Interview with Pledgecamp Advisor: Keith Teare – Founding Shareholder at TechCrunch

for me as a venture capitalist there’s really three things I care about ever in any company the team is the first one and it isn’t really to do with the narrow version of what I care about might be honesty integrity vision passion but there’s a there’s a broader requirement of the team when you’re investing and that is is it possible these people can describe and bring to life a vision of something that doesn’t currently exist with this team unseeing first we have track record in execution they’ve done it before it’s a very young team by the way so that’s saying something they plan for secondly their vision is a huge vision to build a global crowdfunding platform that is bigger than any so far existed by the way these are these are not this team is not born in the United States but is thinking global that is salvaged by Brown I work a lot in the UK it’s rare to meet a entrepreneurs who think blog because they’re trained to think local to be limited to be realistic anyone so what I look for in a team is please don’t be realistic but please be able to execute a big idea and that’s what I see here any idea better be symbolically representing a body of work if an RTO says we have this token this token doesn’t actually represent a body of work the tokens probably value us so a token number one a token must be when it plays to capture the value from some human effort crap crowdfunding and the products being made through crowdfunding is a massive body of work and he has a value what you choose to store that value in he’s a very it could be a dollar or it could be a token if it’s a token and and everybody trusts it it’s gonna be very stable solid and represent the underlying value and when people do that they are if you like owning a part of human blockchain and crypto it feels to me are part of the new global infrastructure the internet was the first part of it smartphones with the second part of it it feels that blockchain and crypto is is a final part of it which create a new human race that is not encumbered by national borders like a lot of technologies crowdfunding isn’t globalized is highly centralized the country level what some kickstarter is effectively a US company looking for US customers throughout the US credit cards and compared indiegogo is pretty similar cryptocurrency by definition is borderless you can you can you can own a token anywhere in the world and deploy anywhere in the world without requiring the person deploying it to have a credit card that you recognize so yeah by cutting out the highly national centric financial system by putting on top of it a layer of tokens that are the same everywhere in the world you open it up to inclusion instead of exclusion and that’s a fairly fundamental thing and I think that’s one of the reasons why crypto currency is the future a lot of businesses [Music] you

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