Inside Hackathon 2019

I think it’s an amazing opportunity to
do something more! Having a dedicated time to do what you’re passionate
about, something that can impact other people’s lives in a better
way. That’s I think very empowering and it bodes well with our mission of
empowering every person and organization on Earth! Through our hearing aid and hearing accessibility project we were able to connect with Microsoft employees across the globe from Ireland
to Virginia, with people just reaching out to us and sharing their story. Hackathon’s really great it gets people who might not normally like work together to work together! We had different people with different roles too, so it was great to see everybody like put in their secret sauce and their abilities together. Having time to focus on an idea that I’ve had actually for quite a while and
I got to take the time to flesh it out and develop it and kind of show it off
to some people so it’s given me I think a really good opportunity to take what I
think is a good idea and show it off to other people and you know see if it
really is a good idea. The company’s going to benefit the long run, of
course it’s fun for us so we benefit and I think it’s good all around! My favourite part was actually working with some people at the same site because I work as a remote employee. This time I actually used a white board! It was amazing! Getting involved in the whole hacking of
an idea that has to do with tech, it’s very fascinating. Out of my comfort zone! I’ll do it again! We were part of the TEALS program and being able to have the experience of
coming up here and really just trying out different things, learning this code
it’s something I never would have done without coming here! So this has been an amazing experience. It’s awesome to be able to see what other Microsoft employees have been able to create and the problems that they’ve chosen to solve! I love being able to work on a project that I’m very passionate about in real
life and see it comes to life! Our team worked all together and we could build something that was interesting and very worth doing! We had the
opportunity to work with new technologies and we learned a lot and the
food for sure! Which was the best? The cookies for sure!

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