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You probably know Tencent as
the company behind WeChat. It’s the messaging platform here in China that now
claims more than one billion monthly active users. Well, today we’re going to go for a tour
inside its brand new headquarters. But first here’s why you should know about this massive
company that’s coming on to the global tech scene. Tencent is one of the world’s
largest internet companies, up there with Amazon, Google,
Facebook, Alibaba and It was recently ranked number five on
the list of world’s most valuable brands and it’s Asia’s most valuable company – the first
in Asia to cross the $500 billion valuation mark. At the time, it even surpassed
Facebook in market value. This is the main lobby when you first
walk in and it feels quite futuristic. Think of Tencent as a giant conglomerate which
spans social networks like WeChat and QQ, which even has more monthly
active users than Instagram. It kind of feels like I’m in a science fiction
movie. Everything is just super modern. Tencent also offers mobile payments,
gaming, news, cloud providers and it’s getting into
artificial intelligence. It’s also invested in many other companies
too, like Tesla and Snapchat. Just like many Silicon Valley companies that provide
employee shuttles for their workers, it’s the same here. The vans pull up directly into
the basement of the building. There’s a custom app which was made for
employees to use to quickly find parking spots when they arrive, book meeting rooms
and even see where their co-workers are. There’s three separate links, as they’re
called here at Tencent headquarters. The first is the culture link, the second is the health link,
that’s where I am now, the third is the knowledge link. This is the running track, you can actually run it
and it’ll connect you from one building to another. As part of the health link, you also
have this massive basketball court. When I call for an elevator
I can only go to the first floor, but if I want to go to another floor, I’ll
have to do facial recognition right here. But it doesn’t recognize me so I’m pretty
much just limited to the first floor. The desks here are quite traditional. I don’t
see a lot of hot desking and laptops going on. Lunch here is separated into different time
intervals in an effort to maximize the space but not make it too crowded
at any given time. So right now it’s about 12:15pm,
the cafeteria isn’t too packed. It’s definitely starting to get
a little bit more crowded. This behind me is the south tower
and then over here is the north tower. The south tower was actually designed to
be a little bit taller than the north tower in an effort to block the sun so that the
north tower is covered a little bit by shade. Overall I’m told that this building uses about
40% less carbon consumption and emissions than a building of comparable size. This is one of the garden terraces that connects
these two buildings, the views are great but it’s way too hot to
be outside right now. The building is so new that this
swimming pool isn’t even completed yet. They’re still doing
construction as we speak. On the top deck here you’re going to
have a lounge space and a juice bar. Welcome to the knowledge link, this is
the 35th floor, home of meeting rooms, the library, Tencent University
and meditation. Hey guys. It’s Uptin. Thanks for watching. For more on the history of China’s
most valuable company, check out our CNBC Explains,
‘What is Tencent?’ right here.

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100 thoughts on “Inside Chinese tech giant Tencent’s vertical campus | CNBC Reports

  1. I don’t get why people need to selfie themselves while making videos. Isn’t voice over while you film the scenery or scenes BETTER than your face taking up half the screen? It’s not you are a handsome dude you know.

  2. This company rises with outright copying ideas, especially games. Back 15 years ago people thought this was a horrible company. IP was not a thing back at that time in China. It had its own version of every popular game, with little modification compared to the original. But it seems no one cares anymore since it's a big company now…and the company also tries to wash its unlawful past by acquiring reputable mid-sized game companies. The wechat and QQ were really good apps though.

  3. You can see how Chinese are greedy. 5th most valuable company in the world, and inside it’s like a cheap cafeteria. Nothing interesting inside. Don’t even compare that crap to FB or Google offices. They have like paradise inside. Chinese trying to save money even on their employees… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Next up to be banned by the United States. I don't blame them no matter how hypocritical the States is regarding stealing people's data.

  5. Modern? This is modern for you? Where you come from Lol? Go around China, you will know how futuristic the country is compare to Euro- American Countries

  6. I'm looking through the comments and it's seems like there's a lot of Indian people complimenting the Chinese. As an ABC, I can say the Indian ppl are hella hard-working and will very soon catch up to China if they keep working hard!

  7. Narrator: Tencent, Asia's largest publicly traded company, competing against it's American rivals like Google and Apple!

    Tencent: 0:45 The first thing you see after entering Tencent's front lobby is an Apple product

    Viewer: Hrrruupppp???

  8. we play pubg, they got employment..
    We buy internet, waste on this shit…
    They actually earn from it..and then play basketball😅

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