iPhone 12 with NO Notch gets Detailed?!

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100 thoughts on “iPhone 12 with NO Notch gets Detailed?!

  1. Apple : sorry we killed the notch of the iPhone.
    iPhone users : we hate the notch
    Android users : killing the notch! new pricing strategy! Bigger battery! We are switching to iPhone

  2. Removing the notch for an upgrade? Stupid apple! They created it and found it as a problem ang ugly design since its beginning.

  3. The real question is: what are they going to change on this iPhone if it comes out for the next iterations? I think that we arrive to the limits of this form factor. So next step might be a completely redesigned object, I don’t put my hope in foldable phones, so what will it be?

  4. Finally I said three year ago to fit the camera software and hardware in the bezel it’s the way to go I would sooner have a bit of a bezel then in notch

  5. I dont like shit on the screen like note 10 camera s10 camera huawai camera 11 pro camera on the screen like cuting the edge from top side,,,i prefer to Edge to edge screen like iphone 8 plus,, on 12s 12s max

  6. Apples don't manufatur and invent hardware so all the hardware inventions are all done by other manufaturer so how can apples get the lastest new hardware to put in iPhone???

  7. I like where the cameras are in the mock-up of the iPhone 12 for Face ID, though will the front camera quality be compromised with miniature embedded lenses. 🤔

  8. Well great that there will be no notch, that is the best way to go, except what is their next excuse? Courage to remove another important feature? Why not the ultimate iPhone that could have headphone input, fast charging by cable and wireless, wifi6 included, 5G with a 240hz oled panel? And many more things like also having 1TB of storage? Is it that hard? And lowering the darn prices cause a phone with no headphone port and no of the other features makes it very very likely to look like an expensive brick. I know you want your AirPods to be sold to but gosh bring that headphone port back with a superior audio dac/amp and allow us to put music in that is lossless without having to use their lightning powered earphones. So what some likes to do whenever they do road test their music productions on their on phones..

  9. This would be huge design change if Apple could pull it off as they have to provide the same or better, secure unlocking method as the precedent has been set by Face ID.Although the trimming of side bezels and bottom bezels is more important but they shouldn’t bend the glass as all the other curved screen smartphones as it so rough transition the colours and everything looks off. Hope this is possible by 2020

  10. Wow. I love that how a while back i was thinking of how apple could get rid of the notch. And this is exactly what i had in mind. Just put on the top bezel.

  11. Google is the only phone that's selling its phone by showing its back because Google knows that its phone from the front looks shit

  12. FaceID replaced TouchID. Fingerprint scanners are unreliable for people who use their hands a lot (worn fingerprints).

  13. This cannot happen with Apple, because than Samsung will lack behind with their punch hole. Camera under the display is not ready yet.
    I don't… I mean I hate Apple 🙂

  14. They should have brought back touch ID on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. Under display finger print readers are becoming so common now. So I don't understand why apple hasn't implemented this on their own phones.
    Just as usual… just Apple playing catch up to the flag ship android handsets. #AppleCatchUp

  15. Everyone, including me is waiting for the design change next year but Apple usually don’t do any design changes on the S models, isn’t it?🤔

  16. Many, many stuff they’ve said for iphone 11 pro are not true. So don’t beleave those “sensationtional” news at all. Next year is the S model year, so it’ll be all under the hood, speed etc.

  17. Would happily take an iPhone with slightly thicker bezels all around if it means a clean unobstructed screen with no notch. Just do it Apple if you can squeeze it into the bezel like that!

  18. Just realised, if the design is going to be like the iPad Pro and back to the iPhone 4/SE style then this will help accommodate that tech in the top bezel since the front face will be totally flat again rather than having the curved edge, which would have made fitting the Face ID and front facing camera all the more difficult. That becomes much more likely with the rumoured return back to a flat design, it would only need a couple mm of bezel all around. That would still look good to me, having the screen go up to and over the edge really is a gimmick and for me personally has more downsides than benefits.

  19. I'll always even prefer the return of bezels, than a notch of ANY kind. I don't want my content cut-out for the sake of claiming the phone "has a bigger screen".

  20. What do I think of the iPhone 12, I don't think it is worth my money. I really can't wait till Tim Cook leaves Apple. He is wasting Apple.

  21. Google just makes terrible looking phones.
    If that comes with a dim screen and limited features for $1k again Google only proves once more they don't know the user at all.
    It's not 2014, Stock Android is no longer a selling point, 64 GB no expandable storage doesn't cost $1k (that goes to 🍎 as well) Anyone can have unlimited google photos. If you are making an ugly phone lower the price. Google, pay attention.

  22. We wouldn't mind a OnePlus ecosystem. So to the smartphone and TV, they can add a Tablet, Smartwatch, Laptop and Earbuds. And an electric smartcar while they are at it.

  23. This bezel is too small to fit sensors just not possible for now, great clickbait to get y'all talking about it though but just not real

  24. I prefer the Infinity displays. Galaxy S11 with front facing camera under the display would (will) be awesome. That apple iPhone phone will look dated on launch day.

