Instagram Updates 2018: Tag Video, Hashtag & Story Features

Hey, guys, it’s Mike here, welcome back to
my channel, Mike The Dope Toast so it’s URGENT! I have a couple of updates about Instagram
for you guys because I just recently scrolled through some tech websites and I find out
that Instagram is actually testing a lot of new features which you probably haven’t really
heard of them but here in this video I’m going to share 5 new features Instagram are testing
right now. So the first one you probably the most interested
which is called hashtag selector basically what it does is actually they try to separate
hashtag into two different sections what you already familiar with which is um hashtags
showing in your caption or hashtags showing in your comment section so basically its visibility
is to everyone that can see your post but alright they are testing this hashtag selector
they have this feature called ‘Add hashtag’ below tagging people section so I pop a screenshot
for you guys so you’ll more familiar with that so it didn’t actually say how many hashtags
you could actually add in to this hidden hashtag feature but it does said it actually tries
to soothe things out and trying to make the Instagram algorithm understands the user behaviors
and as well as what type of post it is so it could be actually link to the explore page,
the topical channels that Instagram recently rolled out if you haven’t really heard of
that, you can definitely watch my video, pops up in the card where we talked about the explore
page and explained what is topical channels Now, with this feature I believe it will benefit
a lot of people and especially myself I really didn’t want to have so many hashtags in my
post it just pretty ugly so you can choose whether you want to put for example 10 hashtags
as hidden 20 hashtags as public It could be. And the next feature which I’m going to share
with you is called Geofenced posts so it sounds a little weird but you probably can sense
something which is about geographical so what it does is basically you can go into your
settings on your Instagram and you just select whether you want to choose locations for your
posts this is something that actually already happened to Facebook for years already it
might actually help marketers and influencers to target down what exactly the audience is
all about. You can go in your story settings as well
to choose the same setups so what it does is that the next post you’re going to post
on your Instagram is going to just target to the countries or to any place you selected. For example, if I choose that I want my post
just to show to Malaysian um demographics what it does is actually it could be expanding
my demographic my reach to people from Malaysia um you think ok? why we’re doing this? Because um the reaches definitely would be
lower because we only reached to local audience but it could be that you’re targeting down
so now your post will reach to only Malaysian more people are seeing you and they’re from
exactly the targeted locations you’re in so I definitely see it’s a double edge sword
for this one it’s going to bring you a lot of benefits by doing that. And now the third feature which I’m going
to share with you is called stories highlight stickers so what is this? A couple of months ago Instagram um actually
rolled out a new feature called Reposting Resharing whichever way you prefer to call
it it allows users to basically share their permanent post to their stories as a sticker
so now it happens to story highlight means that stories after 24 hours you could share
it to your story as a sticker form so it’s pretty interesting that it actually encourages
people to share your story highlights and so it’s a totally different you know like
interactions with your audience and I think that this might not be a significant changes
I do expect to see this is coming to Instagram um but I’m actually happy to see it’s actually
materialized right now. So we can continue to the next one which I
believe it’s very interesting it’s called Quiz stickers So what is that? So you probably already think about Poll um
emoji slider and question stickers Yes! this is true so basically this is the fourth alternative
of the poll on Instagram stories so what it does is basically on poll or questions you
have to share people responses in order for these people that interacted with you to see
the results but on quiz basically you give them three options and when they click on
any of these answers whether they choose the right answer or the wrong one it’s pretty
interesting it’s straightforward it just gives them the answer right on the spot. So I find this feature is gonna have a huge
impact on interactions. Personally I really fond of using poll and
question to ask my followers I think this is the best way to connect with people Speaking
about connecting with people you probably need to check out my another video where I
talked about 5 engaging poll questions you can ask on Instagram link in the card and
in the description below. So before we dive into the final product the
final feature that Instagram is testing I would let you guys know a little bit about
this channel. This channel publishes Instagram videos so
for that reason I want you guys to check out my NEW Instagram series called Everything
Instagram now it has about two episodes up there so more episodes are coming will be
added to the playlist also in the description definitely check it out it has everything
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this video help me to share this video out alright so now the final feature this is the
feature, ta-da! It’s video tagging so basically, Instagram
confirmed they are testing video tagging for a small number of users on Instagram what
it does is that you can already tag people in your photo but people kind of frustrated
especially me which made some videos on my Instagram I would like to tag people in as
well So what it does is actually is the same function you can tag about 20 people for example
and you can tap on to view all the people that are tagged in that video but the difference
is it actually rolled out to show you the list of people that are tagged in the video
instead like photo you can basically just tap on the icon and it shows all the people in the photo. Alright so speaking about all these 5 features
personally I really think that I’m so excited for the hashtag and the video tagging specifically,
of course, the quiz, it’s gonna be another level um what do you think? What is your favorite feature on Instagram by far? By means by far is that um what is your favorite
feature that is already there right now and another question which is what is your favorite
FUTURE feature? which are the 5 features that I listed just now Leave your answer down below
let’s talk Thank you for watching this video make sure to subscribe hit the bell so you
wouldn’t miss any new content from Mike The Dope Toast and I’ll see you guys in the next
update or any video, so peace out!

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6 thoughts on “Instagram Updates 2018: Tag Video, Hashtag & Story Features

  1. What are your favorite features on Instagram? Leave your answer down here and don't forget to catch up The Ultimate Instagram Guide: Everything Instagram (2018 Series) Thank you!

  2. One of my favorite IG features is the Story feature. I'm always on there being creative with text placements, stickers and emojis. One think I wish they would do is add a lock option on whatever you place on the story board while you're making the story post. Sometimes I miss tap and move stuff that I didn't mean to. That can get a little frustrating. I also love the video tagging. You mentioned it's currently only available to some people. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. It's really great that it's a feature now. Also, thank you for bringing me to your channel. 😊👍🏻

  3. Mike! Great video! Thanks for helping out cause I didn't know about all of these. I'd say my favorite new feature would be tagging in the videos and hidden hash tags.

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