iPad Mini 5 Review – A Gamer’s Perspective

I’ve been using Apple’s iPad Mini 5 for
the last 2 weeks, and I’ve realized that it’s currently the best tablet for gaming,
topping every Android tablet and iPad for a few different reasons, which I’ll get
into in a minute. It’s basically the same iPad as the new
iPad Air but in a smaller package. And the display is much improved from the
iPad Mini 4, with 500 nits of brightness, True Tone technology and p3 wide-color gamut
for incredible color accuracy for photo editing. And it now supports the Apple Pencil for taking
notes, drawing and more, adding tremendous value compared to the old iPad Mini 4 which
was priced at the same $400. You really get so much more value with the
new iPad Mini 5, especially since you’re going from the A8 processor in the Mini 4
to the A12 in the mini 5, which comes directly from the iPhone XS and XS Max. So you’re getting iPhone XS performance
for only $400, and if you compare it to the chips you get in the best android tablets
out there, it completely blows them out of the water. In Geekbench 4’s single-core test, the iPad
Mini 5 basically triples the scores of the Android tablets, and it’s the same story
for the multi-core test, tripling most of the scores and almost doubling the score of
the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, which retailed at $780 but has quickly gone down to $530,
still more expensive than the iPad Mini 4. And finally, in Antutu’s graphics benchmark,
which is more accurate for gaming performance, the iPad Mini 5 again easily outperforms the
Android tablets, almost doubling the score of the Galaxy Tab S4. And that’s not the only difference. Many people know that iPads are more reliable,
perform better over time and hold their value much better than Android tablets. Samsung’s $400 Galaxy Tab S5e is also coming
soon and it’s actually packing a similar or slower chip than the Tab S4, so the iPad
Mini 5 is gonna be the clear winner in terms of performance for 2019. Yes, the iPad Mini 5 is more expensive than
some of these Android tablets, but trust me, you won’t regret spending more. This iPad will give you years of reliable
performance. So the performance is definitely there, but
how is it better than the rest of Apple’s current iPad lineup? For starters, the iPad Mini’s size and weight
are perfect for comfortably holding it in your hand, for everything from browsing the
web, watching youtube videos, reading eBooks, taking notes, drawing, taking it on the go,
and especially for playing games. The rest of the iPads, even the 2018 budget
iPad, are heavier and much larger, making them less comfortable to hold. For playing games, your hands will get tired
over time, and you don’t really get that with the iPad Mini 5. It basically packs all the iPad you’ll ever
need in a perfectly compact form factor. Now you might be asking, why don’t I just
get the cheaper 2018 iPad instead? Well, there are quite a few drawbacks with
that iPad, mainly with the display, and I have a detailed video comparing them if you
want to learn more. But there’s also a significant difference
in gaming performance. Take Fortnite for example, the 2018 iPad can
only run the game at 30 frames per second on medium graphics. Not only that, but in game, the graphics are
noticeably worse, you’ll get dropped frames so it won’t be perfectly smooth, and the
display is very reflective and not as bright, which can get pretty annoying. The iPad Mini 5 runs Fortnite at 60 frames
per second on high settings, and it’s incredibly smooth, no noticeable dropped frames, no issues
with reflectivity, and you can play for hours thanks to the small and light form factor,
which makes it a lot more portable as well. Now, what about the iPad Air and the 2018
iPad Pro? Well, the iPad Air is basically a larger version
of the iPad Mini, there’s literally no difference in performance. The 2018 iPad Pro, is definitely a lot more
powerful than the iPad Mini 5, but it’s also twice as expensive. It’s fairly large so it’s not very comfortable
for long gaming sessions, and it’s overkill for basically every game currently available
on the app store. How? Well, in Fortnite, it’s limited to the exact
same graphics settings as the iPad Mini 5, and it runs it just as smooth, with no benefits
at all, even with all of that extra performance. The story’s the same in other games like
Asphalt 9. You get 60 frames per second at maxed out
graphics and it runs perfectly smooth on both the iPad Pro and iPad Mini 5. I also played some PUBG, and maxed out the
graphics on both iPads, and I mean max everything. HDR since Ultra HDR isn’t available yet,
ultra frame rate, anti-aliasing enabled and auto-adjust graphics disabled. The iPad Pro ran everything perfectly, except
it didn’t use up the whole display, just like on Fortnite, there are black bars all
around that don’t get used. Either way, I managed to score an SSS on my
first match ever. On the iPad Mini 5, it also ran the game perfectly
with maxed out settings. Everything was super smooth, no issues at
all, but it was much more comfortable to hold in the hand. This time, I scored an SS+, not bad for my
first two matches. So from those three graphically-demanding
games, we can see that the extra power of the iPad Pro isn’t really being used compared
to the iPad Mini 5, and until we get some new and very graphically-demanding games on
iOS, there won’t be any difference in gaming. Of course, you’ll see the difference in
tasks like video editing, but the average user honestly won’t be able to tell the
difference in performance. And that’s why I’m calling the iPad Mini
5 the best gaming tablet in 2019, and for only $400, it’s a really great deal for
what you get. And it’ll give you years of reliable performance
for all of your iPad needs. Now, if the display is too small for your
liking, you can pay $100 more for the new iPad Air. It’s basically the same exact iPad, except
with a larger 10.5” display and a smart connector for Apple’s smart keyboard. That’s it. We’ll have links to all of the best deals
on these iPads, and if you’re having troubling choosing which one to buy, click that button
to see our ultimate comparison guide, and hit subscribe for more videos like this one!

