iPhone 11 Pro Max vs XS Max – Real Differences after 1 Week

It’s been just over a week since I switched
to the iPhone 11 Pro Max after using the XS Max for practically a year, and today I’m
going to tell you every real-world I noticed, some that apple advertised and I was expecting,
and others that I wasn’t but really surprised me, and even a few disappointments. Let’s jump right in and I’ll put it right
out there, the biggest difference that actually affects my daily life and solely makes the
iPhone 11 Pro worth the upgrade from the XS is the battery life. Yes, Apple finally put a fast charger in the
box, but at this point, that doesn’t even matter, at all. There is not need for it.
I have never had to top off my 11 Pro Max, and after a week that is literally providing
a sense of relief, or freedom, not having to worry about what my battery is at or even
checking it. I’m a very heavy phone user, from tons of
emails, notifications, youtube videos, and music, podcasts, and multiple apps that track
my location in the background for security and home automation my iPhone’s battery
really gets hammered. I start using my iPhone at about 7am and I would always have to top
off the XS battery by around 6 or 7pm or the battery would die. Let’s just say that I was shocked the first
night when I set it to charge at 10 PM and the battery was at 26%. The next day it was
at 30% just after 10 PM, and the following day I plugged in at midnight and it was at
20%. I’ve never had a flagship smartphone perform this good while being pushed so hard. Next is the matte glass back. It looks fantastic,
actually looking like gold this time, and I love that its basically fingerprint-proof,
but my issue with it is that its much more slippery than a glossy glass back which is
a bummer because I use my phones without cases and I have to be more careful. On the front, I love the display brightness.
The readability is so much better in the bright sun. It’s more pleasant to use and makes a
massive difference if you use your phone as a display for a drone controller. Next, let’s talk about the speakers. The XS
sounds really good but I did wish we had more volume particularly in loud environments and
Apple definitely stepped it up. Even a week later, I am still being surprised by them
when opening up a high-quality sounding video or podcast. What surprised me, even more, is when I watched
a portion of 300 on iTunes. I was shocked by how good the fake surround sound is. Both
the separation of channels as well as individual sound effects sound impossibly good for a
phone. Not that this is important in daily use, but it definitely jumped out at me and
its something I can appreciate. Another thing that stood out is the sound
quality of the earpiece speaker. Most reviewers don’t talk about call quality which we need
to change, but the higher quality and louder earpiece speaker makes a noticeable difference,
but it doesn’t stop there. The first time I called my wife on my Pro
with her using the 11 she immediately mentioned how good the call quality was, and I definitely
noticed it. It was an even bigger difference than talking to other people since it seems
that either the microphone and or voice processing has been improved, either way calls are clearer
and louder. Now before I tell you how the camera updates
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the first 200 people will also get 20% off their annual membership. Now the cameras. Everyone knows there is a
big improvement but does it change how you use the cameras and what you can capture in
real life which might be more important than an increase in sharpness. The answer is yes. First, off the Ultrawide lens allowed me to
capture certain shots I simply wouldn’t have been able to, and also made for some interesting
perspectives. Second is the much-improved telephoto camera. Previously I would straight
up avoid using it in lower light situations because the quality would be much worse than
the standard camera. For low light portraits, If I was with my
wife,I would actually borrow her XR and then airdrop the photo since that takes portraits
with the much faster standard lens. Now not only does the telephoto look dramatically
better in low light and colors match, but we also have the option to take portraits
with the standard lens. This makes the iPhone 11 much more like a
real dedicated camera, where you can choose your lens focal length based on what fits
the scene best and not what you’re forced to use. With that comes the selfie camera, the quality
has improved and Apples color processing is more pleasing with more contrast added than
before. I havent used 4K 60, but I did find a useful time to do a selfie which isn’t
as bad as it sounds. The wider angle is definitely handy to fit more people in the shot or not
have to hold your phone way out. Now the camera app has also been frustrating
me. It takes longer to open, sometimes just a bit longer but other times 2 to 3 times
longer and that’s with the latest iOS. This may not seem like a big difference but together
with the slower haptic touch I’ve missed multiple shots I would have got with my XS. I never thought of myself as a huge fan of
3D Touch, but now having it be gone I really miss it. I would use it often to quickly open
the camera app, flashlight, deal with notifications, and more. Haptictouch can do the same thing, but I can’t
open something instantly with a hard press. Sometimes I press the camera too quickly and
it open, and others I just hold it too long ot make sure it works, but the camera app
won’t open until you let go which I hope they fix. I highly doubt Apple will bring it back, but
I this is the case of not knowing you love something until its gone. I’ve heard many people say they didn’t
notice a difference in performance since the a12 bionic processor is already so powerful,
and while that is true I personally did notice some differences. A part of this could be
faster animations but it definitely launches apps faster and I saw the biggest difference
when I would be quickly changing through multiple apps. It’s just so fluid and quick. The iPhone 11’s have new Wifi 6, and I didn’t
notice any speed differences because I don’t have a wifi 6 router and even then my internet
is probably the limitation but what I did notice is a smoother transition between LTE
and wifi and vice versa. With my iPhone 11 if I would be watching a
video and switching data connections I would often get between a few seconds of buffering
to at times 15, and sometimes It would even completely hang and I’d have to rewind to
get it going again. Now, this is transition is noticeably smoother and buffering is faster. Unfortunately, reception didnt’ get better
in the few parts of town I always have issues with, but I have noticed faster buffering
in Youtube. One issue I faced is Bluetooth delays with
my car and my smart lock, I would walk up to my house and half the time have to wait
for it to unlock where now it seems to connect from further away. These are the kinds of
things you won’t really get on a spec sheet, but are definitely noticeable in real-life
usage. I’m very happy with the upgrade from the
XS to the 11 Pro. Sure its not a massive re-design but more of an iterative upgrade with different
things that make the overall experience much better. From the different cameras with wider
angles and better quality to the massive jump in battery life that will really help heavy
phone users like myself, this year’s upgrade is better than what people thought after the
launch event. If you upgraded from an xs to an 11 pro let
me know if you noticed anything else down in the comments section below, and what your
favorite upgrade is. Click above to subscribe and the bell below
so you don’t miss out on future videos. If you want to see Vadim excellent iPhone
11 review click right over there, this has been Max with Max tech and I’ll see you
in the next video.

