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100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 vs OnePlus 7T: Which is the BEST Budget Flagship?!

  1. this is the stupidest review ever.
    A13 is MILES ahead of 855
    the 11 screen is p3
    the battery on the 7t is SMALL because of the draining 90hz screen

    not everything is just "specs"

  2. this is the stupidest review ever.A13 is MILES ahead of 855the 11 screen is p3the battery on the 7t is SMALL because of the draining 90hz screen
    not everything is just "specs"

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    Just kidding Apple isn’t innovating at all. The LCD display is shit. $700 dollars is good? The S10 comes with a better screen than the 11 Pro oled lol. Buy the S10e, 7T or a 7T Pro or if you really wanna go budget the 3a seems decent.

  5. Not going to say that OnePlus is better at software updates than Apple, but I'm tipping this comment on my humble OP3 which is still receiving updates.

  6. I'd say the retail price difference is more like $150 for the same storage. After using the Nexus 5 and the OP3 for a combined six years, I feel tired about Android and Google oversight. Apple software can be worth $150, that's on us to decide

  7. Still don't understand why people brag about Apple updating their own software in a timely manner compared to Android. There's only one manufacturer for them to worry about, their own.

  8. iphone = budget, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, never heard a joke like that. At apple you have to pay for everything, not only the phone but also the whole ecosystem! For every small piece you have to pay. This is how apple made all his billions, because they have so stupid, superficial customers. HAHAHAHAHA, I love to be an Android since 2011, because I don't and never will need status symbols! Am self-confident by myself!

  9. It is really a shame that one plus still fumbles with the camera. I have a OnePlus 5 and the camera was horrible at first and got better over time with updates. But this day and age OnePlus needs to come out with better camera software.
    Other than that it is clearly a better phone

  10. Agree. I'd pick the OP 7T for overall quality of the package.
    What would also help in the decision is the crazy Apple pricing in India; here, it sells for approx $ 900 equivalent!

  11. Just imagine oneplus had to pay more for marketing and advertising campaigns, it will increase in price dramatically. iPhone is reliable and at the end of the day it all comes back to each buyer's KPIs to evaluate which phone is worth buying.

  12. Yet another great unbiased fair reviews. In fairly you tell it as it is. Unfortunately to many tech youtubers are clearly apple biased to the point of being embarrassing. You're not though. Totally fair and trustworthy. Thanks for another 5* review…

  13. Budget??? $700 is not budget. I just gave my girl the one plus 7 pro and went back to my Pixel 2xl. I absolutely really really like the front dual facing speakers and the camera is better.

  14. I feel like if you are going to keep your phone for 4-5+ years then go with the iPhone. Otherwise go with the one-plus

  15. Its not even budget🤣 oneplus 7t is 38000 inr and iphone 11 is 65000 inr. If you convert price to usd $535 and $915. So its not even budget anymore

  16. Slap the latest Gcam on Op7t pro, you'll get better still shots and nightmode pics than iPhone 11 !

  17. I have iphone 11 and lcd display was awesome…
    Not biggar diffrence in iphpne 11 and one pluse 7t and 11 pro display…
    I phone 11 has a best display you can buy .and trust me you love it

  18. OnePlus 7t is a fantastic phone for it's price. But what people keep forgetting is that one of the main reasons to get an iPhone is it's great ecosystem. Android, except maybe Samsung, doesn't have a comparable ecosystem. Which is why such comparisons don't really work. Both android and iOS fans will simply stick to their sides. I'd suggest get a phone within your budget.

  19. My future wife me acaba de comprar the one plus 7t,you have no idea lo emocionado que estoy y ancioso porque llegue en mis manos😁 Saludos jaime✌️

  20. I use to pick iphone 11 but now I will find out oneplus 7t is my favor. I am not a heavy user and it is enough with 90Hz display.

  21. But for this price you should have compared the pro version really, its 50 $ more than the iPhone but you get top of the line specs for almost the same price.

  22. My favorite part of your comparisons is when you make OnePlus cameras seem like they're even close to an iPhone. Or when you say iOS is a light operating system (you don't really specify what iOS can do, maybe because you don't actually try to find out?), as if A series chips haven't been blowing snapdragon SoCs out of the water for years now. Quite the narrative…

    Posted from OP7 Pro, for the record.

  23. Definately iphone dear……!!!!!
    Whatever gives OnePlus,iOS is best.
    Now a days,you can see people buying iphone 7 & 8 also but you never see any people talking about OnePlus 6 ,6T, 7pro etc.They comes with new phones in Just within 6months. No one cares about that phone which the given before 6 months. Oneplus maybe blazing fast but they are not as reliable as iPhone.if anyone wants reliability and rigidity and long term usage definately iPhone.
    Overall the eye catching apple logo matters.🤘


  25. Upgraded from the 6T to the 7T .. love the new display, love the dual speakers, warp charging is unbelievable and OXgygenOS is out of this world amazing. OnePlus is doing everything right I love this company.

  26. I don’t think you factored the value of longevity enough in your evaluation. In a few years, when OnePlus’ software is out of date, Apple’s software will still be going strong. You will need to put out another several hundred dollars a lot sooner with an Android device, and again a few years after that, than you would with Apple.

    I retired my iPhone 4S last spring – and the 4S came out in October 2011. That’s nearly eight years of use, with software updates for the first five of them (the iPhone 4S stopped at iOS 9). And this year Apple released an update for many of its legacy devices still using iOS 9.

    That longevity might be worth the $100 price difference to a lot of people.

  27. When I buy a new phone all I need to know is: Is the OS smoother than IOS? I didn’t think so. Keeping my iPhone thank you very much.

  28. I'm so glad that I got the OnePlus 7T! It's blazing fast and smooth. Now, I even browse internet more on my phone than on my laptop lol! Bye bye iPhone.

  29. Switched from iphoen 6s plus seriously, now i have realised what i have been missing …Freedom to set rington to download from web all seem so easy with OnePlus 7T pro . It's wow with qhd display

    Only down side is i have lost all past whatsapp text and iphon messages .

  30. The screen on the iPhone 11 is better than most OLED screens. What’s so special about the 7t screen? It is still a 1080p screen. Even with the 90hz display the games and videos will still run @60hz. And I don’t buy the argument that 7t is equal to iPhone 11 in terms of battery. The reviewer has lost his credibility.

  31. I bought an iPhone 11 pro and yes the camera is great but I miss my oneplus 7 pro I realized the interface is unmatched. Also iPhone still lacks ram 🐏 every time I switch apps she refreshes the feed primarily YouTube. First 🌎 problem’s ya feels.

  32. Cant believe reviewers comparing these phones side by side!!
    One+ should be compared to all the 900+$ "Flagship" phones and yes maybe will fall in two or three categories!! BUT it will pass most of the other categories for sure. first one it's 300+$ less.

  33. Definitely 7T. SD 855+, 90hz, more battery, faster charge 30w, ufs 3, usb 3.1, type c, 8gb ram. Better camera in iphone 11 but that's not a reason to get the budget phone tag. 7T has really everything and just for 600 bucks.

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