umm… let’s bring… I don’t know. I mean, alright here here’s a deck that… Imma just gonna make a deck that randomly used to work and we’ll see how it does in this. It’s old school. When I say old school, I mean old school. It was uh fireball, zap and I believe, uh, I think arrows. Fireball, arrows, graveyard, giant, and it might have been mega minion. Might have been… I think it was this. I don’t know. I used it in some ten thousand gem tournaments. I’m not sure if that was it exactly. Let’s just try giant graveyard with some generic support cards, with fireball freeze, and we’ll see how this goes. Thumbs up, good luck. Split split, he’s not playing yet, okay. I’m just gonna go. I’m not sure what that tombstone play was.

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  2. Nick do more challenges like 5.0 elixir deck and like cheapest three musky cycle deck I would say like if you agree but get no like so there is no point

  3. Magic Archer is really gd in the SDC for some reason
    I'm not that skilled, but I used Magic Archer, Mega Knight, Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Fireball, The Log, Bats and Electro Wizard

  4. The sudden death challenge was very easy for me i won every thing on the first attempt .i used golem balloon clone deck

  5. Wow Nick you just messed up so many easy fights that triggered me but I can’t get enough of your content! Keep em coming!

  6. Nick why do you want to stream CR coz majority of the world are playing PUBG mobile and negligible CR playing members so do stream pubg mobile if you can

  7. What does the in game chant say, I could never understand what its saying and it irritates me

  8. "I pulled out an oldie but goodie, thats called an OBGYN" lmfao NICK NO that's not what that is called that's somethin else my man

  9. bro My last few games in this were people at Master III and Master II but youre playing jungle arean by the looks of it in the last games :/

    I still got 9-1 with bait though

  10. When nick is proud of using a skill-less card like freeze… FYI PPP works SD like a charm for people who have actual skill*

  11. That Giant Arrow “accident” push is a glitch I’m pretty sure. I’ve done it before but it looks like you do actually click on GY on your iPad

  12. It's ok you like the game but this game is kinda dead to get hundreds of thousands of views anymore. It's alright though if you like a small audience

  13. I got to 7 wins with, Knight, princess, bats, gob gang, inferno tower, fireball, gob barrel, and log. Sorry this is the only social media i have.

  14. Just went off nicks deck trying to do ladder and u need to use giant, grave yard, freeze, minions, mega minion, goblin gang, and zap…just went 11-2

  15. Hey Nick,i am your fan and i challenge you use my deck in's-
    3.Grave Yard
    4.Magic Archer
    5.Electro Wizard
    6.Infendro Dragon
    8.Royal Ghost
    Use this deck.Happy Clashing!!!

  16. Hey man. Love your videos. I have a challenge for you. Try creating a deck using only the cards available per tier as you unlock them. Good luck 🙂

  17. Lighting, pekka, giantskel, log, barb barrel, fire spirit, skeletons and bats….. Can u try this deck
    I used it for playing quest….greater than six elixer and less than 2 elixer
    I completed both together

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