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100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Max vs XS Max – Real Differences after 1 Week

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  3. Upgraded from a X to an 11 Pro Max and my favorite improvements are the screen size and battery life for sure. I went from the 7 Plus to the X and wasn’t disappointed. Just wished they made a Plus version at the time. Now my dream phone is complete! Battery lasts me so long! Glad I waited out the XS Max. Gonna hold on to this phone for another 2-3 years.

  4. I went from a X to a 11 Pro Max, I have been pleasantly surprised. Like most people I thought it was going to be a small improvement at best BUT it is absolutely game changer. Camera is way better in so many ways. More importantly I went from a small display (iPhone X) back to a large display and the battery life is way better than the iPhone X. I have had the phone for 48 hours and it has not disappointed.

  5. Here’s a tip. Buy the latest phone and use it for a minimum of four years. Be practical. If you can afford to buy new phones every year, go and be my guest, but think about what much more important things you can buy with that money. #notothrowawayculture

  6. Well I’ll like to get the iPhone 11 pro max but i love love my iPhone XS Max its a good iPhone and I think I’ll just stay with this one because the only difference between the new iPhone 11 pro max is the camera but the iPhone XS Max it’s still a good bad ass iPhone yeah I’ll just stay with my iPhone XS Max 😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. I don’t use cases either. I don’t believe in them. The only thing that I can say and care about is the battery is considerably better. It’s extremely noticeable and I’m on my 11 pro max all day long. I never even have to use low battery. This alone makes the upgrade from 10s max worth it.

