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♪ “Epictacular Then”
by Rob Simonsen ♪ ♪ ♪ My passion
as a journalist has been
to help readers better understand the
moment that we’re living in. ♪ I definitely go
further to get a shot than my wife
would like me to go. ♪ I think fashion magazines
play such a huge role. Magazines allowed me
to kind of see people that looked
more like me. ♪ You have to
have more voices. Representation in front
of the camera is important but representation
behind the camera is even more important. ♪ One of the functions of
journalism in this moment is to offer a fuller picture. Of power. Who has it. Who doesn’t have it. And what the costs
of that have been. ♪ Photography can
take us anywhere in that infinite
world of stories. And gives you an empathy that you could
have never imagined. Great writing
ideally helps people make sense of the world. Sports photography is my life. And that’s what
I’ve been inspired by. Freezing time. Part of my job
is to shed light on stories that have
been kept in the dark. The container for
these stories is changing. If we have
a place to go to that we can trust to
hold all those stories that is going to help. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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