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100 thoughts on “Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

  1. Merriam-Webster backs me up, you goobers.
    “plural; mouses : a small mobile manual device that controls movement of the cursor and selection of functions on a computer display” ✌🏻

  2. Only thing that would have made this video better would have been to add the movie scene from Office Space, where they take a printer out into a field and beat it to death. Great video. Sharing it!

  3. i just smashed my printer to pieces cause i wasted 40 bucks on new ink and my printer still wouldnt print right. what the fuck can we do to change this bullshit cause it has to stop!?

  4. Save yourself the worry and buy a Laser Printer! The printer and the toner are more expensive, but you aren't being scammed! Also, if you don't need, and/or want to print in color, (if you buy a color printer) you don't have to, even if one or all of the color toner cartridges run out.

  5. I have that super old Brother laser printer. Darn thing is still in operating condition, after a 15 years of usage.

    Buy laser printer. It's nowadays still bit more reliable than ink printers. 😛

  6. thag scam was fixed here in philippines.. i dont know if it is filipinos who discovered it but here the are no more cartridges.. before they tweek the printers and put some ink tanks.. then after some time.. printer manufactures are force to release models with tanks already built in haha.. but now they limit the print.. print counter was added on the software im not sure if it is 60k prints or something.. but if you reach it your printer will stol working and you need to bring your printer to the company to have it reset.. haha.. and now i saw some internet post having the reset software cracked haha.. ink scam here are done for hehe.. try to look model epson L120 and you'll see

  7. everything is true on my experience but theres something else ive noticed. back when i was in 3rd grade, like in 2002, my classmates and i used to print allot of cartoon pictures, talking like 10 pages each or in other words like more or less 60 pages and i never noticed the ink running out. and i remember this because i guess it was cool printing my favorit dragon ball AF characters. anyways, that doesnt tell allot but heres another thing, libraries have printers, and every day people come to print things and i never seen a librarian change the ink cartridge…. weird but its either they paid what 500$ for a big ink cartridge or the government is doing something fishy

  8. Buy epson printers, price is higher for the printer but the ink is refillable. Also printed an entire dnd core manual and no hang ups other than needing to refill the paper lol

  9. shouldn't u unplug printer before smashing it? It could mess up if some circuits got short. Most likely nothing serious mb some burned plastic, but still…

  10. Go to Indonesia, they sure know how deal with ink cartriges. They hack it, use it until the cartriges really broken. Even its broken they can fix it. It's crazy. 😁

  11. Maybe in a while, I will start a printer company selling reliable printers designed for maximum longevity at just above the going price but with two complimentary full-set ink-cartridges and cheap refills. The market is huge, you don't always have to go into planned obsolescence! How is 3 dollars for a complete ink cartridge refill? hahahha

  12. After purchasing my first razor about 40 years ago I figured out the Gillette model immediately. Ever since then any time I'm about to purchase something that uses refills I always check the price of the refill at the same store. It's because of this and the fact that ink jet printers always seem to be clogged (particularly when you don't use it that often which is me) that I have never purchased and ink jet. I stick with lasers. Color lasers have come down in price enough that next time I'm in the market for a printer I will give them a serious look.

    On a related note this is also why when I bought my first computer and knew nothing about them, I bought a PC. I was in the computer store and I went to see what kind of software was available. For PC's there were rows and rows of software. For the Mac there was half a row and it consisted of MS Office for Mac, Myst and some graphics apps. Made my choice easy and I'm still glad about the route I chose.

  13. I find it interesting that I'm recommended this video just as my old HP printer started having this issue after being unplugged for years.
    I can't use the scanner because my black ink cart is malfunctioning
    note that I run linux, use opera, and searched with DDG
    anyone know how to hack a printer?

    – no I didn't buy the printer, an ex-friend gave it to me (HP is a known scam, and I would never willingly buy one)
    – no I'm not going to go out and buy a new cart because I can't afford to, I could care less if the thing was empty, I have almost no use for it
    – no I don't care about my nonexistent warranty because it's a scam to begin with

    if I can't get it working, I'll probably just hook the scanner up to an arduino later on or something /shrug

  14. Lol i worked at a store that allowed me to see cost as well. Loved going threw and seeing the highest percent of markup on some things.

  15. a new generation company must start to build a new generation printer to use its all ink and be refillable to be good for nature. But pretty sure that the US is fighting against the earth and its citizens don't do anything about it.

