Introducing Waymo One, the fully self-driving service

Driving requires a lot from us, all just to get around. We can do better. What if the world’s most experienced driver was at your fingertips? A fully self-driving car ready to take you where you need to go. A ride designed for you. Giving you more time for the things that matter most. What if getting there, felt like being there? This is where we’re going. Introducing the self-driving service, Waymo One.

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100 thoughts on “Introducing Waymo One, the fully self-driving service

  1. Wow people are gonna have sex in these cars while they drive around… There will be AIDS all over the seat cushions XD

  2. Waymo will bring the level of confidence people have with the aviation industry to the automotive industry. Thank you for everyone involved in making this a reality.

  3. Self driving machine with human assistance = not truly “autonomous” so what’s the difference from a human driving? Oh right, I get to see the steering wheel moving on it’s own. We say autonomous cars are safer than humans – but who’s there when the system fails? Oh yeah, a human or should we call it “(HISS) Human Intelligence Safety System— A service assistant for autonomous technologies”? 😱

  4. But if you order Uber or any other apps of its likes, you still won't be driving, right? So what's the difference?

  5. This is great, but you are the 2nd most experienced driver… Tesla’s AP has much more than your 10M miles

  6. I guess when there's no jobs left you'll take you and your family and y'all will become Hunter / gatherers again, scratch that notion there won't be any land for you to do that on.

  7. Great.!. When will it be extended to more than the early riders? When do you think you'll feel confident to remove the safety drivers?

  8. ‘Self driving’ – except with a person in the drivers seat?

    Tesla will release the first FULLY autonomous car, you watch 😉

  9. why is there a steeeing wheel than just make an entertainment oriented dashboard and remove driver seats or allign them like sofa sets heck make it look like a lounge

  10. Google has been saying it will roll out self driving cars next year.

    That was 4 years ago. More propaganda to inflate Google/Alphabet's stock price.

  11. What's the difference for the passenger? How is it different from Uber or other taxi service? I hate where this society is headed, to the world where nobody has to do anything.

  12. What's the difference for the passenger? How is it different from Uber or other taxi service? I hate where this society is headed, to the world where nobody has to do anything.

  13. No thanks I can take my Model 3 with enhanced autopilot on it, not like some Chrysler producing Carbon emissions with a Huge frickin camera on top of it

  14. Driving requires a lot from us? What kind of bullshit stupid fucking idiot statement is that?

    I guess one way or another they want those damned 5G towers sprinkled around killing people.

    Driving does NOT require a lot. Human's are just distracted by everything that capitalism has brought. Getting to work on time after waking up late because people are so tired from working their shitty manufacturing or warehouse jobs for 12 fucking hours a day for the sake of making a buck for rich fucks. Fuck.

    Once we start sitting in a bunch of stupid cars that drive themselves (when we cluld have more trains that last longer and have soo many other benefits) we will be pushed with more ADs, more things to buy on our way to work half asleep dying fron disease ordering pills in our cars while having a video chat with our doctor.

    Holy shit. Fuck the future.

  15. Good for competition among ride services. Let's see how it goes.

    The human drivers will have to switch to deliveries and human-assisted rides, if this automated service takes off on the massive scale.

  16. Boy, do I hope the minivan is making a comeback. I miss the air vents in the back and the slick placement of cupholders

  17. I have my license test on Wednesday and it’s so trippy thinking that self driving cars existed before I could even drive. We live in the future I guess.

  18. I love driving, I don't want to be in the back seat. I hate chauffeur services. The thrill of driving is like a plane flying. I am not in the mood to quit the joy of driving anytime soon

  19. This meant for those who don't like to / don't know how to drive ?!?

    However, I sense the basic problem here is the almost instinctive lack of trust in seeing the controls move while one seems helpless to intervene in emergency ?!? With self-parking car the human 'lost' of control is still tolerable as it's only for a while but I certainly don't want to 'trust' the car to drive itself for the entire journey !!

  20. i think the ad didnt do justice
    coz there was a guy sitting behind the wheel
    he might as well just take charge of the wheel since hes there
    not self driving i suppose
    do better waymo or dont promote ur product yet

  21. Can a passenger behind the wheel still take control during your services?
    If so, how does that work with regulations? If not, why bother having a driving wheel and a passenger behind it?

  22. I can’t believe how narrow minded this all is! A bunch of people who all think the destination is more important than the journey? Speak for yourselves, and keep me out of it!
    And stop using safety as the lynchpin that’s supposed to rope everybody into this. Fact is, if girls weren’t doing their makeup in the mirror, and guys weren’t eating an entire burger & fries while driving; we wouldn’t have these safety issues in the first place.
    Punish the people who don’t think driving is important enough to warrant their full attention. Don’t vilify the entire act of driving, and those who enjoy it, simply because of a high tech agenda. I don’t drive distracted, I enjoy the art of driving, and wish not to be included in this long list of people, who apparently don’t care.

  23. Amazing how all the people who dig this idea all share one thing in common: The complete lack of respect for driving an automobile, as though every menial task in the world is more important than the skill that it takes to drive, and the pleasure that can be derived from it.
    And I’ll add that I find it incredibly hard to believe that there aren’t more people commenting on here, who feel the same way I do.
    Or maybe this is just a “preach to the choir” channel, where dissenting viewpoints are not welcome? I dunno.

  24. Has anyone in the Tennessee area tried this yet?
    If so please let me know! I need this in my life especially if it's free!

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