Introducing Shutterstock Stories: Profiles in Creativity, An Artistic Grant Program

ten years ago I started shutterstock with 30,000 of my own images my name is John oranger I’m the founders shutterstock to celebrate our 10th anniversary we’re kicking off a global campaign to uncover the stories behind the images what inspires you to make our it’s not just about the work it’s about the process it’s about how they’re able to create the images that they do when all together we’re giving away more than 75 thousand dollars in cash and prizes they gave me opportunity actually to do whatever I like not only photography but also to be on different events specifically sporting events I can’t even describe but you know it’s so emotional to be at year’s open for me at least to be a photographer Jay gets inspired by different periods yeah we did a piece where I was a world war two fighter pilot that was a lot of fun to shoot I can do what I love doing whenever I feel like and whatever I am in the world is a moment when you see pictures in my portfolio you can see me I’m really Christmassy geez we as a as an artist and shatter stock is a great company so we succeeded together so I really feel like I’m part of this team I feel really great because I was ok this is my fault diseases what they actually achieve I am sattar stock the HS Double Stuf we’re shutterstock I am shadow seven you

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