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– Hey everybody, it’s
Brian here with TechCrunch. We are here at the Apple event. This is the first iPhone announced today. This is the iPhone 8, so Apple rolled out this and the iPhone 8 plus. Not huge upgrades over the iPhone 7, a lot of people are saying that this thing more or less might as well
have been called the iPhone 7s. There are some key upgrades we’ll cover There’s the A11 chip so that allows for much faster processing. You can do a lot more on
this than you can on the 7, one of those things that you’ll actually be able to do on the 8
plus is augmented reality. Obviously, Apple has been
really bullish about this, they’ve been not super excited about VR and part of the reason why is because you’d actually do it on handsets. One of the other key
upgrades here is true colors, so the screen’s a little
bit better before, the colors should be
a little more accurate than you had on the iPhone 7, and really the other big thing that this is bringing to the table is wireless charging, so
there is this new glass back, and one of the things
that it allows you to do is put it down on a table
and use wireless charging. So, in a sense, it’s
Apple actually catching up to the standards of a lot
of other handset makers but this might actually
be the thing that really legitimizes wireless
charging for a lot of people. So these phones go up for
presale on September 15th. They go on sale September 22nd. The iPhone 8 is gonna run at $699 and the iPhone 8 plus will run at $799. (upbeat music)

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10 thoughts on “iPhone 8 hands on

  1. The real question is if the gold looks as pink in person as it does in photos. I've always had the space grey/black iphones, and now that my 6 is starting to die, I was thinking of changing it up, and the rose gold 7 looked nice. Not sure if I'll just get a 7plus or maybe I'll try an android phone for a change and see how I like that, the galaxy s8 looks nice.

  2. Wowee… Look at that thing. It's footprint is huge, almost just like the 6 and 6 plus.. oh exact same size bezels. So amazing. At least augmented reality isn't just a gimmick to get morons to buy the same design over and over again, oh wait, never mind.

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