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100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Day was.. Interesting?!

  1. Not worth to buy paying huge amount by cutting the wallet….same design 🎨 since 3️⃣ years…… Better to go for Samsung Galaxy Note 🔟 and S 🔟 family 👪 or Google Pixel…..

  2. The iPhone 11 video seems to have a lot of jutter to me. Especially when panning from one side to the next in this video. 🤔

  3. Since when is "iPhone Day" a thing? Yeah it isn't. 😛
    I'd sooner call the 20th of September "Nintendo Switch Lite Day". 'cause that's far more interesting than the new iPhone.

  4. Got the Silver Pro Max 512GB. Wife got the Green and I can't really tell that it's green. Color blindness sucks.

  5. Jaimie: the stove design is so ugly i hate it
    Jaimie in release date: i like the colors and the design kinda grown on me
    Proves one sad reality in internet
    Apple always wins

  6. 0:26 Jonah Hill 😂

    Also did you end up exchanging for silver? I ordered midnight green and now I’m wanting silver 🤦‍♂️ I feel like it stands out the most this year.

  7. I'm fascinated how you live with so many mobiles 'every day' Jamie. How do you configure your mobile life? Can I assume you have one personal mobile and one business mobile, the rest are simply empty with some media for testing? How long do you have the new releases for review?

  8. Remember when there were lines outside of apple stores, and now just couple of iDrones showing their new phone to everybody inside the store. So sad.

  9. No rear plastic to protect the phones’ backs? I use to remember iPhones are protected by a one-piece-front-back protective plastic film. Oh my… Apple is cutting cost to such extent!

  10. Please compare iPhone 11 Pro Vs Note 10 in detail; what we have & not have on both devices…especially battery life & Camera!

  11. Ohh Jaime doesn't need three camera to see that ugly face but still compare the difference in cameras of pro & regular specially difference in bokeh 😛😛

  12. I’ll still wait for next gen. I want a light, notch less and less rounded phone. I’m still glad that many that see or uses the phone have changed their negative attitude against the 11. It’s a great iPhone. Not to be confused with a Android……

  13. Apple never give us what we need No USB C to connect your Phone with Macpro no good Capacity for 4k Videos No REVERSE WIRELESS CHARGING to charging your Airpod NO External Memory Support you always say this stuff about phone why you don't say it

  14. To drive all the way to Manhasset twice in one day is dedication. At most a half hour drive from wherever I lived in NY, but still, that Grand Central traffic…ughhhhh!

  15. a camera comparison between Iphone 11 pro and note 10+ would be nice and another one iphone against huawei mate 30 pro. thank you

  16. I had the same reaction! People were hyping the green and the matte black, but choosing the silver and white was an easy favorite of mine. It looks good!

  17. Great video, but one question. The sound quality when you switched between lenses changed. Is this a iPhone microphone issue?

  18. why not just use the iphone 11 for vlogging? interested to see how well it is for you in a full day of use. and of course it’s not going to be fair comparing it to the pro afterwards, just curious…

  19. I like the matte finish on the back but I can't get over the horrible looking camera hump on the back. If the regular iPhone 11 had the matte finish and a better display then it would be great.

  20. I think silver looks the best this time, it’s really contrasting camera set up and makes it feel like a pro tech indeed, remains me of a Hitachi hi-fi stereo cassette deck from 1980 s

  21. It’s interesting when you switch camera modes wide angel views to telephoto the recording of your voice also changed. It seemed like the mic was focusing on area where the camera was pointing. Could of been hand covering the mic though. Something to test.

  22. Putting 30fps or 60fps video samples into a 24fps video on youtube will never look good. You will drop frames and motion becomes jerky. I don't know why TECH channels keep doing this?

  23. The funny thing is people say the cases are overpriced but when you to Target or Best Buy for phones there All $39.99 so …….

  24. Does anyone else sense panic in the store ? In this day and age why so many miles for a smartphone and a smartwatch ? Are they gonna sell this time ?

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