iPhone 11 Powerful Enough to DETHRONE Huawei?!

we have some new predictions from Lin Chi Kuo that kind of conflict with everything that we were expecting from Apple this year it looks like Google will announce something with the pixel 4 that we weren’t actually expecting an Apple might read take the number 2 spot and smartphone sales by the end of this year I’m Jaime Rivera and is it just me or instead of the pixel rumors intensifying with more leaks we’re actually now falling back into rumors it’s kind of weird this is parking out daily the official news today begin with deals obviously Apple watch series 4 & 5 our devices I’ve recommended in the case of series 3 if you go for the LTE variant I do recommend that you do get the ceramic back at the bottom think about it as if you’re looking for a deal right now Amazon has the 38 millimeter variant of the series 3 for 188 dollars shipped which is the lowest price we’ve seen the 42 millimeter variant is available for 229 and ever watch series 4 is also 129 dollars off if you follow the link in the description definitely these are good options you can learn more again now let’s move the spotlight over to the Samsung Galaxy fold I’ve had what probably a week with it it’s been a great experience so far have not had any issues but obviously we’ve seen some nitpicky cases and there’s a one that just emerged we have had a couple of reports of a couple of users having issues with a Galaxy fold but none more peculiar than this one a user in France is having problems with the device because the device is branding is falling off it’s really not a major issue but truly it’s a $2,000 phone so I get it now if you watch a Zack you know the jerry-rigged everything you watch this video you see that you can actually peel this off I just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly obviously I’ll let you know if I have any issues with mine do you remember the essential phone because I loved it and then it you know it just stopped being a great thing and it wasn’t a great thing from the beginning because the camera was trashed but it seems that we’re actually getting an essential phone to but it’s not at all what you were expecting and the Aruban just tweeted out some interesting photos that could be the essential phone to he referred to them as project gem which is the codename that XDA found last month they are very large and everything phones that pretty much do mimic more of a candy bar than anything they have a weird new customizable UI a punch hole up in the front and a single camera at the back with a very interesting design the company says that this is a new device to reframe your perspective on mobile but it’s just the taller phone I mean that’s the way I see it I will see if you remember Huawei was aiming to be the top number one selling smartphone brand acid this year and obviously those plans got truncated because of the ban the question is exactly how much truncated and today we get details according to digit times the banner fact that the company so much that Apple actually might regain the number 2 spot this is also to do with the fact that the market is apparently loving the iPhone 11 lineup there were four claims that they might retake the number 2 spot as of q4 2019 which would be major considering the fact that Apple sells a lot less phones meaning variants compared to wall way or well obviously has less lineups because sales yeah that’s a different story and how about if we also talk about the Google pixel for pixel Fork so those of you wondering exactly what we’re getting at the pixel event apparently these won’t be the only devices according to new reports we might be getting a 5g variant of the pixel 4 along with the LTE variant now the report claims that there are little to no details on the differences between the LTE variants and the other and there are also some conflicting sources that claim that we might not necessarily get it that it could wait until 2020 to be denounced along with the pixel for a as another LTE variants indeed and you know the interesting part is that Google is expecting to sell 10 million pixels which is such a contrast when you compare it to iPhone 70 million units and that’s 10 million I believe for the year but we’ll see and finally the hottest news today I have to do particularly with Apple and the company’s line of I mean usually we get an event in October where we get to see Mac hardware where we get to see refreshes and iPads and as it turns out it seems that it’s not really going to happen in October we have a new timeline for Apple in 2020 according to make streak whoa the first is where we see the iPhone se2 happening in q1 2020 along with the iPad pro which we were actually expecting to see in October we also see a MacBook with the scissor switches in q2 but it doesn’t specify if this is going to be that 16 inch MacBook Pro that we really want to see in q2 we also see an AR headset which will apparently be made by Apple in collaboration with some third-party brand and then finally in q3 we should expect to see the 5g iPhones next generation iPhones think about it is listen when the comments down below I mean what do you think right now Apple is having so many issues with their MacBooks particularly with those keyboards in addition to the fact that sure it’s time for a refresh from iPads do you think that it’s better for Apple to wait it out or do you think it’s a smart idea to actually get things right and launch things until next year because in my case I can’t wait for a refresh for my iPad pro honestly and I obviously would love the new MacBooks particularly because yeah I’m having issues with my kid with my keyboard too but I’d rather Apple get it right this time that’s just me leave us a comment down below we’d love to know your opinion friends again if you want to get the news earlier follow us I’m talking out our comment subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one also follow us on social medias our extended coverage happens on Instagram and follow me online personal handel’s see what I do with these phones please give this video a thumbs up if you like what you saw I’m Jaime meddling that I think so much for watching we’ll see you tomorrow

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100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Powerful Enough to DETHRONE Huawei?!

  1. Welcome back to the era of incremental upgrades of crApple and Samsdung now that the true innovators LG and Huawei are on a short leash. And I can`t believe how happy everyone is that this sh.tty product is going on a second spot on the world top manufacturer list.

  2. The sad truth is that by 2020 China market will have the best smartphones in the world and everyone else will have bricks but with Google pre-installed .