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100 thoughts on “iPad Mini 5 Review – A Gamer’s Perspective

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  2. Buuuuuuut the tab s4 has an AMOLED screen and it doesnt use. 4:3 ratio so you can watch videos without having the big bars when watching youtube

  3. Here me out, obvi iOS game library does not compete with Nintendo game library.

    But while the Switch is a great gaming machine with lackluster multimedia capabilities, the Mini 5 is a powerful multimedia tool with decent/good gaming capabilities that could improve.

    It is only about $100 more than the Switch base price, although to get the most of your Mini 5 you would want to get a controller (Nimbus or Gamevice) etc but to make up for that price, iOS games are generally way cheaper on iOS than a $60 Switch game. Sure the $400 is only 64gb but that should be enough space for an adequate iOS game library.

    The ability to do so much more on an iPad as far as apps media consumption etc more than makes up for the $100 price difference also. Simply the ability to watch Netflix on a plane is a huge benefit that the Switch will probably never have.

    I think if Apple really wanted to, and marketed it right, they could turn the iPad mini into a legit competitor to the Switch.

    Essentially, they are on opposite sides of the gaming-multimedia spectrum, so it could come down to preference/needs.

    Change my mind..

    P.S, I am writing this as a Switch owner, iPad Pro owner, and PC gamer.. so I assure you I am not mad that I don’t have a Switch or anything along those lines..

  4. Im planning to buy this tablet. Solely for Netflix and mobile games. Who knows I might start a gaming channel too. Lol
    Good review Thumbs 👍

  5. so I shouldn’t buy the air 3 then Buy this I typed butt
    so the reason to buy the air was I could use a keyboard

  6. so should I buy the new air or the mini I used a mini when the first gen came out then a iPad 2 and stopped using iPads so which is is the best

  7. I've been playing on the 10.5" iPad Pro, and the touch screen has become unreliable (won't register taps/swipes)

  8. Because I am a millionaire I just bought 10 new ipad mini 5's…I will probably keep 1 and use the rest as frisbee's

  9. The reason why you drop FPS on the 2018 iPad is you put 100 3D res that’s to much to play on and also you don’t need to hold it up you can buy a case to hold it up

  10. I shouldve been updated because yall said ipad pro 2018 is uncomfortable to play and hold , well we dont “HOLD” ipads to play we play it by laying it down such as fortnite :/

  11. Most people relate gaming with Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony. But for most people, it’s their iPhone or iPad. Mobile games are more popular than console games could ever imagine to be, some are good, some are bad. For me, the Mini is the perfect gaming device ever. It’s extremely portable, so you can take all of your games with you on the go, it’s extremely powerful, so there are no limits to the types of games you can play on it, even in the future, it works with all the modern technologies that some consoles don’t even have such as Bluetooth 5.0, and it’s so much more than just a gaming device, it can be everything. I am a semi-casual gamer, I’m not extremely serious about gaming and pouring a load of money and time into it, I just do it when I feel like it and can, and I’m not the type who just plays any typical mobile games, they either have to be great basic mobile games, or decent quality ones. You’d be surprised on how good gaming can be on iOS, there are a lot of great games that I personally enjoy playing!

  12. guys please help me I can’t decide which colour I wanna buy the black one or the golden one because the sliver one isn’t available in my market

  13. I want something like a tablet that I can draw while not having to be on the computer, I already have an xp pen artist 12 for that. I'm looking into the spin 11 bc bigger screen and stylus $329 I think, but then toying w the idea getting the cheaper iPad w apple pencil for $300. Both have cons the iPad only has 2gb ram and the chromebook has 4. In perspective My Kindle fire HD 8 is 1.5gb ram and 16 GB storage. It runs apps just fine sometimes it closes out Pandora but I can run medibang, music and Instagram and maybe light games together. I just want a system that can do all that w/o lagging a lot.

  14. Thanks for the review im torn between ipad 6 and ipad mini 5 but now i wouldnt mind spending extra money for ipad mini 5 since i will be getting the same feeling in an iphone X

  15. I have an iPhone and thank god apple released an iPad mini 5th generation that has the same specs from $1000.00 iPhone XS MAX.
    This is a winner for me.

  16. If Apple bring an iPad mini pro with A13X Soc, 6 gig of ram, 1TB of storage, Face ID and bezels design for $600 then even bigger iPad Pro going to die.

  17. Can all the people trying to play fortnite testing out gaming devices, PLEASE DONT SPAM TAP THE SHOOT BUTTON. YOU CAN JUST HOLD THE BUTTON

  18. I got my ipad mini 5. And been using it for a week now and i can say i made a right choice spending extra money for the mini 5. This device is a beast i love playing hd games here and doing school works

  19. What it doesn’t have is 3D Touch, which is why I’d prefer an XS Max instead. 3D Touch is super necessary for FPS games, I don’t know why they dropped it for iphone 11, thanks to Apple I’ll be getting an Asus ROG 2 instead.

  20. Hey Max Tech the Ipad mini 5 and Ipad Air 2019 don't have any differences right. But I heard the display was better in some way. If you could tell that would be great.

  21. Max frame rate is ‘extreme’ in PUBG. First games are bots only. Plz do the research before posting a seemingly rushed video.

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