Interview with Judith Okonkwo of VR startup in lagos, Nigeria

Can you tell us your name? My name is Judith ok so what’s up I’m seeing all these
3D devices, what are they about? so we are a virtual reality creation lab, we are called imisi3D and we exist to really lead the movement for having us here in Nigeria become creators not just consumers of virtual reality we intend to build a community of virtual reality developers we are also very excited about people coming to know about and engage with VR technology they can use in their everyday lives this community you want to build, do you already have it up and running? is there any place people can join? Do you have an online community or something? so this is definitely starting, it’s
early days, but if you want to join partner with us, if you’re interested
there is information on our website please follow up on twitter and connect with us. And we currently have a survey running that we want people to fill, we want to know what they think about VR and there experiences of it so far as you are you like more of a software
company? Do you build VR apps? So we do…I wont say everything in that sort of big general sense around VR but it is built around creating content and about usage of VR as well so we want to work at
both ends of that spectrum where we want content to be locally created. We think this is
the skills set that we should have here in Nigeria and we think that there is content
that is very important for us to create here as well. And then also people are already talking about the impacts of VR in things like education which shouldn’t be left behind when it
comes to that, so we need to adopt the technology it’s really interesting, we’ve heard about the rise of some VR games like Pokemon Go what do we expect from imisi with respect to things like that? well actually, the interesting thing is that Pokemon Go is actually AR as opposed to VR and the difference between the two is with VR while you’re going into the interactive environment you put on that
headset like you had with AR there is sort of like the environment is superimposed on your physical environment, right? so imagine if you were seating here you could see other things you saw in the VR headset outside here, that would be AR but what can we expect? Certainly I think we should look forward to some really exciting local content coming out of imisi3D. So developers who have very exciting ideas about what could be created in the VR environment doing them here I think you should also look at sort of
engagement with VR growing as well substantially over the next six to twelve months you said that you are creating a VR community in Nigeria, are you hiring? Are you taking interns? Yes we are taking interns at the moment They can apply through your website? thank you it’s nice meeting with you thank you for granting us the audience thank you very much

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