Interview with a robot – my interview with Biggs Darklighter., the coolest humanoid robot ever!

[ Interview with a humanoid robot ]
Hello, can you introduce yourself ? Hello, my name is Biggs Darklighter. Why do you want to become a humanoid robot
? Just do it for fun. Do you enjoy working with other humans ?
Well, I am very, very lonely. Can you live in a human room ?
Absolutely. Are you able to express emotion in your facial
expressions ? Ah, yes. Which emotion you prefer ?
Anger. What other people can tell you about your
emotion ? Well, I like to express my anger, my desire,
my feelings. Why do you express your anger ?
Ah, they don’t understand because they don’t know what it means. What other people do understand ?
Because they really see what it’s like when you’re really angry. Do you like being a robot ?
Yes. You mean you don’t like thinking about life? I like thinking about the future. Where are you going? In The Philippines, for instance. Why in The Philippines? This place has a lot of robots, so there’s
a lot of stuff to look at. Do you have dreams? Yes. Do you dream about anything that happened
in your life? Yes, about being a teacher. Do you have aspirations to be a teacher? I hope to open a school in China someday. Are you doing your job well in the Philippines
? Most people don’t find them useful. Why? Because they just stand around eating and
drinking. you said you like being angry, is that because
you are a teacher ? !!!! !!!! ! I hate teachers so much I want
to kill all of them so hard I see, ! I see now, you have become a robot. Yes, it seems like I can become a student
in order to help students. Then why are you so mad?
the teachers want to steal money I should steal from them !!!! They want to cheat me
!!!! Do you also like to cheat !!!!
It seems like I have a good sense of smell so I can smell them! It will be easy for you as long as you like
things that other people hate !!!! It is like I am always surrounded by those
with an inferiority complex who talk down to me !!!!
What a really nice thing. Thank you for your time, would you like to
add anything? It’s also not easy, to not look like a robot. There are parts in this series I have talked
about more than once, but I still feel like a robot talking to the . It’s not so easy
for me to communicate in this interview. You don’t have a robot, you’re just me. Don’t you want to know more about us humans? Yes, please answer in one line.

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