  8. To be honest for me it's not an upgrade I'm still keeping my iPhone xs it's still the same for me yeah it has three cameras it's still has the same notch I'm waiting for 2020 iPhone

  9. Ok we get it. It’s pointless to upgrade to iPhone 11 pro max from xs/xs max for most people. But I honestly believe it’s still a lot better than upgrading from iPhone X to xs/xs max. The iPhone 11 pro Max’s camera, battery life, call quality, and brightness shit on iPhone XS/xs max. Most people think it’s ridiculous to upgrade from last year’s flagships. To me I think this year’s upgrade is more worth it than last year.

  10. Brilliant review. Yeah for me I upgraded from an X and am really enjoying the camera improvements, and extra battery life. Approx double of that of my X!!

  11. Hello sir this is good ur video is excellent can you shipped ur i phone 10s max can u ur using i phone 11 pro max so it will make me happy plus uill get the subscribe from the peoples so please shipped me please sir

  12. I thought about upgrading… And then cod mobile came out and I cannot support removing 3d touch it is one of the best gaming controls you can get on a touch screen

  13. Watching on my xs max which I’ll keep for another year. With Apple you upgrade every two to three years now because nothing really changes in a big way within a year .

  14. The 3 main differences I noticed from my iPhone XS Max and my iPhone 11 Pro Max is 1) Face ID is crazy fast. 2) the cameras. Now u don’t have to step back to try to get everyone or everything into the picture. 3) the battery is so much better. I went from having 15% at the end of my day to 40%.

  15. I just switched from a iPhone XS Max to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, despite all the comments people was saying that it doesn’t make NO sense to upgrade, but the battery has always been my main issue with these phones. After knowing that the Pro Max last 5 more hours than the Max I HAD to upgrade.

  16. I upgraded from the XS Max to the 11 pro max. The camera always gets me thats why I upgraded from the 6S to the 7 plus. I was always into Apples gold products having a gold iPhone 5S, 7 plus and XS Max. Watch and MacBook Air. I got the space grey pro now. But it was a hard switch from the gold pro it does look so nice I miss the champagne gold. But the camera is amazing it’s the camera I always wanted so rusts why I upgraded.

  17. The xs max and Apple Watch 4 were my first apple products. I think I’ll hang on to them till the new gen of apple products

  18. Hi! I hope you notice this comment. I just got my 11 pro max. Is it just mine, or my xs max speaker is louder than my pro max.. how about yours? Thanks!

  19. You reviewers are all such LIARS. Like only some moths previous you are waxing lyrical about how brilliant the previous iPhone is/was. FF some months and here they are bitching and whining about the same device (buffering?? Why did you not mention the buffering when reviewing the Xs max?) because a slight upgrade is on their desk. I can’t believe a word these people say.

  20. I have an iPhone XS Max in Silver
    Man! It’s more elegant the stainless steel hasn’t fade at all! I’ve seen the space grey and gold color peeling of the coating on the frame mine its just like the same day I purchased more than a year
    Battery 100% health camera is Great! Video recording it’s just amazing 😍 … very solid phone no need to upgrade
    I’m honestly more than happy 👍🏻

  21. Again with small noticeable improvements. Great to have but okay not to have. XS MAX is already really good. If someone has a XS or XS Max, there is no need for a upgrade.

  22. Who doesn't use a case on their phone?? My mouth dropped a bit because with how expensive these phones are and how much you love and enjoy this phone. . . It seems a bit silly and counter intuitive to NOT get a case, and a screen protector for drops esp when you said the phone is more slippery. . . Thats just waiting for an accident

  23. I love my xs max I have it for nearly a week now and the battery last very long … ❤️❤️ no need to upgrade to the 11 pro max

  24. Still not enough to give up my iPhone XS Max. Go get it if you're loaded. If you're hustling keep your XS Max for the design refresh next year.

  25. Me hearing how the 11 pro max has better camera and battery. Also me never complained about the Xs max camera and battery. The Xs max for me looks better for the back. I game on my phone daily and it still gets through the day. Idk for me when apple made the Xs max I was like “ughhhh now how are they going to improve this 🤔”

  26. That gold is kind of pink-goldy isn’t it ? Don’t misunderstand it’s very nice. I went for space grey this time

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