I’m Worried About the Google Pixel 4 XL….

Hey, friends Brandon here. I’m… I’m a
bit worried about the Google Pixel 4. There are some things I’ve seen
they’re really concerning for me but there’s definitely a lot of great things
that we know of and that is still coming our way for the Google Pixel
4 XL, but I’m still scared. On the plus side at least Google is listening.
And if you want to know what I mean by that stay to the end to hear
more about that and how you can give feedback to Google can potentially impact what
they do with a Google pixel. Let’s talk about because
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I’d really appreciate it. Now before we talk about the stuff
I’m worried about. It’s good to talk about all the great things are coming
on October 15th from Google because there are many. If you didn’t know
if the google pixel 4 is the most leaked phone in history so far and even surpasses
the Google pixel 3 there are even multiple reviews out for prerelease
devices and software which is insane. I was even the source of a leak in
my previous google pixel 4 video which can check out up here. Every time I’d get a
list of things to ask my sources, a leak would come out before they got back to me
with the answers to those questions and you can even buy
a prerelease unit. Come on… Recently 9to5Google hit us hard with
a ton of exclusive links with an assist from xda-developers. So let’s go over
all of them and my thoughts. For years the pixel hasn’t had a native
robust voice recorder. This all seems to be changing with a google pixel
4 and the new Google recorder app. While this could seem like a pretty boring
app that is on every other phone out there, Google went the extra mile in the most
Google-ly way. Not only can the app record audio but it can transcribe
speech live. You can see it working live right now. What’s even more amazing
is that you can search all your voice memos after the fact for a word
or phrase you know pull up all the results and highlight the portion of
the audio file that the word or phrase is said. Isn’t that insane. Google is legit.
So this is huge for journalists students and those who go to meetings and conferences.
The best part is that everything is stored and processed on your
phone. Incredible. You can download it now from APK camera which is completely
safe and run by Artem at Android Police. Now, I think most of us can
admit that Google is definitely leading the smart assistant race. I actually made
a joke about it on Twitter which by the way if you’re not following
on Twitter you should follow me @thisistechtoday. Anyways, there’s a new Google assistant coming.
Beyond an anesthetic refresh that adds more color to it and shrinks how much room
the assistant takes up on your screen and how much storage it takes up on
your device, we have the benefit of continued conversation. This allows you to initiate the assistant
and ask questions or give it a command and you can continue
to string together questions or commands one after the other without having
to activate the assistant again. The new assistant is said to have nearly
zero latency in transcribe your voice live, just like on the Google recorder app.
If this tweet from Google back in May is any indication of
what we’ll see with the Google assistant, it’s going to be insanely fast and powerful.
Even more impressive is the Google assistants contextual awareness. If you’re in
an app like the messaging app and someone asks you a question
you can ask the assistant for that information like flight information as this
video shows and then ask the assistant to text that information. It’ll text it to the correct person
because it remembers who you were talking to you. This is a
seamless conversational type of multitasking there’s honestly similar to how you’d ask an
actual personal assistant for information but even faster. Another feature that we know about
is quite incredible because you can interact with an app like the photos
app and then filter through your images based upon parameters that you give
like the date the photos are taken and what the photos themselves contain.
On top of that you can ask the assistant to send the image that you
have chosen to someone of your choice. Overall I have a feeling we may see
more than just this but even if we don’t the improvements we’re seeing
here are significant and really cool. Aesthetically we have a new set of
wallpapers available to download from the google pixel 4. Google has a history
of really cool and unique wallpapers. You can check them out with the link
in the description. Along with the wallpapers is a new customization tool
called Pixel themes. This allows you to change the amount of apps shown
on your grid like Samsung has done for a while. Use different clock designs
on the lock screen and change the system icon colors and fonts based
upon a set of options available. While I do like having choice, I can’t
help but think that some of the options are a bit tacky. At
least there’s no ugly handwriting font option like on that one company from Korea
that I won’t be…won’t say or mention otherwise I’ll get flamed
for in the comments Now one of the features I’m most interested
in the Google Pixel for is project Soli or motion sense on the
surface it looks a lot like what we’ve seen an early Samsung devices or recently
in the LG G8. And I understand why some of you have come to
this conclusion. The gestures we know about are pretty basic but I promise you
project soli is more advanced and capable than what we’re seeing more on that
in a moment. Recently 9to5Google and XDA-developers were able to find marketing
and training guides of motion gestures and action showing how you
can dismiss an alarm or even a call simply by waving your hand over your phone.
There’s also an option to skip tracks with gestures. One feature that has been shown in
these videos is the reach of check phone. This is something that I leaked in
a previous video showing the settings for motion sense. This is an option
to simply hover your hand over your phone to show you the time, notifications,
and other info when you’re nearby. Now, this may seem a bit like a gimmick.
There’s even a Pokemon game that uses silly gestures to play so I understand
