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100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Which is the REAL Pro?!

  1. If Apple doesn’t fix the storage problem and the figure out how to add the pen option too. This will be my last iPhone when the new one drops in 2020!

  2. I find it funny how when the Note remained crowned with its display resolution, Apple fans would always joke and say that its only a gimmick. "What's the point of having a high resolution when you can't even tell the difference in a display that is not the size of a tv?" But now that Apple has high resolution all they talk about is…resolution on their display that theirs is better and what not. "Eww who needs a huge screen on a phone? Why not just buy a tablet?!". "Who needs a stylus nowadays? The S pen is only a gimmick". "Samsung just copied airpods with case shape..etc, etc." Yeah for those who do talk about the galaxy buds copying the airpods, the galaxy buds are 2nd gen. The predecessor was the gear Icon which came out before the airpods did and that is where the buds case retained its case shape from. So no, samsung did not copy apple but its actually the other way around. Oh and Apples' Face ID is not faster than Samsungs fingerprint sensor. When I reach down my pocket to get my phone, my finger is already on the screen by memory placement so my phone emerges unlocked. 😛 As soon as my finger touches screen I quickly double tap and viola! My phone gets unlocked before it even leaves my pocket. But for Face ID, you gotta take it out of your pocket and move it up to your face to unlock. Soo how many seconds does it take to do all the steps to unlock with face ID? And if you are unable to unlock Note while in pocket, how many seconds does it take to complete the steps to unlock with fingerprint? If you register your thumb on your phone holding hand, you can already have your thumb over sensor as soon as its out of pocket.

  3. I remember at some years ago you guys to say:expensive iPhone don’t buy it but it’s the best phone..then Samsung same say best camera of you…now what to say small gods?Tryhards:)

  4. The placement of the earpiece… its a fcukn phone, you don't know how to answer and hold a phone in 2019? The comparison of phone, plus tech, has reached a new low… scrambling for ridiculous at this stage. Gotta find a win for Apple…

  5. Watching this on iPhone 6 . I need to upgrade to a better iPhone. I don’t really want either of these phones.I’m looking more at the iPhone 8 mainly because it’s really good at 450$ and I don’t give a frick about having 3 cameras or a big screen

  6. I think Apple 11pro should have been compared to note 10 plus. Btw I'm using Note10plus. One more mention to #samsung #shameonyou for giving us Exynos processor and not snapdragon. #feltcheated.

  7. Watching on my iPhone 11 Pro. Couldn’t be happier. Android is so worried bout throwing more and more at you. Apple is for user who really know what they want and enjoy the simplicity’s of a stable but ever more advancing phone. Love it and will never change over.

  8. If you're an animator, or seeking to become one. You will need the iPhone 11 for its depth sensing camera technology. That way you can use it for Facial mocap 🤓 not sure if the same can be said for the Galaxy Note 10. Either way I'm buying both.

  9. apple might be good in all but Samsung dose not over price there stuff its altually worth it most people all ready know Samsung will win more feature you can actual have mu tuple tab instead of closing and reloading new tabs and you can have 3things open at the same time and iphone crack so easily im 14 ive dropped my note1o 7 times no cracks i had the ipohne 8 i dropped it 2 times and it crack my whole phone

  10. this is not right, u are using iphone 11 pro max with an iphone 11 pro spec to compare….correct me if i am wrong.
    battery shown in your film is for iphone 11 pro, not pro max. The phone you used in the video is iphone 11 pro max.

  11. I'm watching this on Galaxy note 10's great great great great grandsons son's son the galaxy s6. Still working tip top just battery running out quick, non stop browsing gaming video 3 & half hrs. 😍😍😍👍

    Still waiting for the right phone to upgrade 😉

  12. 6:24 "Samsungs Finger print reader is just as secure"

    Might need to update this…

  13. Is so wrong when they mix note 10 and note 10+, they are so different from each other (I've seen this doing in many phone channels) is so frustrating

  14. Both excellent devices, but there is no comparison here. Samsung wins in most areas. Lets see, Dex, Bixby Routines, Pro mode in camera, Instagram mode, bixby vision (beast), fast storage, usb c, usb otg, 1300 nits in sunlight. cannot see the pixel difference, the Note 10 screens are insanely color accurate and sharp,especially for HDR video viewing. The note is also stronger. I watched the drop test between the two devices. I could go on and on, but lets face it, no competition.

  15. Pretty sure Apple messed up the meaning of "Pro" while Samsung without using the word "Pro" it is performing for pro users. Pro doesn't mean only good camera, not that Apple beat Samsung in camera in every way.