  16. How could anyone create a program that creates fakes users to thumbs down a video thousands of times? How can anyone work for telemarketing scum? How could anyone sell billions of tons of ink to put in our earth? How could anyone declare war and kill thousands? I promise you thousands of years from now humans will still shik on each other as we have for 55 MILLION YEARS.

  17. The whole world is a scam… it's funny watching this be amazed that printer ink is a scam & then try and compare it to a car 🤣🤣🤣newer cars are full of sensors that will tell you something is wrong just so you'll take it to the shop & spend money…all the corporations care about if money, this isn't new

  18. i got same frustration levels as you do doing just simple stuffs on these fukin computers printers etc.. installing a programe or making a printer work is harder than putting a car in space… enough is enough

  19. Get a CARTRIDGELESS printer instead. I have a CARTRIDGELESS printer and the lifespan is much more longer than my old printers which work with cartridges lol

  20. I freaking knew there was no way ink should be that expensive lmao, and I keep using my cartridges for like a month after it tells me it’s low

  21. Printer companies don't realize one thing. All it's gonna take for someone to make a printer that's simple cheap and durable. Which really isn't hard to do. Once this company creates this printer then everyone else will have to follow. It's really open to anyone who can make this printer. It's up for grab.

  22. Friends don't let friends buy Inkjets. The only Inkjets I own I got for free as a 'reward' from my supermarket and I got 3 because I am NOT going to buy a refill. They will print, they will die, they will donate their ink, then they will go to the recycling plant.

  23. Buy Genuine INK cartridges from a reputable source and don't be a cheep about it. Buy into Quality Brands like HP and EPSON and enjoy quality results.

  24. Got a Pixma now. Going to buy a sledge hammer today so I can end my relationship forever with it and ALL printers. Never buying Cannon products again, and will badmouth them every chance I get.

  25. you need to scan, but the printer detects your out of ink and you cannot use the scanner even if you don't need a ink to scan… that's the power of all-in-one thingy… so be very careful when buying all-in-one cause when only one broke or missing you cannot use the rest anymore… why is that? were is the love? all the huge company wants to earn big money, all the small company wants to earn small money… anyway thanks for making this video mate… it's really stupid to live in 21st century when your live in the world that was created inside the world that is meant for us. technology is nice to discover and use but most of them use for profit… endless profit.. i hope i will not live long enough to discovered that in the future you breath you pay..

  26. A few thoughts:
    There are now so many comments to the effect of, "Buy a new printer, it's cheaper than replacement ink" that it would take longer than the average expected lifespan of a new printer to read them all.
    I really don't understand why anyone would buy a printer that uses a single cartridge for the three colour inks. One runs out, so trash them all, no matter how much is left of the other two? Sounds legit.
    Somebody (Epson, maybe) made/makes a no-cartridge printer that has refillable internal reservoirs for each of the inks, and I understand replacement ink is fairly cheap. Naturally, therefore, the printer itself is anything but!
    I really hate it when my 3D printer starts putting those white lines across everything.

  27. When my Printers Run Out of Ink ,,,,I ju$t throw away that printer and buy a new one !!! Thi$ Will $ave you more Money Folk$ 🌴😎👍

  28. i work at a company that sells "remanfactured" toner, no we dont produce toner, we get a truck full of used xerox and ricoh printers and copiers every 2 weeks and we take all the toners out, we colect powder and fill toner cartrige like 80-90 procent full and we mod the chips to say 100 procent, our boss is trying everything he can to fuck sombody over , last week he tried polishing plastic toner containers so they look like new (and failed)

  29. you mean start revolution by destroying our printer with hammer? Lol
    *just kidding
    this happened to me too, my cartridges always low on ink, so i refill my cartridges and do a software/firmware reset with my computer to restore chip ink level state, I'm using canon printer and this way is illegal Lol…..

  30. IDK my dad buys these cartridges in Manila since back then when you deliver items from Amazon US it had to go through customs and you to pay at least $70 even now. My dad doesn't have to go to a long bus rides that might last for 2 hours each goddamn ride just to get a cartridge for his office printer which took a lot of effort just to buy it back then but now this site similar to Amazon popped up here in the Ph and my dad now just gets them delivered to his office.
    But here at home we use an Epson L120 it has a refillable liquid so there's no more hassle of opening the damn printer since it's on the outside

  31. I just wait til blitz sale and buy 4 $19.99 printers and they last all year. I have never ran out of ink mine tends to dry up. Sometimes I can wash them with alcohol on a cotton ball and get them to work again but this isn't always the case.

