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Welcome to Georgia Tech’s information and communication
technology (ICT) accessibility course. Designing an information and communication technology
environment for individuals
with disabilities can be challenging. This course is designed
to provide the strategies and resources to help you address
accessibility challenges. In 2006, when the United Nations
adopted the Convention on the Rights
of Persons with Disabilities the global initiative
to promote, protect, and ensure full human rights for all persons
with disabilities, it not only acknowledged
the importance of the cause, but also took vital steps to
address this worldwide issue. With an estimated $3.5 trillion spent in the United States
on IT annually, integrating accessibility becomes a puzzling and
overwhelming global concern for corporations,
governments, and nonprofits. As costs continue to grow, accessibility becomes
a necessary goal requiring both expediency
and efficiency. Join our seven instructors and hear from international ICT
accessibility professionals and individuals
with disabilities sharing real life experiences in this Georgia Tech
six-week course. We have identified a number
of the general obstacles organizations face with regards
to electronic accessibility. This introduction course
does not offer a holistic curriculum
of the ICT field. However, this course does
provide a foundation and resources for employees
and others to address practical daily
questions in core topic areas such as information, communication,
and technology accessibility; principles of ICT accessibility
design; assistive technology; accessible documents
and accessible multimedia; Web accessibility evaluation
and design; [and] ICT accessibility
operations. This is the Georgia Institute
of Technology, where science and technology
merge to foster
a deeply-held commitment to improving
the human condition. Georgia Tech is pleased to offer
this online course on information and communication
technology accessibility. My name is Christopher Lee, Director of AMAC Accessibility
Solutions and Research Center, here at Georgia Tech, and I will
be one of your instructors. In this course we will also be
exploring emerging questions related to our core
instructional topics, such as: How vital is incorporating ICT
accessibility into your organization? What is digital content
accessibility and what are the first steps in
ensuring you are compliant? Who in your organization needs
to be involved in the ICT accessibility
roadmap? What resources are required? Who is responsible for information communication
technology accessibility in your organization? How does accessibility benefit
your employees and customers? Join us as we explore
how to extend the benefits of global growth for information and
communication technology to individuals with disabilities
across the world. I look forward to seeing you
in this course.

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