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I’ve already seen two self-driving cars.
I wonder if it’ll stop. No. I’m in Beijing getting a tour of one of
China’s largest tech companies, Baidu. I’m definitely holding
up the line right now. Here employees can access secured
areas and pay for food with their face. A cute teddy bear is telling
me I’m not registered. I’m even getting to test
out this self-driving car that’s being developed
right here on campus. No hands. Baidu is China’s largest search engine.
Some call it the ‘Google of China.’ This campus is home to about 20,000 employees.
My tour starts here in the main lobby. So this is the ‘what’s trending’
of China right now on Baidu. Employees here have the option of registering
their face to get access throughout campus. There also appears to be a face
filter which will beautify your face. I got some help, and I got in. One of the first things I noticed
is the casual dress code. I’m not just talking about jeans and
t-shirts, but even shorts and athletic wear. A lot of employees are
going to lunch it seems. At lunch, I noticed some employees are
paying with their face. And it’s seamless. Employees can also use their face at
vending machines around campus too. Lunch isn’t exactly free here,
but employees get credit every month that they
can spend on food. My lunch costs just around $3. Similar to tech companies in Silicon Valley,
this campus has nearly every amenity imaginable. This is the recreation center
which has a gym and fitness studios, which host classes like
yoga and kickboxing. There’s also various clubs.
This dance group is rehearsing for Baidu’s annual party where they’ll perform
in front of thousands of employees. So they’re getting ready to
rehearse for the big party. Inside this building is the company store. Every employee will receive this
little bear on their work anniversary. So after you’ve been here for three
years, you’ll receive this little guy. All the conference rooms on campus
are named after Chinese poems. Right in the middle of Baidu’s
headquarters you’ll find this little park where they can
test autonomous vehicles. Vehicles like this one, which could
be delivering packages one day. It’s also putting its self-driving
bus into production, where Baidu will ship ten of
them to Japan in early 2019. I wasn’t allowed to film the
bus that I saw being tested. And then there’s its self-driving cars. About to get in my first ever self-driving car,
although the first thing I see is there is a driver. That’s because it’s still,
well, being tested. So at all times, a human
is at the wheel just in case. Baidu was recently given the green light
to test them in Beijing’s city streets. I’m ending my tour in one
of these buildings where I find an unconventional way
to leave for the day. That was actually a really fast slide.

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