iPhone 7 First Look

At today’s event, TechCrunch got a quick
look at the new iPhone 7. Aesthetically, the iPhone 7 is very similar
to the 6s, though you do notice a new glossier screen. The Home button has changed. The haptic feedback takes a little bit of
time to get used to. There are three settings to choose from. None of which feel like a physical button. This new haptic Home button makes the new
iPhone more rugged and and also IP67 water resistant. Another key change is no headphone jack. A courageous move that makes for a thinner
device and allows Apple to sell more headphones, including the new wireless AirPods. The base model 32GB iPhone 7 is available
for pre-order starting September 9 for $649.

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7 thoughts on “iPhone 7 First Look

  1. Hard to believe TechCrunch is parroting the line of bull Apple gave about the headphone jackpot removal being "courageous". You guys state it in the video as if it's the truth, rather than marketing crap put out by Apple. Sad.

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