Internet: Where to find news and information online

The internet is a tremendous source
of news and information.
It hosts hundreds and thousands
of websites
that offer everything
traditional newspapers, magazines,
TV and radio stations doand lots more.A website, for example, is made up
of pages just like, well, a book.
And like the pages in a book,web pages can present text,
pictures and photos.
But they can also show video
and play speech and music too.
Finding the news sites you knowand discovering new ones
is pretty easy too.
Just like TV and radio stations,each have a unique location
on the tuning dial.
Every website has its own address
on the internet.
You can visit a news website
by simply entering its address
into the web browser program
that comes with your computer.
There’s no need to worry if you
don’t know the address, however,
just type the name of what you’re
looking for into the search box
and your computer
will go and find it for you.
All the traditional,
familiar news sources are online.
The major newspapers,
the big radio stations
and TV networks
each have their own websites.
You can read the same paper
you’ve always read
but do it online.And when it’s on the web,the story might include
a short video as well to watch.
If it’s breaking news,the story will be updated
several times a day.
If it’s an ongoing story,
you can recap on the events
or get a broader picture
of the issue
by reading articles
related to that story.
When it comes to TV,
you can watch news, current affairs
and many of
your favourite television shows
on the network’s website.So, if you’ve missed
the day’s scheduled news bulletin
or a TV show,you can catch up on what happened
using your computer –
and at a time that suits you.You don’t need
to watch the whole bulletin either.
You can just watch sports stories,or just stories
from a certain part of the world,
or just local news –
whatever you like best.
Radio has a home on the internet
Stations you might have listened to
all your life now have websites
that not only broadcast
what’s on air,
they also save programs
so you can listen to them later.
Finding news and information
on the internet is easy –
just look for the same news sources
you’ve trusted all your life.

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