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Hello IoTeX community and welcome to this
week’s News Digest! Here are the latest updates for you. As you know IoTeX attended TechCrunch Disrupt
2019, where we showcased our privacy-focused IoT products and shared the vision for the
Internet of Trusted Things with investors, builders and techies. Check out the 1-minute video by IoTeX’s co-founder
Raullen Chai, educating the audience on the importance of trust and privacy. Don’t forget to like and retweet the video. As you know, we have been gradually rolling
out the updates on our Github for the Mainnet Beta and pretty much had updates every two
weeks since the Mainnet release. Right now, we are doing the final preparations
for the official launch of Mainnet Beta, which is scheduled for next week, October 16. Also, we have launched a website for our trusted
and private IoT products, some of which, we have showcased at TechCrunch. These and other updates are now available
for our community in the project updates report. As a part of community initiative, we have
IoTrivia Game Series, that happen every single month, there are 6 games, twice a week, during
which, you are able to learn something new by answering questions that we have for you
focused on IoT, IoTeX and blockchain. A great way for you to recharge, play a game,
learn something new and get prizes in IOTX and VITA. Join our games on Mondays and Thursdays in
our official Telegram community. And these were all of the updates for you
this week, next week will mark yet another milestone for our project, with the Mainnet
Beta release and we cannot wait to share with you all the exciting things that will come
along with it. Thank you so much for your support, have an
amazing week ahead!

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