Instacart improves shopping for faster delivery

(ambient music) – Instacart’s building
technology to make their shoppers more efficient, and we’re
gonna go see how it works. – Coming into a Costco,
it takes some real time and it’s an investment, and we would like to be able to give you that time back. What we’re doing is we’re
watching our shoppers check out of a dedicated
Instacart checkout lane. People placing orders for
their groceries from Costco, with our without a membership, Instacart shoppers fulfilling
those go in their own lane, and then bringing them to their door. For Costco as our partner
to give us our own lane, it effectively means that
there’s a lot of volume going through the Instacart portal. As a result, they want to get that through as fast as possible just like we do, so it’s nice that we get
to have this integration, and our shoppers can go through it much much much more quickly
so we can deliver more orders and get it to our customers faster. We staff it with an Instacart person, we call them a CBT, a
cashier, bagger, and tagger. And then our shoppers
actually are the ones going through the lane on the other side. – How does a shopper
put an order together, can you walk me through it? – At the beginning, the shopper
will acknowledge their order from their app, and
they’ll start shopping. After a fun shopping
time, pay for the order, they’re gonna push the
order back over here to our saving area, and our attendants
will process the order, shelve them or put them in
refrigerator or freezer. (upbeat music) – What our customers want
is to have an experience that is as good or better
than coming to the store. Everything we try to do
is in service of that, so one thing we try to
do is have you be able to shop from retailers
that you really care about. In Costco alone, we have 75
locations around the country, but we also have over
100 other retail stores that we deliver from, and that’s chains. Costco, Whole Foods, Publix, and then some local
favorites in San Francisco like an Andronico’s or a
Mollie Stone’s or a Buy Rite. We have a real time feed of every single item that we have on Instacart. This is millions of items, and real time, is it available or is it not? So that way a customer
can feel like when they’re on Instacart that they’re
actually shopping in the store, of what’s here, what’s not. We have aisle mapping, so
we have a map of the store where we can help our shoppers
go faster and pick out which items to pick, in what order, so that they’re not going to one side of the store and then the other. And then outside we actually
have an area where a driver can come pick up the bag
without having to wait. And then we have things
like our own parking spaces. And so it’s truly these things like that on the integration side
that help us make sure that our shoppers can go really fast and be as efficient as possible, and deliver an awesome
customer experience. What we want to do is skip
the checkout lane altogether, so we’re building technology
now that allows our shoppers to just scan the item and
shop straight into the bag and skip the checkout lane altogether, which is another thing
that shaves real minutes off the order, allows us to
get it to our customers faster, and also helps us reduce
the cost of the service. We’re gonna roll out the bypass checkout in the next six months. (ambient electronic music)

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37 thoughts on “Instacart improves shopping for faster delivery

  1. It's just a matter of time before Uber and Google start their own grocery delivery services. I know Amazon has one but that's primarily used by Amazon Prime members.

  2. hmm… looks much more polished in the video than the customer experience really is. customer service didn't seem like they even had a script lol. saves me lots of money living in manhattan though i guess

  3. So so lame! Unless you are disabled or sick, there is no excuse for having someone do the grocery shopping for you. So lame.

  4. I honestly hate going grocery shopping!! Not saying ill use them all the time but it will work for me if I'm extremely tired from working and attending to my family. The body can only take so much!!


  6. Become an Instacart Shopper now!

  7. I am giving my review for instacart; This company has just tried to take from my bank account $149.00 this morning. I called Customer Service to remove this amount and they said they would 3-5 business days. I never agreed to such a fee for shopping for me. They increase the store prices for about $.50 to $1.00 more for groceries, in addition, they have charged me 10% of tips for drivers, and I have given tips to the drivers themselves. It's way too much money for shopping with them.

  8. In the future…this will be all automated. WIll it make life better or make poor people poorer? Only time will tell.

  9. you work very hard doing this ,..and it ends up paying LESS than uber ,..that's just a fact,..and uber doesn't pay at all !!

  10. 7 months later and they haven't ruled out paying at the register πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ with all that money there stealing from shoppers like paying 1 dollar for a delivery only and yet they have not gotten rid of the register πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  11. This would be nice if it actually existed lol. My Costco so not have any of the things he juat explained.

  12. No refunds…They can bring you a sack full of rocks and if you refuse to accept..As long as their phone shows they were at your house..You don't get any refunds..Accept or refuse..Doesn't matter. Instacart got your money..Got shorted 1or all items..That's between you and the shopper.

  13. need to have cell phone activated (not off) I am not a cell phone user so I wasn't aware my cell phone wasn't working so I missed my delivery.

  14. If they are doing aldi in their Salisbury NC(i know food lion is on instacart list there) runs they definitely want to make sure to have instacart check out because there will be 2 cashiers and one will close when the store is packed and one rudely said "I'm closing" when i had only one item. I'd be hesitant about accepting orders at that aldis because of the poor service affecting reliablity score.

  15. i love instacart it works for me i have a full time job i only work this 3 days a week . i love ❀️ it get paid every week full time job pays every 2 weeks so it works for me

  16. If I'm not mistaken I use to deliver groceries in the old days anyways I And milk was delivered by the milk man I'm pretty sure grocery stores also had a delivery option

  17. A wonderful example of just how lazy America has become. And how can you even trust the people shopping for you pick out decent items? I bet they don't take the time to check the produce they're picking out, and just grab whatever they can get their hands on and that's it.

  18. Become an Instacart shopper! Feel free to use this referral code πŸ’ΈπŸ’°πŸ‘‡

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