INSTAGRAM VOICE & VIDEO CALL | New Feature Update 2018

okay we gotta got this three two one
video calling and voice calling so hey guys is Mike from Mike The Dope Toast
welcome back if you’re one of my subscribers if you’re new here welcome
as well so today is an Instagram update video well apparently there’s a new
update going on for a week already well it wasn’t official yet it was a rumor it
was dug up by TechCrunch so TechCrunch has a history of dug it up new Instagram
update that we didn’t know in the future so for this new feature is the new video
calling and voice calling so TechCrunch dug up the APK of Instagram and they
found out there’s icon showing that video calling and voice calling so there are
two new functions two new features gonna be introduced to the Instagram app so
what do I think about this is that first of all I want to say that I’m a little
bit surprised they’re a little bit late to introduce this feature and given the
fact that voice and video calling it wasn’t like a huge deal because like all
the social media like Facebook Messenger Whatsapp WeChat even Snapchat you know
that like already has all those features inside so you can call your friends up
or you know video calling well the fact that Instagram story has a live stream
already so like you can have a live stream with your friend or call
anybody else up so I’m a little bit surprised they’re a little bit late to
the party Instagram is going officially launching
this thing or just upon the time that we don’t know when they’re gonna launch
but they will it’s gonna be a big threat to Snapchat like seriously Instagram has
been doing such a great job poaching all the Snapchat features and
make it to another level they know how to pitch in the right time and do it
right regardless of what I think that my biggest concern is that which part they’re
gonna introduce this app is that gonna be in the direct messaging I think
the DM probably is the place they gonna have the voice calling and video calling
because it makes sense when you actually connect
communicate with people that makes it so much easier it makes the whole
experience so much better when you just have to call people up and make the
communication more diverse and clearer and precise so I think that it will
intensify people’s usage of that Instagram feature and more advertiser
which sorry if you’re personal user they might actually ruin your mood is a
little bit bad on that like I know that so I do have a concern I do have a
question for the Instagram developer team what do they think that is they
actually allow you to have this feature but you can disable this feature if you
don’t want if you needed this feature you can enable this feature what if? so
it’d be great for us to keep our privacy if we didn’t want to people to calling
in because it’s gonna be so messy people will really do that well even though I
bet nobody’s really gonna use this feature however if they’re really do it
in the right way probably people and especially people in the marketing
niche or business people they’re gonna use it for the business purposes
so I feel like that yeah so my takeaway is that I feel like with these features
launching on Instagram is gonna have more you know different types of
communication so you communicate with your audience through your content through your
story but when it comes down to the DM to the direct messaging which is a little
private and take it to another level you’re gonna make more connections like in
terms of whether you connected with your friends or you know business I feel
like that it is gonna be a great tool like regardless of how they’re gonna do
it the thing is if that gonna be smooth enough for the user interface experiences
or is that just another hidden feature like what Snapchat did hopefully
not because it’s just gonna be a waste of development that is how I truly think
about this feature this upcoming to Instagram I would say audio/video
calling well it’s pretty much a big deal 2018 like you know it just gets so much
more depth in communication so communications become so much precise in that one hopefully that Instagram will answer
this question soon it means that when they officially introduced this feature is
gonna be a good surprise hopefully for all of us so because apparently there’s
a lot of people is unhappy with this you know future update when I
read an article on TechCrunch or any of the website like The Verge my question of the
day is that what do you think about this changes what do you think about the new
Instagram feature that’s gonna launch really soon do you like it do you like
this idea or you just think the Instagram is doing way too much comment
your two cents in the comment section below and I will get you feature in my
next video oh by the way shout out to the last comment winner congratulations to
you so guys I’m Mike and I post social media content my core value is to help
you out in social media and I love motivate people as well so hopefully
that you would get some valuable information in this video and remember
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