  32. Lol, I feel your pain guys. Luckily, there are "hacked" versions of refillable ink cartridges like the Brother MFC-490CW that allows you to have a huge ink cartridges and also refill it with a humongous liter of ink.
    Just trying to help the Earth

  33. i relised this 10 years ago threw out my printer refused to buy a new one. Who needs hard copy any more any way? everything can be e-mailed now and if it cant pen and paper is cheaper by more than half

  34. i relised this 10 years ago threw out my printer refused to buy a new one. Who needs hard copy any more any way? everything can be e-mailed now and if it cant pen and paper is cheaper by more than half

  35. It's not the ink that's expensive.
    It's the micro-mechanical manufacturing that makes them expensive. The process is mostly, but not always similar to CPU manufacturing.
    But….. It's simple and once you start pumping them out, it's an easy process.

    Doesn't matter what I say, because it's all really pointless.
    Because in the end, yes.
    The ink is over-charged by a stupid margin and isn't actually that expensive to make.

  36. Should be
    1. Buy printer for 100 some dollars
    2. Use full cartridge of ink
    3. Pay 2-6 dollars for new cartridge
    4. Printer dies? Warranty for 2 years when You buy the system

  37. I changed to a laser printer years ago because I was sick of ink cartridges getting blocked …and the hours of cleaning and poor quality ..I hardly use the laser printer but it works when you need it ,and you can buy pattern toner cartridges cheap (three for £15.00 ) ..and they last a hell of a lot longer

  38. I had a HP laser all in one. 3 days after warranty ended the printer stopped working. Only 87 pages printed, 40 of which were test pages. The problem was that it had been on the shelves for a very long time, so when I bought it there were only a few months warranty left. That is another scam, they start counting the warranty period from the manufacturing date instead of the purchase date. HP told me they could guarantee 100% to fix it (duh, just resetting the damn thing) for 230 euros excluding 19% vat…. Everyone I could find with that same model had the same problem at the same time. I still have hundreds of euros worth of laser cartridges, but did not let it fix. Hoped to find out how to reset it myself, but unfortunately…

  39. Few years ago I bought a hp printer scanner for 99 bucks in Bulgarin money. Turns out that if I was to buy a new cartridges, just the black ink one would cost me 40 bucks…

  40. Laser.

    I bought a Samsung ML-1860 in feb 2012 after getting fucking upset by the cost per page of my MULTIPLE BROKEN F*****G printers and dry cartidges, runs like charm today, and samsung manages a great compatibility of the toners for their oldest printers for a budget cost.

    And the ink toner don't ages, so you can print perfectly after a year off (i tested that with refurb and used toners: plug & print)…

    I got an old used Brother laser color from my work straight from the trash in 2015, cleaned it and get refilled the toners for cheap.
    Gess what? Prints like brand new, just a little noisy for a…2009 printer.

    I don't understand why peoples continues to buy ink printers.

  41. I thought you were going to present a clever way to go around the issues you were naming… But you were not, the title is correct and yet.. so unsastified.

  42. HP 2100M.

    12 or so years old.

    Toner cartridge 85.00 US.
    Number of prints per cartridge 5000 to 20000 (I am up to about 8000)
    Number of cartridges purchased in past 8 years (time I have owned this used printer) One.

    Color printing: No (I take my color printing to *almart and use their HP Photo printers.

    I suppose if you do heavy color printing you need an inkjet color printer, but I found that the majority of my printing is just print. Black on white.

    Even with a 170.00 US rebuild about three years ago and the occational useage of *almart, I come out way ahead of the curve.

    This was my answer to expensive ink and saving the planet.
    By the way, cost of my 2100M…nothing. A friend had moved up to a faster (CPS) printer and just gave me her old one. (I have seen this model in

    thrift stores for as little as 5.00 US.

    At the rate that this one is holding up, I may end up giving it to my grand kids.
    OH, and I am not employed or sponsored by HP. Just the laser printer I ended up with.

  43. These printer companies make the tobacco guys look like friggin humanitarians. Most relatable video i have seen in a long time😂

  44. Complaining to these companies will do nothing. What's needed is a class action lawsuit, or even better, a robust Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Not to get political but this is the typical Republican capitalism business model.

  45. Costco refills ink cartridges at a fraction of the price. We have replacement chips and everything and usually it works.

  46. If an ink cartridge says it's empty but it's not, and we can prove that consistently, don't we consumers have company bankrupting class action lawsuits? Unless of course the courts and politicians are owned outright by these same companies! I think I just answered my own question.

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