Incredible New Inventions that are gonna Make You Go Wild! ►2

do you remember those floating
interactive screens that science fiction has talked about for years
well that isn’t fiction anymore moves by a dream about renewing screens engineers
designers and expert programmers have worked hard for years the result this
weic weick is a smart device based on Android that
integrates an interactive projector in a free space which means the screen is
generated in an empty space without the need of a solid medium to create the
projection in the air Y generates a curtain of water particles invisible to
the human eye but capable of retaining light projected from the back thanks to
its infrared sensors you can interact directly with the images created in the
air since it’s based on Android you’ll be able to download apps connect via
bluetooth and Wi-Fi you have surely imagine all the possibilities that Y
could offer like a polo column modelling through the designs directly into the
air or developing your own interactive apps you may as well be thinking how would a
trading card game displaying your monsters in the air be anyway there are
as many possibilities as you could imagine are you ready to be part of the
scream revolution

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