that perspective. But I believe that this would be really helpful when
you’re driving and want to navigate without being distracted. Like not
tapping on the phone. It’s also helpful when you’re cooking and
can’t touch your phone. Still it’s nothing fantastical but
I’m still excited about it. I’ve covered project soli quite a bit. I’ve covered
the development of it and the more extensive capabilities of it beyond what we’ve
seen. So far it is capable of way more than what we’re seeing
here which is the low hanging fruit so to speak. Project soli as a technology
is able to recognize more minute gestures as well as the composition of what
is in front of it. You can find out more about these mindblowing
advance capabilities by watching a video about it up here. I honestly
think project soli and motion since has the potential to revitalize the
smartphone market and expand the way that we interact with our devices as
a technology and implementation of it matures in the usual Google fashion.
I wouldn’t be surprised if we gain more gestures after the
pixel 4 comes out. We may have to look at it kind of like
the Galaxy fold, the micro and the macro. He can review the device itself which
is the micro and what it currently offers and then review on the macro
and what it means for the industry in the direction where we’re heading
in terms of technology. It may be possible that on the micro, device level it’s
just okay but it may be a huge thing for the advancement of technology
and the possibilities it opens up to us and our future. Nuance doesn’t
that describe a big part of my channel? Since project soli can recognize what
is in front of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a necessary
and significant component for the Google pixel four’s face unlock. Face unlock
is replacing the fingerprint scanner and the google pixel four will not
have an in display fingerprint reader instead face unlock uses a multitude
of sensors to use your face as the biometric key. Now I love face unlike
on the iPhone when it works as it should, it creates a seamless experience as if
you didn’t have a password or lock at all which is what makes it amazing.
In this video you can see that you can simply pick up your phone and it
unlocks your phone as if your screen was already on the
moment you picked it up. While I’m not certain how face and
lock is implemented for other apps and the pixelfour I know that my experience
on the iPhone when opening a bank app for instance is the equivalent
just having an app icon and loading into the main screen from the get go.
It’s as if I didn’t have a password to begin with. I just clicked it
and opened. This is even faster and more seamless than a fingerprint scanner. Now you
may be concerned without buying things. Well a leak from XDA developers may
be able to ease your fears. Much like on the iPhone when you go to buy something.
Once you hit pay it scans your face but requires an additional confirmation
before actually goes through. On the iPhone you have to double click
the power button. I imagine Google chose this option to make the double
click on the power button available to launch your camera. I have been
wanting a robust face unlock option for a long time so
I’m glad it’s finally happening. Now let’s talk about the cameras and
we’ll talk about it again later on. The Google pixel has quite a reputation
for having an incredible photo camera and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing
down anytime soon. XDA’s leak of the google pixel 4’s tips app is
a great outline for all the new features coming to the camera. Let’s check those
out and elaborate a bit more on those with some leaks from 9to5Google First we can see what seems to
be an improved night sight compared to the version we’ve seen on the pixel 3.
It seems expose the image a bit better and retain a vibrant and realistic
color production than before. While it’s hard to tell without testing it
in person it does seem like there might be a little bit more detail than
before which is great. While night sight is amazing and I love it when
you start looking at it closer, it does seem a bit mushy and noisy so
an improvement here is a good thing. To go along with that is Astrophotography.
I actually learned about this during Sony camera camp recently and was able
to take this timelapse. This is really cool to me. It will require a tripod, which you
would need for a fancy camera anyways. But these sample images of the Milky
Way come from a smartphone. That’s nuts. When I was learning how to do this
with a fancy camera we had to get all of our settings just right and do a
bunch of crazy math, but with the Google pixel Four you just put on a tripod
and click a button and it figures it out for you. How nuts is that.
Much like Apple’s new iteration of their camera app you can simply hold down
on the shutter button and start a video. You can even slide up on the thumbnail
of the picture you just took, and share to your predefined social media platforms,
which is super convenient. Here are some other great photos that
we can look much like the oneplus 7T that was just announced with that
super cool macro mode. It looks like the pixel may have that too. How it
works exactly, ‘m not so sure but I’m all for macro shots. This photo here
may be an action shot photo that allows you to capture a fast moving object
without it being an awfully blurry mess. Here are some portrait mode shots that
look really great but still struggle with the hair just like everyone else,
to be honest. However, this shot of a dog looks great. The blur from
the portrait mode just rolls off naturally like a traditional camera and in a
similar way to how the iPhone tries to process their bokeh,
or the blurry roll off. This is likely improved because of the telephoto
camera on the pixel four. Now here is the part that is the most exciting
to me because it’s a significant advancement and demonstration of the
Pixel fours processing power: dual exposure camera controls. In this promotional
video obtained if we can see that you can look at the
live view through your camera and adjust the highlights and shadows in real time.
In a way you’re determining the HDR effect on your own. This can allow