  3. The phone’s logo easily peeling off… not a major issue? Lol. Imagine if the Apple Logo was peeling off. You’d have a field day

  4. Just to clarify, Apple’s flagships i.e. the XS Max far outsell Samsung or Huawei flagships, which is why Apple makes significantly more profits compared to its alleged competition. Selling a lot of cheap phones (Xiaomi in India) is nothing much to brag about. Show us the bottom line.

  5. at google event : u will know more about google pixel 4g in upcoming 4a leaks..
    apple launches se 2 with a price range higher than iphone 11 , which results in the sales growth..

  6. I'm watching this video on my Essential Ph1 running Android 10 and I'm impressed. I bought it back in 2017 and believe me it's come a long way with so many updates since then. Are the cameras on this device any better now than in the beginning? Yes they are and even back in 2017 I wouldn't call the cameras trash but instead say that there was room for improvement. I'm happy to hear there's an Essential Ph2 on the horizon and no matter what I will be buying it.

  7. Say good bye to timely updates on that new Essential phone. The original Essential phone still gets monthly security and OS updates as fast as the Pixels do, but with the super-customized OS they'll likely be using on these new ones I can only imagine that's now a thing of the past.

  8. So, instead of continuing the recipe, but perfected. Essential threw all logic out the window and made a RED Hydrogen One 2.0? Doesn’t look like a very smart thing too do in my opinion.

  9. IPad Pro refresh? Its barely a year old. They need to refresh the keyboard and more support for for Apple pencil in third party apps.

  10. Apple needs to surf the wave they just created with the fantastic iPhone 11 that's even more fantastically and well priced (the true secret of their current favourable tide), and hit the market hard with a new concept!

  11. Other companies should follow what Samsung did with 5G, specifically the Galaxy S10 5G. It's not only an S10 with 5G but with more features and functionality other than 5G itself

  12. Are annual refreshes so important? The 2018 iPad Pro has such a great design and the A12X is powerful enough for majority of 'Pro' apps that are probably yet to take advantage of it. Slow down Jaime – people would have invested a ton of savings in the tablet and accessories. Let them breathe and trash out the iPad for some more time!

  13. Huawei: the bootloader is locked, there is no other way for you to install google services and we will charge you roughly $1000 for the mate 30 pro
    Huawei fans: Oh yeah we will buy it no matter what
    In reality: sales has dropped by at least 80% lol

  14. I do not support the Essential phone because Google fired this married, cheating, sexual predator after substantial evidence…and cause the phone is just trashhhhh.

  15. That was the plan all along, Tim bribed a few people and got Hauwei banned so Apple can come back in 2nd place 👀
    Tinfoil hat intensified

  16. Is it a surprise if Apple take back the number 2 spot with Huawei banned from the US and it won't have Google apps elsewhere? Even Samsung increased its lead over Huawei by another 5 million devices.

  17. Tim Cook steps in to White House.
    – Donald please help. I don`t know what to do with this Huwawei. He bit us so badly in 2018.
    – Tim, get yourself together and stop crying. Built a better phone.
    – No Donald, I`m out of ideas. My engineers are idiots. They`ve made iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro with the stove design back. Johny left the company, Steven turns in his grave when chineese bit our butt off.
    – Ok, ok Tim. Come down. I`ll block the Huawei.
    – Thank you thank you. Now I can go with iPhone 11 procedure….

  18. Great news update….this seems to pop up all the time “iPhone 5G”.
    Who is waiting for this phone???
    Certainly no one I know 5G network is not even close to be available.

  19. These companies need to wait….like taking a year off to get this right would be perfect. Releasing the same shit with small upgrades is just boring and oversaturating the market.

  20. The essential phone that i remember was the most essentially crippled phone, lacking poets and features, that's NOT essential, and I'm glad they stopped making those because they were selling them for an expensive price.

  21. That essential phone is amazing for people who use their phones mainly for talking. You can use google assistant for texting. It’s a really cool idea and I hope it’s successful.

  22. I like the new design for that essential phone. I"m a bit tired of carrying around such a large device all the time. Also nothing is wrong with trying something new.

  23. Why you keep doing does hawei down the hill
    Trump will allow US companies to work with hawei soon, according to 95google👉🏽. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/9to5google.com/2019/10/10/report-trump-set-to-allow-us-companies-licenses-to-sell-goods-to-huawei/amp/

  24. It's an Easter egg. the A and the U in the Samsung branding fades just to let you know that you're living in the future

  25. It's funny how a phone lat lacks 5g even today, has notoriously sucky antennas and outdated features is hyped up so much. They can't even make their own wireless charger or offer reversed wireless charging so why tf are you hyping a phoen up that looks like it has an actual fidget spinner on the back? Say what you will about Huawei's situation but you can't deny their hardware, especially the influence they had with budget phones, reversed wireless charging, periscope lenses and the smartphone market as a whole.

  26. Oh, good, that means America can lift the embargo they pretend is about security concerns when it’s actually just jingoistic foul play to give Apple a leg-up because they’ve not been managing to compete with Huawei on a level playing field…

  27. How to get your company to sale more phones? Don´t bother innovating nor even making a new nor decent design. Just get your president to ban the competition and voila!!!

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