Instagram Superzoom

(dramatic orchestral music) – Instagram has a brand new
camera feature, similar to Boomerang for animated gifs, Layout for making new
collages, and the Hyperlapse time lapse features that it already has. This one is called SUPERZOOM, and it plays off the comedic effect that people get from
zooming in really tight on someone’s face. It was really originated
on Vine a few years ago. (burps) – Ew that wasn’t very lady like. I don’t give a fuck. – But now, Instagram does
it for you automatically and even adds dramatic music that syncs perfectly with the zoom. (dramatic music) SUPERZOOM is important, because Instagram is competing with Snapchat for users. And while Snapchat might have those snazzy augmented reality filters that Instagram is just starting to copy, Instagram wants to give you all new ways to shoot content, so you’ll look like a
professional videographer, or like one of those Vine stars. Even though Vine isn’t around anymore. (lively music)

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16 thoughts on “Instagram Superzoom

  1. You should stop using this humourless, pathetic drip if want any credibility and/or your office to stop smelling like bong water.

  2. Crowder exposed you for what you truly are – A partisan hack who only cares only about the leftist "viewpoints/narrative."

    You are not someone who should be taken seriously.


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