Introducing the Sigma Mobile Data Entry App

Today I’m going to talk about the new Sigma
Mobile Data Entry app; this is a new app that we developed for Android and Blackberry smart
phones and tablets. They enable you to take the trouble out of taking manual meter readings
and putting them into the Sigma database. Traditionally you’ll have been walking round
taking meter reads, writing them down on bits of paper or clipboards and collating them
together before you go back to the office and then entering them into the Sigma database. With the new app the process is far simplified,
because you simply take the smart phone or tablet with you when you go to read the meter,
put the details in straight away and its automatically uploaded into the database. The app also includes
tools to make sure that those readings are validated, so at the point of entry it’s checked
against previous readings making sure those values are actually correct before they saved
into the database, giving you the opportunity those at the point of entry rather than doing
it later. We’ve also included in the app the ability
to work offline because we know that certain meters you will find in black spots locations
in meter cupboards etc where there is no mobile signal. In that case you can switch to offline
mode, collect together a list of meters that you want to read, enter in all those values
and then go back, when you back in mobile coverage and sync the data and upload straight
into the Sigma at that point. Also in the app there is a feature to record
the meter location with a photograph, so you can take a photo when you’re at the meter
and upload it onto the database, the next time you go back if you’re unsure of the location
you can then open up that picture again and it’ll show you exactly that the meter looks
like and where it is. We’ve really solved the problem of trying to find meters when
they’re buried in different locations.

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