Inside Rooster Teeth’s Gaming Conference RTX

Rooster Teeth is a company that started in
a spare bedroom in my house 13 years ago in Buda, Texas, population 3000. We were one of the first groups ever to produce
online video. Back when we were doing online
video for the first time, you couldn’t even watch
a video in a web browser. You had to download it and watch it in a separate
player, so we’ve been part of the online video revolution for the past 13 years. So right now we’re standing in the middle
of RTX 2016. It’s a convention we’ve been putting on for the last few years for our
fans, and it started with just 200 people that we were trying to sell tickets to in
the first year. Now we have 60,000 plus people coming to the
convention every year. So one of the things we do at RTX is we have a lot of panels from
internet influencers, people making really cool content. The audience has a chance
to come and meet them and interact with them in real life, which is a really cool experience,
because so much of our social interaction now is distributed across
so many social media platforms. It’s great to have a physical place where
people can come and interact with each other. One of the main things about the convention
is the exhibition floor, and we have vendors that come from all over the world to exhibit
here. We have video game development companies,
we have publishers, you know, people that wanna reach the Rooster Teeth audience, which
is very heavily into gaming. And then in the middle of it all here we have
our main stage where we have playthroughs of games that no one has ever seen before,
demos of new products, and people can come and see those, and they can go home and
they’ll be evangelist. They’ll be the first people
in their neighborhood to see those. One of the things that makes this possible,
these big events like this in a convention hall, is that we get really cool sponsors.
GEICO is a sponsor, and then Pizza Hut is our main sponsor for the whole show. They
have a lot of young people that love their products, and so it makes
some sense to wanna talk to them and reach out
to them here. It’s a huge challenge for brands these days.
How do they reach younger people, because younger people aren’t
watching a lot of TV anymore, so it’s a big challenge
for a lot of people, content producers, like how are
they reaching this audience, and they recognize that Rooster Teeth, we have a lot of that
audience, we know where they went. When Rooster Teeth first started, I had a
lot of ideas for what it could be, but I couldn’t possibly imagine
the way that online video would change in the ways that it did, I mean we saw the revolution
of what happened with print magazines and newspapers, we saw what happened in the audio
industry, with the music industry. We knew video was next, but the way it changed especially
in the last few years has just been incredible. You know, every year at RTX we try to do new
things. Like this year, we debuted our new dramatic series Day Five, we have our documentaries,
which we just started airing to our audience, so I can’t wait to see what comes next year. We’ll have all new kinds of content, and then
we’ll have new iterations of our shows that everyone loves.

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