for really detailed shot or more dramatic silhouette shots that you manually control.
I love being able to control camera settings manually, so
this is huge. And don’t miss this. The fact that
it’s processing this in real time is also a big deal since most of Google’s
photo quality is the result of post-processing. Hence why it takes like a second or
two after you take a picture for the software to kick in and make it
look great. It doesn’t usually show you in the live view like
it does on the iPhone. So we can see in usual fashion,
Google leans hard on software, artificial intelligence, and search for all the
major improvements and features coming to the pixel four. It’s a thing that
stands out in the sea of rectangle screens that are narrowly almost all
the same if we’re being honest. The hardware has matured overall. As I said many times software is the
new game and Google is far ahead of everyone in this area. The real question
is whether or not that’s enough to make a difference for Google
this year. We’ve talked about the good. We now have to talk about
the bad and what I’m worried about. Before we do that we have to
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“techtoday” to get the best deal. Now it’s time to talk about the bad
and there’s a big reason why I’m scared for the pixel four. And it’s this phone
right here. Yes this is the Apple iPhone 11 pro. It gets a lot
of things right, specially with the quality of life improvements. Let me explain
by talking about more the leaks starting with the specs. They’re not entirely bad,
but many people have seen the specs of the Pixel 4
and they’ve dismissed it already. While Google leans on software A.I.
in search over specs alone it does have an impact on the more
tech conscious and their buying decision. So Google has an issue when you compared
to phones from Samsung or oneplus. Even within the context of the iPhone,
there are issues as well but we’ll touch on that in a moment. In another leak from 9to5 Google we
can see that the rumors are true. The pixel four will have a five point seven
inch full HD screen with a 2800 mAh battery and the pixel four XL will
have a six point three inch Quad HD screen with a 3700 mAh battery.
For context the pixel 4 has a smaller battery than last year’s model and
the pixel 4 XL has a slightly larger battery than last year’s XL model. This is odd and a concern because both
devices have a higher refresh 90 Hertz OLED true tone screen
which will inevitably use more battery. My pixel 3 XL does not
have good battery compared to other phones. That’s not good and Apple is going completely
against a trend in an area that you could say they started and they
made some of their phones thicker to accommodate and bigger better across
all their phones resulting in hours more of battery life. Google on the
other hand adds a feature that I really do want but it doesn’t even accommodate
with more robust battery to support it, well. Unless they have some crazy
improved machine learning to make the battery last longer I’m worried,
and based on my comments many of you are too. It also starts at 64 gigabytes,
just like the iPhone which is just ridiculous. At least Google Photos is already installed
to help alleviate the amount of storage your photos and videos take
out but it should really start 128 gigabytes compared to other phones
out right now running Android. The pixel four only has 6 gigabytes of RAM compared
to the 8 or more gigabytes of RAM that you can find on something
like a one plus device or Samsung device. While I think this may be sufficient
enough to avoid the RAM issues that we found on the pixel 3 we have to
admit that 8 gigabytes Ram would be really nice, just in case
and to future proof. Sufficient isn’t enough, and Google
has proven to be incapable of optimizing if their own software with their own hardware.
Apple is able to do this well, which allows the to get away
with less Ram. Google also continues use the normal version of Qualcomm’s
Snapdragon processors instead of the plus models that are made available
for the latter part of the year. While I don’t anticipate that
there’s actually a dramatic difference between the two models, it would be nice to
have a more recent iteration of the Snapdragon 855 chip. But we at least
have the new pixel Neural Core which is likely the thing powering a lot
of the amazing features that we have seen like live transcribe, continue conversation,
and the dual exposure controls. The fact that we’re seeing Google continue
to push into their own custom chips is a very good sign and I hope
they continue to invest in it heavily. It took Apple many years to get to
the point where they are now where they can make their own custom silicon which
is way ahead of the competition and it would be to the benefit Google
to work toward that same goal. To make matters worse Google has succumbed
to the trend of putting a bottom firing speaker on the phone and serve
the dual facing speakers like on the pixel 3 XL. While the pixel 3A
actually has a better speaker than pixel 3 despite its speaker orientation,
I still do not like this trend. You can find out about all the science
of audio and why this arrangement is extremely weird and gives you a
subpar experience, you can check out my video on smartphones speakers here Cameras part two. There are some really
concerning things I’m seeing with the camera. The google pixel four adds
a telephoto camera this year while other phones add an ultra wide camera
on their phones. Personally, I prefer the ultra wide over the telephoto but
they’re probably adding the telephoto first to help with depth data.
But this isn’t the biggest reason why I’m worried about the pixel 4. While we
have some solid improvements with the camera this year the jump from the
pixel two and the pixel 3 wasn’t dramatic beyond a few standard
options like night sight. In many ways I’m concerned that this
is also the case this year as I don’t realistically see a dramatic improvement
to the camera like we’ve seen between the iPhone XS and the iPhone eleven.
This is a huge jump forward. When we zoom in on a lot of
the photos that leaked out we actually see that the pixel is having a lot
