Inateck’s external hard drive dock

What is sweater friends? Life at it’s fullest. Pure, unbridled joy. The ultimate in extreme happiness. Back, way back when TechCrunch was still an independent site, there was a hardware
site called CrunchGear that we all worked for. We did a 30 minute podcast every week and I would cut up the
best couple of minutes from that podcast. We’d take the audio, we’d send it to an animator down in Dallas named Braden Walker, the single greatest animator in the history of American animation, who would send it back. Each of us were some sort of animal, like I was a moose – Doug Aamoth here in Boston. – John was a horse. – John Biggs in New York. – Howdy, howdy. – Devin Coldaway in Seattle. – Devin was a kangaroo. – Yoohoo. – And uh, we’ve got kind
of a light crew this week, so we won’t be doing all of
our talking over each other which we’re so known for. – We can still try. – Where’s Brian? Where’s Brian the animal– – Oh, there we go. (wand chiming) – But it all went south because the video service we
hosted it on went under and none of us got a chance to grab all the episodes, so it all started not too long ago with a single e-mail. March 3, 2015, Matt Burns says, “So, who has an episode
or two on a hard drive? Blip killed all of them.” Nicholas doesn’t have them. Doug, that’s me, says, “I might have them on an
old hard drive somewhere. I’ll see if I can track them down.” But I never tracked them down. Look at all these hard drives. I can’t just be plugging them
in and out and in and out. So, today we’re going to test the Inateck Hard Drive Dock
for Serial ATA hard drives. It’ll take a three-and-a-half-inch disk and a two-and-a-half-inch disk. We’re going to resurrect Sweater Friends! Devin actually managed
to find six episodes but there are 14. Where are the other eight? (dramatic music) My documents… It’s not looking good guys. It’s not looking good. (dramatic music) Strike two. I don’t remember using an Acer for my primary computer. This drive is dead dammit. Dead. That second Seagate died too. Nope. It’s not even my drive. It’s my dad’s from a million years ago. This is the opposite of Sweater Friends. It’s not life at its fullest. It’s life at its emptiest. (dramatic music) The white whale. Been a long road but we made it. What? It’s just the audio. Who’s the… Oh. Right. Braden would upload them directly to Blip. We gave him the login to the account. I never actually touched the video files. or downloaded them. Huh. Oh well. That’s a shame. This hard drive dock is really great! I mean, if you have a bunch
of hard drives to go through for 23 bucks, a bunch of
Serial ATA hard drives, pop them in, pop them out. Let’s keep the real
focus here on the review. (sad music) – I found out that John’s kid who’s two years old speaks fluent Polish. So, I woke up to him, he was like (imitates child’s voice) Twelve little monkeys jumping on the bed, And then John’s wife walks by the room and he’s like (speaks in Polish)

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