone X hands on

  1. Is it me or is this guy bullshitting everything? "Best resolution on any phone" yet sony has an actual 4k smartphone.

  2. Wow really looks Beautiful and definitely looking to see more.And the person who just commented that the display looks absolutely gorgeous I have to agree.It Does.Thanks for sharing Deb ✌️👍

  3. Can’t wait to get my hands on this anniversary issue. Looks alone is absolutely stunning and very stylish indeed. Hopefully all the cutting edge technology will deliver as promised though. We shall soon see.

  4. I know it is good. But the problem is:
    Too many iPhones are being released
    There is no Home Button and Headphone Jack (did they remove the charging jack?)
    Too expensive

    If the phone had a Homebutton, Headphone jack, and was less expensive… Then I would buy it

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