  16. I pick Samsung over iPhone…It gives you more for less money…Plus the Note 10 Plus is a better phone than the regular Note 10…Which = An even better deal over iPhone 11 Pro. 😜

  17. I have both phones but am drawn more to the IPhone 11 Pro. It all boils down to a matter of personal preferance. I happen to like the iOS version of the apps I use. They also offer paid no-ads option as well which the Android apps don't. As far as the storage goes, the most I have ever used on a phone is about 4 GB. 64 GB has always been more than sufficient for me.

  18. so for me, it was 11 pro max or note 10 plus as i love bigger phones, i went with the note 10 plus and am not disapointed it has a better screen to body ratio and a bigger screen! it has face unlcok those not the best, and the fingerprint reader.

  19. iphone = budget, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, never heard a joke like that. At apple you have to pay for everything, not only the phone but also the whole ecosystem! For every small piece you have to pay. This is how apple made all his billions, because they have so stupid, superficial customers. HAHAHAHAHA, I love to be an Android since 2011, because I don't and never will need status symbols! Am self-confident by myself!

  20. Am I the only one who noticed that all the specs for the note 10+ are wrong? Its actually got 12gb of ram, battery 4300 etc, pls do ur job right am not a fan of either phones but a review is meant to be fair.

  21. This guy is holding a note 10 and saying its a note 10 plus. Even the specs were for the note 10 but he titles it note 10+. The note 10+ is quite a bit better than the standard so its an unfair test.

    I love my aura black note 10+

  22. I have to say the iPhone 11 pro for me. Like you said, I just want it more for a phone as well as camera use. Though both are great in their own unique way and I have no gripe with the Galaxy as its amazing as well. All in all it is really down to preference and what you would like out of a phone ^^

  23. Actually, in a fall test comparison, iPhone performed worse when compared to the Note 10. A youtube channel actually did a test with both phones. Also, a more fair comparison would have been note 10 plus which has 4 lenses vs 3 lenses that note 10 has. Plus it has a ToF depth sensor for the quad lenses. The true "pro" would use the "pro" version of note 10, which is Note 10 plus. I don't know why tech media keep using the standard note 10.

  24. Ppl buy apple phone then install Ulike camera software. Samsung auto turn you face to make you look younger, so sam phone doesnt need 3rd party camera soft as Ulike.

  25. face id faster made me laugh no it's not by the time you have to activate the screen and swipe!! this guy is obviously an apple fan boy and the iphone looks awful quite sizable bezels and that notch yuk

  26. My first and only iphone 4 had 64gb…
    Meanwhile 2 decades in the future, apple revolutionized phone storage by offering a 128gb base model for the iphone 47.

  27. Both end up in Google, Facebook and Youtube. Mine is an Adroid for $49.99. Same sites and $850 on my pocket to take the girlfriend out.

  28. I have owned the iphone x and now the note 10, looking at the 11 and 11 pro the specs arent that different from the iPhone x… so I can say this without a shadow of a doubt the note 10 is leaps and bounds better than anything apple has out right now the note 10 is a beast. I mean seriously, it's like v12 and well the iphone 11 pro a 4 cylinder with bad spark plugs…

  29. Just love the comments with such a dividing line between android and apple. It's better than being at a football match😂

  30. Did anyone notice how he just lied about stability on the 4k selfie video. IPhone is way more shaky. This is why I stop watching this channels reviews it seems very biased towards iPhone. Even when he was talking about the widgets. Look at the 4k video comp 8:45

  31. I have another question.. since i'm about to get a new phone in the next few days: Which one is the better phone to go – Note 10 or S10+ ? 'cuz atm' both are pretty much at the same price here on my market, with S10+ slightly cheaper then the regular Note 10. And the Note 10+ is a "No" for me due to the price. I like the idea of having a S-Pen cuz I can just pop it up and write something on the display, while on S10+ and other phones I have to unlock it, scroll to find an app. then open it and finally use the virtual keyboard.. BUT the Note doesn't have headphone jack, which is dissapointing.. but I guess in the next year i'll buy a wireless headphones so.. But Note 10 have 1 huge disadvantage for me – it's the battery. 3500 comapred to the 4100 mAh in the S10+ is huge.. and yeah, the Note may be 1080p, but u can use the S10+ also on 1080p and still it's going to outlive the Note 10, but in other hand it has faster charging with these 25W i'm not sure which phone is better at the moment.

  32. Watching this on my Note 10plus. Comparing the Note 10 to the iPhone is just disrespect. Not even in the same weight class lol

  33. I hate when people say “Apple fell behind in cameras”. They didn’t. The iPhone XS had a better camera than than the note 9 and s9. The s10 came out as a next gen phone, so Of course it’d have a next gen camera. That’s unfair.

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