of issues with smearing and blurriness and back or front focusing where the thing
is behind or in front of the face are in focus rather than the face.
On top of that the reviews and comparisons are coming out and the iPhone
is producing some incredible photos they look less noisy, more natural, and more detailed
than a pixel 3 by a long shot. I mean look at these images
that Quinn posts on Twitter recently. This is nuts. Yeah. The one
that looks the best is the iPhone The most disappointing thing for the
pixel is video. Many people see the pixel camera is amazing and it is for photos.
Video on the other hand is lacking. It doesn’t even let you record in 24
frames per second in the stock app which is terrible for content creators.
The iPhone has taken an incredible leap forward with their video this
year making it incredibly powerful, capable, and useful. The fact that you can record
from all of the cameras on the device at once including the front-facing
camera and use all that for you to splice together an idea of like
a VLOG or something else is nuts. Many people have asked me if I think
Google improved video this year and I would say I wouldn’t be surprised
if there are some improvements but catching up to the competition is not
something I see happening. I expect minor improvements. If we are hoping
for quality that lives up to that of their photos I don’t think it’s
going to happen. Pixel images are post-processing and require a delay before he can see
the final image. If it takes that long to get one photo or frame
to look that good, can you imagine trying to process 24 or 30 of those images
in frames per second? I don’t think this is realistic. Only thing giving
me hope is the dual exposure control and how that is processing
in the live view. Maybe the neural core is more capable
than I’m expecting but we’ll have to see. I can’t believe I’m saying
this but I’m not entirely sure if the pixel 4 will have a leap forward enough
to beat the iPhone 11 Pro. The next area of concern is pricing.
Google has traditionally tried to price our phones in similar ways to
the iPhone. Google is trying to make the pixel the iPhone of androids but
the reality is that they haven’t earned the reputation that matches the price
of iPhone. Their build quality isn’t even comparable. Now this next part is very important
for you to listen to. I was told that Google is indeed listening to
the conversations that people are having on social media about the
pricing for the Google pixel four. Now I don’t know if that means that
the price isn’t locked in yet and it may change. It does seem like it’s
a possibility if they’re actively paying attention. Because of that, that means
you may have an influence on the pricing of the Pixel four. So let me
go over some of the pricing ideas I havea nd the reason for them while
you leave a comment below telling Google what you want the pixel for
price tag. I’ll send it to Google to check out and, heck tweet at them with
this video and what you think the pixel four price should be priced at. Now all this came up because I recently
tweeted out a wishful pricing scheme for the pixel for amongst the current
lineup including the pixel 3 and 3A. If they price the pixel four it’s $699
in the pixel four XL at $799. That would be a reduction in cost
by 100 dollars from last year’s launch price and that would prove to be
really compelling and a strategic price point. But realistically though I think it’ll
start at $749 and $849. Will this help a sales though. I’m not sure if
it’s enough to move units like the pixel 3A which has what I like
to call an incredible delight to dollar ratio. The pixel 3A has incredible features
and a good experience at an unbelievable price. On the plus side I know that the pixel
four will be available on all major carriers in the U.S. so
that will help with sales. But if Google really wanted to
be extremely strategic they’d undercut the iPhone eleven and price it at $649
and $749. Google absolutely needs to be aggressive to gain market share
now and giving everyone an incredible delight to dollar ratio is what worked
on their budget tier and can work on their higher tier. Sundar Pichai even said on the earnings
call that they’re not succeeding in the high price premium tier but
they’re pixel sales doubled with the pixel 3A. You may think that I’m crazy
to suggest that price but Google doesn’t necessarily have to rely on
as much profit per device because they’re ultimately a services company. They make money from you
using Android and other Google services. They could either break even or take a small
loss on the hardware and make it up on software and services and then
in turn get a larger market adoption. I honestly bet that this is one of
the reasons why Apple was able to launch the iPhone 1 at $699 down from $749
from the year prior to trying to get as many phones in people’s hands and
in turn they’ll use the lucrative software and services which has already
replaced the declining iPhone revenue that so many investors were worried about.
When you add in the year of Apple TV plus for free and you have
a huge subscriber base that will likely pay for it after
the trial ends… that’s money Google has its work cut out
for them. If they don’t execute properly, if they don’t boldly release this phone
confidently and strategically, I don’t know if they’ll make a dent in
the market, and that makes me worried. If we’re honest Google isn’t the best
executing well. But what do you think? Are you concerned about the Google
Pixel 4? Do you think you’ll have enough to keep ahead of Apple in terms of
its camera? What price point do you think will easily compel you to buy?
Google’s listening you know so make it known in the comments and let’s see if
we can get a well priced pixel four. Also, make sure to check out this video a
sponsor SurfShark VPN by going the surfshark. deals/techtoday use promo code TECHTODAY to get 83
percent off their service in one month free. And don’t forget that they also have
a 30 day money back guarantee. So give it a shot
to help support the channel. Thanks for watching this is tech today
where we talked about the intersection of technology and our everyday lives in business
and all things creative. Until nest time.

