Iphone SE 2 , Galaxy A51 and other Tech News.

Hey guys namzap here. I’m here with some of the latest tech news and the latest concepts Which have been flying around in the news. So we start off with Apple first Apple has reportedly asked manufacturing unit to increase production by 10 percent because of the sales exceeding The sales Apple expected with much lower sales than what it is selling The iPhone 11 especially in China is selling really well. And even though Apple expected it to sell less due to the trade war it’s still selling a lot between customers and also because of this price point because this it’s not as expensive as IPhones usually are and it’s got really some really nice specs up its sleeve Apple is also reportedly working on the SE 2 which will be a compact version of the 11 with a single Single camera and a speaker and it will be much lower in price point around $500 or 550 to 600 dollars Coming on to the next till 1. + CEO said That it will not be working on the foldable phones which are a current trend for Samsung and Huawei He clearly stated in his interview that he sees no use for foldable phones Even though even now the Samsung and Huawei are working on foldable phones They had to delay the phone a lot due to its design issues and they are still working on it So it’s an early concept which is being implemented and one plus is not going to waste money on R&D in Foldable phones and they said that they’re going to wait till the devicee is perfect and then make the phones they’re only going to focus on the 5g phones and they’re 1+8 flagship, which will be released next year by April or May and Another news is that whats app is bringing a dark mode, self-destruct and splash mode to Android in iOS So dark mode. We all know what that is. It will be integrated into the whatsapp so all your chats will be dark mode and the home screen as Well as self-destructing messages if you guys are familiar with snapchat you guys know what that is So it will basically have four options which will be one minute one hour One week and even one month, I think it’s still going they’re still going to make changes so we can’t say for sure but these are the four options currently and Basically when you send a message and it will delete itself from you and the receivers phone by itself from this whatsapp server and you both won’t be able to view the messages over after that period of time so This is really a good feature were using but released by whatsapp and the splash screen is whenever you start the whatsapp App. They will you will see a whatsapp logo in the middle around and it will have a black and white background for both modes for the dark mode and the white one and Coming coming on to the next unit HTC exodus 1. This one is being released globally It’s basically a phone focused on the crypto currency as a crypto currency wallet. This one has really Outdated specs and I expect this phone to do much worse Then must sell much less because the phone has a Snapdragon 435 a 5.7 inch 720p screen As well as four gigs of ram with only 3000 mAh of battery and not just that Instead of the USB C-Port. The phone has a microUSB port. Yeah, that’s right even in even when entry-level phones are Havingusb C port, HTC decided to implement a microUSB port in his phone This is really bad for HTC. This should have really updated this phone This phone was released a few years ago And they sold really well on lining because of the crypto Bitcoin race going on at that time but that’s right now no one is going to pile phone like these which are outdated and if this phone is going to be around $200 in power. I just one is going to be around $200 or 250 euros So our next users from Samsung, which is a galaxy a 51 has leaked from benchmarks This phone is reportedly going to have Exynos 9611 which is 2.3ghz 10, and a 10nm processor This will be paired with four or six gigs of RAM options as well as the camera is going to have a 64 64 Mp module This is the model which has been in development for a long time by Samsung and they’re reportedly going to include it in this one and see how how well it goes with the features and How well it was on the phone this all phone also is going to be updated version of a 50s and it will be released early next year with Android 10 out of the box Let’s see how samsung does with this phone. We will know and the next news is that Xiaomi is? bringing up its dual in display front camera According to the patent filed as you can see in the images Xiaomi has included two front facing camera, which will be inside the display and not be visible from our side this is the Xiaomi. This is joining the race from Oppo vivo and Samsung Also, who are we which has been working on the in display? finger ; front camera for a long time Xiaomi is reportedly going to launch this phone by next year and hopefully the camera quality is as good as they think it is because it’s early generation the camera quality is not going to be as good as Visible it front camera Layouts But this is the good good direction. The phone companies are going in for the notchless and bezeless display This one is going to be completely bezeless with in display a fingerprint scanner and and Front-facing camera. Uploading regular videos with the latest tech news and comment down below if you if you want to see any more content. See you

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