Introducing the Google News Initiative

ALISON GOW: Access to
reliable, quality information should be a right of
anybody wherever they live. RICHARD GINGRAS: Today,
the journalism industry faces many challenges. MEREDITH KOPIT
LEVIEN: Readership has become more fragmented. And in many ways, the
experience of journalism has become more fragmented. SPEAKER 1: How can news
organizations remain relevant in the digital age. SPEAKER 2: The traditional
world of news media is shifting ever more quickly. RICHARD EDELMAN:
70% of people can’t distinguish between a
real story and fake news. ALISON GOW: Disinformation
is on the rise. Trust in media is falling. Journalists are having
to do more with less. NOEMI RAMIREZ: A lot
of these solutions will come from the journalism
industry and the tech industry working together. RICHARD GINGRAS: So we’re
announcing the Google News Initiative– our effort to enable journalism
to thrive in a digital age. It will enable new models
for sustainable journalism, elevate quality
journalism, and ensure that technology
allows journalists to do their jobs even better. PUNEET GUPT: The solutions
to the challenges that the industry’s facing
has to come from the right mix of journalism and technology. ALISON GOW: I’m really
optimistic about the future of journalism. We just need to find
the best ways for it to be able to flourish. NOEMI RAMIREZ: So I
think there will always be a hunger for high
quality journalism. MEREDITH KOPIT LEVIEN:
I think it’s never been more important for
us to work together. RICHARD GINGRAS: And it’s
only through collaboration that we can do journalism
in new and powerful ways, because when journalism
succeeds, we all do better.

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100 thoughts on “Introducing the Google News Initiative

  1. I'm left leaning, but this is concerning as google is already censoring right leaning news and youtube channels. I imagine this will be no different. We need a decentralized news system asap.

  2. Your first article should be how you intend to be impartial and at the same time not allow comments in your most polemic videos

  3. The masters of all that's artificially trending are going to be the gatekeepers of legitimate news? Excuse me while I lmfao. 😄

  4. Yes we need this, no more fake news. Google I'm proud of you 😎👏🙌
    P.s. if you don't believe in it, don't subscribe to it. easy

  5. Just a big box of nope!
    Who is going to decide what "quality journalism" is – Will it be about what fits the agenda of the highest paying ?
    I really support Google's services and technologies, but this is a huge nope from me!

  6. What can google do to prevent clickbait and sensationalism prevalent in all media orgs? The larger and larger amount of opinion pieces and less actual unbiased reporting?

  7. I recall Google News being 100% composed of Trump articles on irrelevant sensationalist stories when I used it.

    Google already has the largest stockpile of information in history. Now they want to report news too?

  8. What happened to not doing evil? Even if the intention is great, it's too dangerous as long as monetization is the main incentive. I hope this project works, or we would all be in trouble.

  9. Haha Times now? That's BJP's propaganda machine. Do you guys even watch what they spew on our TV screens on a daily basis ? Before you let these channels leverage your tech atleast do everyone a favor by vetting these media houses.

  10. Newspapers pay AP, Reuters, for the right to publish their content. If Google were serious about supporting journalism, they would passing on some part of their advertising revenue to those providing content.

  11. How predictable. And they dare to speak about fake news?! Which, of course, they've never made up (sarcasm).

  12. “When you use Google, do you get more than one answer? Of course you do. Well,
    that’s a bug. We have more bugs per second in the world. We should be
    able to give you the right answer just once. We should know what you
    meant”- Eric Schmidt
    When you have a CEO that says something like this. WE CANT TRUST GOOGLE!

  13. Goolag. Welcome to 1984. Goolag, fb, and biased media will decide what is true and not. For a while our brains did this job, but not now. Now you don't need to think and questioning things. Big brothers don't want you to be smart.

    ’You are free to be a drunkard, an idler, a coward, a backbiter, a fornicator; but you are not free to think for yourself.’ George Orwell

  14. Look Google. I'm a big fan of your products (Nest, Android etc) but when you companies like yourself and Facebook start calling facts you don't agree with "fake news" it shows your obvious bias. When YouTube starts banning content that is in no way breaking any type of law because they may not agree with it, it shows your bias. Hey I'm completely on board with free market it's your site, your products, do whatever you want with them but I can only hope to see them fail when you try to suppress free speech.

    That is all.

  15. 3 female bosses vs 2 male bosses, only one of whom is white. White males are severely underrepresented. What they're saying is a biased view and fake news of it's own. Orwell was right…

  16. You say "access to reliable quality information should be a right of anybody" yet you take that right away by censoring the information and filtering uneasy views. I don't agree. Reliability and quality of information should be a RESPONSIBILITY of news outlets and it should be judged by a FREE MARKET. If the outlets are dying it's because people DON'T TRUST THEM and for a good reason. Anybody's right should be to CHOOSE THEIR OWN SOURCES OF INFORMATION not to be forced in reading SELECTIVE PIECES THAT FITS YOUR NARRATIVE!

  17. face booking is down   dete  yr acciunts and  join  googles  look @ the stock of  face  book in  down   downer   downer to extinstionss  fietono pureceto finished  prk

  18. Hypocrisy.
    Google has enabled toxic elements spreading fake news, hate speech and attacks on people's integrity for years, just for the ad views that follows in the toxic environment they've created on YouTube. Time for action instead of empty words, Google.