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    🚨QOTD: Are you worried about the Google Pixel 4? Do you think it can keep up with the dramatic leap forward we see with the Apple iPhone 11 Pro's camera? Do you think they'll screw up the pricing? Do you think they'll be able to execute this release properly this time? Let me know!

  2. If they have any chance they must play the game like Apple is playing it and drop the price. They need to get more Google Pixels in people's hands. They absolutely must price these well or people will pass this up every single time for the new iPhone or Samsung. They can't charge a premium price when they haven't even been established as a premium brand.

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    I suppose I'll just stick with my refurbed pixel 2 lol with a Nexus 5X as a backup.

    Google has the capability to blow the iPhone out of the water, they just need to invest the time and money into a device to make it worthwhile. Until then they'll have to captivate just a minor group of people each year till they build even a tiny regular user base. The smartphone Market is saturated anyway. I'm not sure where the pixel line is going but I can breathe easy knowing that Galaxy phones aren't the only good hardware option.

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  16. Very well researched video, this perfectly sums up all the leaks + a few thoughts about it.

    I really wanted to get the smaller one this time, my 2XL really is kinda big for my rather small hands. But that battery is wayy too small!

  17. Dear Google please listen to Indian customers as well.Last year Pixel 3 was launched at ₹71,000 for base model and here are other prices(Pixel 3 128 GB ₹80,000, Pixel 3 XL 64 GB ₹83,000 and Pixel 3 XL 128 GB ₹92,000).After 8 months of launch they reduced it to ₹49,999 for Pixel 3 64 GB,₹58,999 for Pixel 3 128 GB,₹54,999 for Pixel 3 XL 64 GB and ₹65,999 for 128 GB model. Now it"s festive season in India (Dussehra,Deepavali) prices dropped to ₹42,999(Pixel 3 64 GB),₹45,999(Pixel 3 128 GB),₹47,999(Pixel 3 XL 64 GB)(No offer for 128 GB model it retails at ₹65,999).See Google you had to reduce prices to boost sales(That is what is happening to some extent) but this time at least launch Pixel 4 starting from ₹54,999 and cap it at maximum of ₹65,999.This way you can compete with iPhone 11 which is out of stock in Flipkart and Amazon and is priced at starting from ₹64,900. Google should bank on budget pixel as well.Pixel 3a has very high delight to dollar ratio but poor delight to rupee ratio. It was priced ridiculously at ₹39,999(XL at ₹44,999).Now in festive season they reduced it to ₹29,999(XL at ₹34,999).Please launch pixel 4 at good price and make use of upcoming deepavali festival (27th October 2019).Give us india specific features like Triple slot etc and good price for next budget model.And increase battery capacities in Pixel 4 (4000 mAh minimum for Pixel 4 ,Pixel 4 XL 4500mAh).All the best Google plaese make you use of upcoming Deepavali(Diwali) sales and make a good start of increasing market share in India.