  25. Until we can have an under the glass camera, i'd be just fine with a little bezel instead of a notch, but that's just me, let me know your opinion xD

  26. I call BS on the iPhone story. There is NO WAY you're going to fit the hardware needed for FaceID in a bezel that small. Why do you think Google did the forehead so big on the Pixel 4? Come on people, use some common sense on these issues?!

  27. nice design like the apple pro should make people happy if it,s a tech go go for 2020 so just sit back and relax let,s see what happens.

  28. I've just heard from front-page tech
    That this isn't true, this won't be the Next year's iPhone….. And he has $5000 for actual proof, that it's is the next year's iPhone 12or whatever they call it

  29. ok isheeps dont get hyped for touch id and face id, its apple we are talking about here and options arent exactly what they do

  30. I wont buy another iphone til they make a phone identical to the iphone 8 plus but with the latest hardware they should call it the iphone classic an iphone classic +

  31. The Notchless iphone 12 for 2020 was already debunked
    It was an artistic concept created by Ben Geskin spelled by an unaccredited source, at the end it was just a FAKE LEAK
    Like death and taxes for us, the notch on the iphones are inevitable at least till 2021

  32. No notch , return of the headphone jack with a quad dac and amp, physical finger print scanner in the apple logo on back that can light up for a flashlight.

    Sd card slot.

    256GB storage/8GB ram on pro models standard. It's going to need that, when the iPhone finally get dual screens ,and true multitasking next year.

    3d Touch return.

    6.1 Oled and 6.7" Oled pro models, Titanium frame like essential $899 $999finally without a notch, you actually get the advertised resolution and diagonal space, aside from the rounded corners.
    License oppo's 5-10X optical zoom tech.
    Did someone say USBC and a computer dek OS X lite mode with true mouse support and many of the iPad os features.

    1080P Oled on the 11, in both 5.8 and 6.1 sizes. $499 and $599 with 128gb storage and.6 gb ram

    Tof/lidar sensor for AR and gesture control, better bokeh and focus.

    Pen support

    Full manual camera video control like LG/P30 and others.

    Full Qualcomm aptxhd and LDAC , low latency, codecs for the best hires bluetooth audio.

    Lower cost repairs for cracked back glass, $250, instead of $500 plus.
    No more trying to stop repair shops from fixing screens, and changing batteries, or putting pop up warnings in their on genuine screens and batteries from refurbished phones.

    Flushed rear cameras and bigger battery, slightly thicker phones.

    2 year apple care included, and 1 year apple arcade, apple music, apple magazine, and apple tv subscriptions included, with each new iPhone sold, 100 GB iCloud storage for photos and 4 k videos.

    That is all doable, and would really shake things up and you would still make a good profit and new customers for life.

    But it seems apple is doing the 4-6 year same chassis iPhone design again with pretty much everything set in stone for all of the years at the beginning, with a little room for new innovations that might come along, such as the tacked on camera hump model on the 11, and possibly finally designing away the notch, no one asked for.
    The thing is apple plans their contracts, parts list, manufacturing years in advance, so they can get the cheapest price, any change even after 4 years, means either more cost for them, which is passed on to the customer, hence no fast charger, no headphone jack, no 3d touch, lcd screens,16 or 64gb ram standard, insane repair cost, while at the same time fighting the right to repair at every chance.

    They are doing the same with the imac/imac pro, and macbook pro at 16", keep using the same chasis to safe a ton on tooling cost, not to mention letting some devices go almost a decde without any updates, like the 2013 mac pro.

    While just about everyone has had color accurate 4K laptops for years, even 13" ones, now color accurate, factory calibrated, screens, OLED SCREENS, are common, 144HZ, etc, among laptop/even some smartphone vendors.

    Apple will just ever so slightly increase the resolution.

    Apple is just cheap and greedy at times, they could be so much better and still make a great profit maybe make more money by enticing android and window users, unfortuantely now it is the other way aroun d

    It is what it is.

    Oh well we can dream.

  33. I always said in my earlier comments a year ago, that ONE DAY all manufactures like Samsung, Apple etc will DITCH the notch and anyone in 2020 will look stupid as the NOTCH will be gone!
    In September 2020, Apple's CEO Tim Cook will proudly say:
    "We realised nobody like the notch, so we've removed it! Now you have 2020 vision.
    This is the best iPhone EVER with 5G – Lol!
    Tears from all previous iPhone users, and happiness and laughter to those who now buy an iPhone etc in 2020!
    Samsung will do the same, so will Google, Huawei etc
    Best things come to those who wait!

  34. I love the “no notch” idea. But I do agree it should be Face ID and Touch ID. 🤷🏾‍♂️ especially when it comes to when you download an app with the Face ID, having to double click the lock button for every app. I’d like to see Touch ID come back with the next series of iPhones.

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