  19. More like the "Let's promote left-leaning news sites while censoring any right-leaning news site that doesn't share our political bias" initiative.

  20. A corporation that altered search suggestions for Hillary Clinton is going to help "journalism" thrive?
    This will be nothing more than corporate control of and suppressing of information.

  21. Looks like Google began their efforts with the YouTube upvote/downvote on this video. This clearly has to have more dislikes than likes.

  22. if the knowledge is actually reliable, honest and objective… but #newsflash, it never is!… and with google, it will NOT BE OBJECTIVE!

  23. Google has sadly failed its own creed when it comes to news and information. Sorry Google, but as long as you insist on censoring certain general viewpoints and not others, you will never be my news feed.

  24. How will you be real journalism with a corporation being your daddy. Journalism is a thing of the past we will have to look at the research when we last saw real journalism. And I am not a cynic. It just doesn't truly interest ppl anymore and the corporations get to pretend, and I am much to mature to be tricked. Good day!

  25. Yay, Google is releasing a way to create unbiased news excellent! Except about guns of course because that is very right wing. But as long as the news is left wing, it will be very unbiased

  26. The last few Google results I did had nothing to do with what I was searching.

    I should probably switch search engines.

    …Then again the last alternative search engines I did were even less accurate.

    Dangit Google, you got me by the threshold.

  27. google news ప్రపంచంలో ఎక్కడ ఎమి జరిగిన అన్నీ వార్తలను గూగుల్ లో చూడవచ్చు తెలుసుకొవచ్ఛు అని బాషలలో కూడ గూగులే

  28. Here's the problem… Most people don't want facts, they want flare. It's the 80/20 rule. Intelligence will always be outnumbered.

  29. Well done! Google is one the main tunnels for the people to get information and news. It is great to see Google is helping the news organizations to thrive in a time when free services are for granted. The people who are consuming the news every day deserved the high quality news and news based on facts.

  30. Just read the main newspapers like the NY Times, WAPO and you local newspaper. Saves time and better for the nerves.

  31. "70% of people can't distinguish between a real story and fake news" says the man. The mainstream media tells us a lone gunman shot jfk, rfk and mlk and now we know that was BS – same as news telling us saddam had wmd and assad gasses his people…no 1% owned media gets to decide for us what's real and what's fake. Keep the internet free speech and diverse.Question all official narratives forever.

  32. This video is flapping jaws and zero content. They don't tell you how they will be saving journalism. Real journalism gets you locked up in a foreign embassy for several years or living in hiding in russia.

  33. The Initiative is shady at best
    Google was accused of pushing scholar Barry Lynn out of the New America think tank it funds, in retaliation for Lynn supporting an EU antitrust fine against the search company.

    Kashmir Hill wrote (2011) that search traffic would decline for publishers that did not add Google's new "+1" social sharing button to their sites. Google didn't appreciate the attention to its strategy and pressured Forbes to remove the article, which ultimately was. The piece disappeared unusually quickly from Google's own search results and cache.

    Google also censors searches for guns. For a time water guns and Guns and Roses would come up blank in google Shopping.


  34. Google was such a great company before it became a slave to leftist propaganda and starting being used as a boot on the throat of any voice critical of the DNC or leftist politics in general.

  35. The two visionaries behind Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, are both Jewish. Larry Page’s connection to Judaism comes from his mother, Gloria Page, who is also Jewish. … Google was founded by Sergey Brin whose parents are Jewish, and Larry Page whose mother is Jewish.

    Just stating can also be a perspective on how a large group of people perceive the world to be and not how it actually is. Just fruit for thought

  36. Google: Please add a new section called, "Google Video News" which will be Video-Based-News-Content only. Its very different than "google video". I think there's a hunger for that kind of content (at least it is for me). Text based news has its own place, but Video-Based-News will have its own demand (probably a greater one). Just like what you have in google News, this new section will scour the net for any video based news content that's already been uploaded by reputable news organizations. If there isn't any by a reputable news source, its their loss on their promotion and publicity. Think about it. Not everyone is text savvy or has the patience and time to read the written text (do you?). Video is more convenient and convenience always sells more over the existing norm. Thanks.

  37. If you want to be taken seriously as a ethical, trustworthy, media outlet with unparalleled facts and data in the real world.

    Then your outlets for News need to be able to cover all KEY aspects and veiw points for its consumer of that Geographic area.

    However, finding a way to ensure 100% that a Fact is truth set in the real world is a great challenge, but having a means to be undeniably correct and right at an instant on being challenged.
    Now that would give you an edge, no one could compete against.

    Manipulation of feild facts to gain eyes, only creates confusion and confidence in your consumer.

    Look at all the negative comments below, and your one of the biggest data collectors and outlet of that data in the world.
    Yet your consumers don't trust your ethics and the ends to the means…. Why?

    Put people before anything, and the masses will follow you to the ends of the earth.

    You don't need to macro or micro manipulate in your marketing.
    Let people feel that your real, and that you know they are real.
    Then the rest will be history.

    Revenue is the by product and your receive it till your eyes pop out of your heads.

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