  18. This is the most on point video I've ever seen. Loved it. Pixel is one the most closest to a complete phone, but their some decisions like going with 64gb less ram and sky touching prices are out of my mind. They will launch pixel in India at 70 75k and after few month it will drop by 10 15k. This makes consumer feel cheated. I hope they price their product at a sensible price and keep stuck to it. It's better that more and more people can get pixel experience so that later when pixel increase its price, people can rely their trust on. I hope they listen.

  19. If Google wants to charge a premium, they need the premium design and build quality, simple as that. If you walk into a store and see an iPhone next to a new Pixel device and the price is the same, the best looking and feeling one will win with most consumers. I haven't seen them demonstrate the ability to design a premium phone that looks and feels premium, so Google MUST be price competitive or even undercut the iPhone. Especially with how frumpy looking the pixel 4 is, and how underwhelming it probably will be.

  20. I installed the google recorder app and it works quite well. If you want to make good use of the transcript function then you should sit close to the source. It really works.

    So pricewise and taken all of your good and bad points with it I would say:

    600 for the 4 and around 700 for the 4 XL. Base models that is.

  21. I'm an avid Google fan. I love their approach with Software over Hardware… In the early days. Lately, this approach is seeming like they are trying to cut corners instead of making a competitive device. I'm really concerned about the battery life on the new Pixel. This year is essential for the pixel device to gain market share. Pricing in the premium market is not a wise approach since Google is not offering a premium build quality. To be honest, this tech giant needs to recognize that they need to take a loss on the P4 device in order to gain market shares in a very saturated market. Gimmicks will not win this time…

  22. I have a Pixel 3A XL and I love it. Even though it only has a SD 642, it's incredibly quick and has a great screen and camera.

    Because I only paid $399 for my current phone, there is no way I am spending even $700 on a phone. So I will wait for the Pixel 4A.

  23. Dear Google their is a lot of demand of Pixel flashing phones but the pricing is always disappointing so please launch Pixel4 and Pixel4XL at good price please it's a humble request to you

  24. Pixel 4 $649
    Pixel 4xl $799

    If they really want to compete against Apple that's the price range they need to go for. Especially considering you get higher than that you're in Samsung territory with the carriers already push like crazy

  25. The thing is . They don't really care about phones. They don't really care about building phones. No matter what you talk its Google. they don't care about smartphones

  26. I currently have a OnePlus phone, and it's the best user experience since my Nexus 6. I think I would be willing to switch to Pixel if the XL comes out at $750. It does have a good camera, but all other specs are beat by many other manufacturers. If it comes out at $900, like I've heard, then I'll just stick with OnePlus.

  27. Thank you for making this video. Maybe they will hear you and hopefully try to change their minds in that stupid price tag for a 2800mAh 64gb phone.

  28. With the amount of money and tech Google has at it's disposal they just really aren't innovating enough. I have a 2XL and honestly I'll probably be keeping it for awhile as the 3 was underwhelming and had a ton of issues. The 4 isn't shaping up to be any better. Google has tech to turn the screen into the speakers. Why are they not using it? It would allow for better waterproofing and pretty much eliminate bezels. And only 6gb of RAM c'mon the 3 had 4 and was sluggish. From a design standpoint I personally hate camera bumps. I'd gladly take I slightly thicker phone to eliminate that. That's something essential did a great job at. The Essential was easily the best looking and feeling phone ever made. Google just seems to be copying too much from Apple and OnePlus for me to be excited about their phones at this point. The battery life on the 4 is also bothersome. Running a 90hz screen is going to drain it very fast. Don't really understand why companies don't give you the biggest battery possible. Guess I'll be rocking my 2XL for another year. Hopefully Google can do something groundbreaking with the 5 if it comes out. Meanwhile I'll be hoping for a new Essential device or switch to OnePlus. Only thing that really keeps me on the pixel train is the photo storage.

