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It’s Drew here, I am finally introducing circuit
board rings to the website so I thought I would make a fun little video to introduce
them properly with lots of fanfare and make a big deal about them. They are just so much
fun. As you can see each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. But before we start with that.
Before we go there I would like to show you a circuit board. This is how all TechWears
begin as you can see from afar it’s very beautiful. But when you look up close it’s got some really
funky dust and grime on it. It’s got these really sharp points on the back. I don’t know
if you can see them but these will cut you! So I take care of all that before I make jewelry
out of circuit boards. OK, cut. Ok, I know we’re all intelligent people here but I want
to explain how this works. Circuit board rings as you can see are available in 2 shapes.
Round and rectangle. Now these are big rings. These are statement rings. It’s not for a
dainty look at all. These are like “hey, I geek my bling, and don’t make me hit you.”
They come in 5 colors. Yellow, red, green, blue and purple. So you can see there’s basically
2 different things that can happen. Now when I start with a circuit board like this I am
fretting over the design and looking at it to see what it has to offer. So there’s really
2 ways to go. There’s kinda more of a circuity look like these two or there’s more of a componentry
look. So that’s what you’re gonna get with a circuit board ring. Now, I’ll show you a
couple of special ones here. This one, as you may know, is Pb, the elemental symbol
for lead. Since it’s crossed out that means this circuit board was lead free, hooray!
See, I wouldn’t send you one like this. This is for a special person. For somebody who
is a science geek who loves the periodic table of elements. Somebody who moved away from
Leadville, Colorado. Somebody who is allergic to Peanut Butter. A number of reasons this
one is not for everybody. Another one here a good example is these Chinese characters.
I mean Chinese characters are awesome, but they’re not for everybody so I wouldn’t assume
that you would want that one. But what I would assume is that you are gonna LOVE this. Ok
so what in the World gives me the right to make that assumption? Well, I’ll tell ya.
It begins with quality control. I don’t finish making any TechWears, (meaning the last step
is pouring the resin on them), I don’t do that unless it’s something that I know that
I’m gonna want to keep. Obviously I can’t keep it all. Wouldn’t have much of a business
there anyway. But really I work hard at finding the parts of the circuit board that lend themselves
to being turned into something like this and I fret over it. Plus, there is a 100% TechWears
promise that if you get your circuit board ring and it underwhelms you in any way, ship
it back unused, return shipping is on me no problem I will email you a postage paid thing
you can print out and slap it back on a box and send it back to me because I know someone
else will buy it. So, no worries there. Um, yeah! CUT Ok, there’s really just one last
little bit I want to be sure you understand. These rings are silver plated brass, which,
well exactly like it sounds it’s “silver plated brass.” The silver plating does wear off.
This is a ring, one of the first prototypes I made that I wore everyday for about a year.
I hope you would wear yours everyday as well. But as you can see the silver does wear off
and your left with a brass ring. A lot of people could care less. A lot of people have
metal sensitivities or they don’t like the oxidation because when you have this in contact
with your skin it will oxidize. So if that is a problem for you this is definitely not
the ring to get. But I do have, I do make, rings out of pure sterling silver, well this
one has a little piece of copper on it but I can make these in any size so any ring size
standard. So if that’s a little more what your looking for also the circuit board can
be any size. So I can make em smaller bigger, round, oval, square whatever you want! So,
alright Thank you for watching if you have anymore questions drop me an email, contact
me through social media, leave a comment on my youtube video because this is my very first
one so I will probably be doing more of them but I thought it would be a great way to kinda
give you more of a up close interaction with the product and know what your getting into.
I absolutely love making this stuff, it’s my life’s work. So I appreciate you watching
the video, I appreciate your support of TechWears and let me know if I can do anything else
for you. Thank you!

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