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  1. I don't mind the long form content on here but please don't mix it with Dailyvee. Short and to the point Dailyvee's are the best

  2. This was awesome. Took me 3 sittings to go through but had so much good and interesting content in it that is unbelievable. I like how you turned things around and make your keynote and Q&A mostly, just based on the feeling from the audience. And that it works! It just shows that thinking outside the box, fuck – outside the planet, somewhere out in the universe matters and can bring greater value. Just do what you feel comfortable doing. I just need to give myself permission to do that more often and not be crippled by fear of having a shit idea and failing. Love you dude. Peace! #garyvee

  3. The biggest thing I took away from this is not dwelling on something and just listen to your intuition and do what feels right to you.

  4. My biggest takeaway: There is a big difference between winning and rooting for winners. Furthermore, believing in myself enough to strike out on my own to try and get my first win. I just spent my first $500 to develop my first product to sell! A good idea into a great product!
    I, too, can not spell @garyvee

  5. the lady at 1:35:40 is the worst of this whole video lol. "Lik3 HelPINgg entrPenEURs is S0o eAzyY!" annoying ass. She's gonna fail, $5 on it.

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  7. Two channels makes it harder to find, becouse if I like both long keynotes and dailyvee I have to check both channels and probability of not noticing something is quite big. If someone likes only dailyvee than one channel is definitely better

  8. Hey Gary! Let me know your thoughts here. This video of yours that Iโ€™ve watched hundreds of time ..ha inspired this: #Content

  9. Gary Vee mentions that "we" should all start our own Watch page. Does anyone know if the capabilities are even there within the FB Watch platform?

  10. I was shocked u guys went with 2 separate channels. I would keep it just one and upload them appropriately this way its easier to acces vs two sep channels

  11. Biggest takeaway was about being thoughtful and careful while doing research, but then being binary as fuck when it comes to action. "Macro patience, micro frantic"

  12. Really insightful points. After listening to that Keynote, I am really inspired to just just be myself. Nobody else does me, better than I do!

  13. Hello from Argentina, you are totally right with the podcast audios, I am listening to you while I make architectural plans for college, you are also right talking about how people are limited by the opinions of the closest, it happens to me.

  14. loved the whole keynote but i did love at keep doing things every day because that will win in the end not the quick fix
    awesome big love from Newcastle England

  15. To answer your question at the end, the part where you talk about haters, and how you have empathy towards them and how you deploy gratitude that you're not them really stuck with me. That's an excellent way to think about it.
    I don't comment often but I'm glad that I'm following you, because you have a lot of wisdom that I don't really get from others. Aside from your business knowledge; your perception and philosophy on life and people is at a level that I someday I hope to reach.
    Thanks my man!

  16. Biggest take-away? Be patient, eat shit, and execute against the 5 year plan. That, and work your frickkin' face off. Thanks GV.

  17. I truly prefer you collecting all your videos on one channel, Gary. It's just easier. Less work. Less going from one account to another one. Easier = better.

  18. love the keynotes. Always engaging and different as per the audience. As a generalist businessman (non-industry specific consultant / investor and capital raiser) it's great to see different perspectives on essentially the same thing. Q&A is always EPIC. Love it. AND, as an aspiring speaker it's always good to hear you. (not my style but learn loads).

  19. 800 Employees #garyvee have you looked at my motivational maps pitch yet? Spend less time on HR, retain and reward better.

  20. @garyvee love having this kind of content on your channel especially since I've been saving money to funnel into my business and couldn't afford tickets. Love from Boise, Idaho!!

  21. Gary, I love it! I have bought all of your books, still in the process of finishing them but I love what you do. As I'm still unsure of which direction I want to go I'm just soaking it all in for now and documenting along the way.. Hoping by the end of this year to find the one thing I want to go all in on. Keep up the work! I love watching / listening to your talks.

  22. #Qotd Well I loved the idea on teachers… I have a teacher friend, and I'm gonna suggest that idea to him. Personally the take on having known a good business and then other businesses and comparing and the difference in motivation depending it being a 7 instead of a 9, witch then goes back to being kinda romantic and wanting to learn more on a subject, rather than really growing it to a 9.

  23. I love seeing the keynotes because they are so informative and thought provoking. I like seeing them no matter where they are.

  24. Hi Gary, Eli Azulay English Master Israel…. thank you for this video i want to open a gary vee channel with Hebrew subtitles translation to get your message out to all here in israel. Got your green light? I will send this message until i get a feedback thanks you change my life daily. Exposed.

  25. It's funny Gary is right. I've been finding myself just playing YouTube videos and using them as audio when I'm working. I really don't watch it as much. I guess that thing that keeps me on youtube as oppose to podcast is that if I hear something that struck a spark in my mind or gave me some crazy insight I can replay it and watch it. This is probably an idea out there already where you're listening to something and say hey Alexa pull up the video to so and so episode of the podcast. It saves us time from not watching an entire video that doesn't 100% resonate with us but gives us a choice. Just random thoughts

  26. i like having one place where i can access all the garyvee content in one place. its not like youre telling me a different message short form, long form whatever. its the same wine in a different cup ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. How can anyone click dislike on this? It waas fantabulistic. There was just so much greatness, to pick one, hmmm. The oysters

  28. I want a place I can find the content chronologically and I prefer one channel for the full keynotes and ANOTHER CHANNEL for the excerpts

  29. 47:53 Do what you want to do today! Waking up and being able to do whatever you want to do is incredible!

  30. My takeaway "I'm an advocate on doing what you want to do, NOT because I said so or your friend said so." And "I always encourage to taste more, because it works". It just takes the pressure of living up to someone else's expectations right off, and puts the ball back in my court to go!

  31. Listen People, This man talking on stage, is a fucking institute in itself. Follow him and try to understand what he is trying to preach.

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  33. Everything is all great and all but that interrupter attitude(all speakers who are money sharks.. jordan belford,grant cardone,trump)is learned to have a leader/agressive attitude and all that cussing,fast talking…ugh..been there done that. YOU can still be a star among comets/asteroids shining..But Shine to long,without taking the time to dim,youll burn out. Be like a comet,constantly moving,captivating others, and making your worth and time available every so often .

  34. I am a creator music video etc and my take away from that video was that my talents and 700+ songs i have written should be in your portfolio and we should change the world one note at a time listen to my soul expressions and drop some feedback YOU ROCK MY FRIEND!!! STAY POSITIVE

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  36. When did you start your Daily Briefing on Alexa? I knew nothing about it till you mentioned it in the videoโ€”get the word out! (And yes, I already added it. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ) #AskGaryVee

  37. So many:
    1. When a market is saturated, Brian, don't get mad (or whine) just be better.
    2. Develop, use and trust your instincts. It could be right.
    3. It's better to do one out of seven ideas than zero out of zero
    4. Maybe there is something in self promotion and as awkward as it feels for me right now, I could get better at it, if I keep it up.

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