  29. I agree with your pricing scheme. It's gotta be very aggressive and start or even undercut the iPhone 11 price.

  30. Sorry but i stopped watching the video when your comparing a currently available device and then comparing that with last years pixel, double standards, you nor me know what the 4xl is going to be like, stop scare mongering, your comparing uploaded images that have been compressed lol, wait for the real thing, I'll still get it no matter what.

  31. With a maximum of 128GB onboard and no micro SD card support, the only way I would use this phone is if it was gifted to me, and that's still debatable.

  32. The worst part I think this device will come with SD 855 when there is about 2 months for the release of SD 865. It kind of feels like it already aged. Also those batteries sound like joke. IMHO, they should have waited few more months to update the chipset and improve the battery. Then they could have released it as one of the first flagships that has the most recent chipset and decent battery.

  33. I tried some of the new Google assistant features in my android one phone, and it do the same shown in the videos, I'm not sure if that features are really new or innovatives.

  34. I agree with the price! The rumored prices are definitely too high for what we've heard about it so far. Unless Google unveils some major selling point that hasn't already been leaked, I'm afraid it may not be worth it.

  35. All google has to do to start with is beat out the new iPhone 11 in every way. Give the pixel 4 the best AR camera there is, with lower pricing, and a headphone jack. Promote privacy Google because you have a bad reputation of not caring for privacy. People think your always listening without there permission. Be transparent about privacy and tell consumers how your are protecting it. Show consumers you care about privacy and show it.

  36. if the i phone 11 is cheaper than the pixel 4 im going with the i phone but i would rather have a pixel 4 just because of the assistant and i have a pixel 3a i have been enjoying but i really hope the pixel 4 is cheaper than the i phone 11

  37. I have a pixel 3 and honestly I like it a lot! I knew already going into choosing it that there were flaws with it but come on Google!!!! You can't just release some half-baked phone and then price it at the level of Apple or Samsung! Not only that…Pixel 1 n 2 were so exclusive that it never really reached a wide audience. There is no way that I am going to be paying $1000 for a Pixel 4 especially when the battery is shit compared to many phone release today and last years! You can only entice me so much on your software prowess and camera but with all the competition packing nearly everything into their new phone. Google….you either go big or go home! Only reason why I purchased my Pixel 3 was because I had no patience to wait for the Note 10+….and that is coming from a guy who held onto his Note 4 since release! Google had the potential to match the One+ but kept relying on that small audience of consumer to continue going back just for their software. Well, sad to say….my next phone is probably going to be a Note 12. Battery is my priority these days when everything is nearly equal.

  38. I use pixel totally different from my phone x

    The Assistant integration is just phenomenal and I am holding off my purchase of phone XI pro because of p4

    Soli will add to this distinction I may be an early adopter but p4 can’t wait for it!!!!

    Today I would even consider a p3a instead of iPhone due to assistant integration

  39. Don't know if google realizes the vast importance of battery life. Ive had the Pixel and now the Pixel 3 and the only issue ice ever had with the phones are the battery life.

  40. Here's the prices I'd like to see:

    P4/XL $649 / $749
    P3/XL $449 / $549
    P3a/XL $349 / $449

    and have some kind of trade in incentive for existing Pixel Users to "trade up" to the latest similar to Samsung and iPhones Annual Upgrade Program.

  41. I love these thorough video about all the Pixel leaks & new features, cuz I can’t keep up with all of it. This way is more concise and detailed.

  42. I would get it after the 15th of okt when I know everything for real. Iam using now a IPhone XS and Iam very excited again to go back to Google! I had al Google Nexus phones. Never a pixel but know it’s from friends. Also had one plus devices and Samsung so quite know what the difference of phones are from own experience.

    My wishes to Google would be:

    Keep up the good camera that is awesome but with iPhone 13 a lot competition! Maybe you cans do something with Hasselblad

    Music please make it Dolby ore Bose

    Hardware sorry google looks like even when it looks amazing allready your again out dated with the Edge to Edge display! Can be better.
    Good job with the Oled so much better than the LCD
    The side material aluminum can be titanium strong lightweight or if you don’t mind heavier than like iPhone stainless steel or ceramic but I would like the Titanium. Maybe bring the knuckled buttons back from the nexus 6 by Motorola and make the buttons flat like one level as the side. This with the one level had HTC one 7 and the sensitivity iPhones when the button was not a real button anymore but gave a click response You can orientate by the knuckled and use a touch sensitivity with a click response

    Google apps are awesome

    And maybe go also blackout background again what android had way before Apple what think they new🤣 but I like it on my Xs but it is still funny.

    Last thing I personally really like a notification light.

  43. If I buy a new phone it has to support 5G. In Switzerland the are building 5G infrastructure super quick. So the new IPhone isn't an option for many of us here because no 5G. What about the new Pixel?

  44. Having bought my Pixel 2 XL (affectionately called by its internal codename Taimen) for full price (128 GB model, no less) I couldn't agree with you more on the price points. In reading up on the differences between the 855 and the plus it seems a simple OC applied to the main CPU core as well as the GPU, as the + is supposedly targeted toward 'gamers'. It gains about 4.2% perf on the CPU and ~15% on the GPU. Pffft. There may be more to this, but I have yet to find it.

    Google – your software is great – but your ad revenue still blows everything out of the water, and there is 0 reason to over-charge premium prices on not-so-premium phones. You've taken away my headphone jack. You've taken away my removable (and thus easily self-replaceable) battery. And, from a guy coming from both Shamu and Taimen, you've now taken away my dual front-firing speakers.

    How about you do something right for a change, and take away from the price tag?

    I think a reasonable price point (considering, again, the immense revenue Google gets from advertising alone, not to mention other facets of the Android / Google ecosystem) for these phones is the Pixel 4 starting at $599 for the absolutely antiquated, small-battery-capacity-laden baby brother, and $649 for the bigger bro with the beefier battery (well, beefier everything) as well for the 64 GB model. And only 64 and 128 GB models? If you really think that photos and videos are the only two types of files that we routinely fill our phones up with, you've got another thing coming.

    Tell you what, Google – in addition to the above price points, also include 2 years of YouTube TV, and bump the maximum number of music uploads to Google Play Music from 50k to 100k.

    Hey, when negotiating, always start by lowballing! :p

  45. The snapdragon 855 is why it has a smaller battery, it's the first 7nm snapdragon processor and it's supposed to be 45% more efficient vs the 845 in the Pixel 3, and faster. Pixel 4 also has a separate processor dedicated to camera processing. FYI since Pixel 3 pixels have been made by Foxxconn, same manufacturer as apple.

  46. After owning all the pixels I'm going to hold on to my 3XL just for the camera. Pretty sure it's going to have the same crappy battery life that'll worsen over time and likely to be even worse with the anticipated high refresh rate. Android 10 optimization doesn't make up for anything. Case and point compare the OnePlus 7 pro and Samsung with the same refresh rate even with giving the OnePlus the lower resolution. Android just can't figure it out. Always has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity issues. Emailed tech support and always end up with a wipe reset recommendation. Really like the Google wireless service as well but if pixels can't even hold Wi-Fi what's the point… Love the purist design but I'll take reliability from now on.

  47. I was really going to wait for the pixel before deciding to buy an iPhone. I have the pixel 3xl right now. I liked something's about the phone but I have been having camera issues. However I'm a believer in what they are doing.

  48. Concerning about the price. It is totally agreed that Pixel is the New Apple of Android. Google please Stop being the New Apple of Android in terms of the pricey devices. It is ridiculous. Gain people by lowering your devices. Such a big waste when people already used your services but lowering down you when it comes to you offiicial beloved phone's brand.

  49. I'm just here for the ride Brandon! My son costs too much money for me to get the new phones 😂😂. On a serious note, I love seeing the innovation and competition between the Google, Apple, etc. Project Soli and Pixel camera alone get me excited to play around with it.

  50. At 6 GB of RAM, I'll just wait for a sale. If it had 6GB for the 4 and 8GB for the 4XL, I'd pre-order. Pillow talking that you can do more with 6 than with 8 … Doesn't seem to work out all that well …. Not that I know …🤔

  51. Only 3 things bother me-
    1. No wide angle lens and bad video capabilities
    2. it will have worse Battery life!
    3. Bad pricing
    So there is no point going for it instead of an Iphone 11( Apple wins again! frankly there was never any compitition)
    only thing it can save it is a 699 price tag( though prices of pixel crash dynamically with bad sales)
    😁and may be 1yr free Netflix will help the sales

  52. I have been waiting for months for this phone to release! I really would like to see the phone priced right for it to get into many consumer's hands. With google docs and other applications that will benefit students and teachers, they should target that population with their price point. Even after your comparison of the iPhone camera and video, I would prefer the P4. It would be really sweet if Google started out with their BOGO off the bat, instead of 2 weeks after. I would like to see the P4/XL $649 / $ 749.

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