I’m Never Updating AGAIN…

Captions By: iKingRPG I said PewDiePie 3,000 time go watch What’s that you’re not quite ready for the tech news? Are you mad?! The tech news waits for no man! begin. Turns out there’s a reason that the windows 10 October update screwed up So many people’s computers before, Microsoft was finally able to fix it So you might already know that Major Windows updates called B updates are released on the second Tuesday of each month known as patch Tuseday but Microsoft revealed in a blog post this week that the third and fourth weeks in each month while they’re called C and D Updates which include bug fixes and non security related improvements so they can be texted a bit before the next month’s major B release These are apparently rolled out to users who manually click the check for updates button in Windows settings meaning these users are unwittingly becoming essentially beta testers but Microsoft says that they view these users as Seekers who are looking for the newest features whether they’re polished or not Even if that means that these features will delete all their files which is what happened to seekers who got the October update first Some people might be complaining about this whole BCD system, but really clicking that button is kind of fun It’s like a kinder surprise. You never know. What you gonna get Yes After Qualcomm won an injunction in Chinese court potentially banning the sale of older iPhones in China Apple has announced that a software update is coming. That should prevent that from happening Qualcomm says iPhones infringe on two of their patents involving resizing photos and managing apps on a touchscreen display while the original injunction affected all iPhones Except the 10 s 10 R and 10 s max welcome Just went back to Chinese Court to try and get those newer phones banned as well Apple’s software updates should change iOS so that it does not infringe on Qualcomm’s patents But if China’s courts disagree Apple says it’ll be forced to settle with Qualcomm Which should make for some fun meetings like the ones where you see the guy that you just badmouth on Twitter in person? That’s actually how I feel a lot of the time when I see Riley every day And AMD has released the latest version of their Radeon software catch li titled AMD Radian software adrenalin 2019 Edition much better than GeForce experience Experience what you know stupid anyway the new software’s features Actually look pretty cool Real live allows you to create gifts edit video clips and automatically capture in-game replays The game and settings advisors will analyze your systems performance and recommend game optimization that you can make with one click and even suggest upgrades if your system is underperforming and Whatman wot Man has improved one-click Overclocking and under clocking that can be done with an in-game overlay and you can even use all these features with the AMD link mobile App, which also has voice control ability for some reason? Hey Radeon, show me my GPU temperature No reason it’s time for quick beats brought to you by brilliant – the new way to master key concepts in math science computer science and Professional topics. Do you have someone on your list who loves to ask questions and figure out how things work? Well spread the love of science to your loved ones with brilliant brilliance thought-provoking content breaks up complexities into bite-sized Understandable chunks that will lead them from curiosity to mastery over 5.5 million members are already sharing their love and Curiosity for math and science plus the first 200 tech link viewers to sign up get 20% off So head to brilliant dot org slash tech linked and sign up today. I’m through the quick There’s all the slide I can muster This is the blast radius tens of thousands of virtually identical bomb threats were emailed to places of work all over the US and Canada yesterday including the headquarters of call of duty developer Infinity Ward demanding twenty thousand dollars in bitcoins Are stupid various authorities are inspecting as many sites that received threats as possible and so far No, actual explosives have been found it appears This is an elaborate hoax and while it didn’t injure anyone it did force mass evacuations from work places Which is exactly what I’m gonna do in a few hours Friday. Am I right people? That’s a safest joke I could think of for that story after the epic game store said it would give developers 88% of sales revenue dis card has come to so some of their Namesake and announced that they’d give 90 percent of revenue from their game store to developers. The pressure on steam is building up I hope they don’t bust about Ya IMAX has announced they’re shutting down their last three vr arcade locations in LA Bangkok and Toronto as they Didn’t quite take off the way the company expected but wait, if no one’s buying VR headsets and the arcades are shutting down Where will I get a truly immersive realistic experience? Oh Yeah Facebook has surprised no one with the news of yet another bug that allowed app developers to access the unshared photos Unshared of 6.8 million people in addition to their Facebook stories and marketplace photos You could look at this as a breach of privacy Or you could see that maybe Facebook is just trying to encourage their users don’t be shy show us your selfies Facebook thinks you look great. Riley: YEAH Razer has announced soft miner an app that will let PC gamers mine cryptocurrency on their GPUs while they’re not using them pretty cool Except Razer keeps the funds and rewards the user with Razer silver Which they can only use to buy Razer products because why mine regular money when you could remind Razer bucks? It’s better. It’s got green LEDs One thing this episode has got no more news. You’ll have to come back on Monday for that subscribe If you’re gonna be there, I’ll be there all the cool kids are doing it (no he’s not)(oh wait he got dennis shirt) I’m cool

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100 thoughts on “I’m Never Updating AGAIN…

  1. The fact that developers think we're going to swap from Steam is hilarious, that ain't gonna happen – Valve has our backs and is the reason we have the freedom we do, gonna support Valve as long as they make developers bend the knee to our standards as much as possible because Epic and Discord sure as hell aren't going to do that. Besides Steam is waaaaaaay more secure for your digital purchases, that's absolutely nothing to shake a stick at.

  2. (Fix) For anyone who was affected by windows, DoNot scrap or reformat the affected drive. All your files are still ON the affected drive even if reading 0of0 kb of data. All you need is a second or replacement drive to become a new primary, then reinstall Windows to that second drive, once logged back into your Microsoft account, assign the the old affected drive a drive letter then grant your Microsoft account account full access to the old drive by right clicking it and clicking share (there are sharing tutorials out there) and boom there are all your files after a few hours of the change pushing to files. From there merge the files now found in Windows.old with the new install. When done use disk cleaner to wipe the old windows installation folder once you have your files back to prevent returning corruption. I've had to do this a few times and It works This is My Fix that I discovered.

  3. Great, now I know why my Soundblaster drivers shat out right before a VR session and wasted 30 minutes of my time with blue screens and reinstalls.

  4. Win10 is a rehash because new school engineers replacing the old guard didn't understand Win7 and prior code. We're all beta testers.

  5. Yeah, the Win 10 new 1809 update is still doing some weird stuff … I had 3 laptops that I suspect the update crashed, reeaaly bad. Explorer didn't even run. No rollback worked, so I had to re-install them wiping all data! Great job Microsoft!

  6. I haven’t updated since October because of all the warning from people and now my Windows Defender is bugged with the red X. I guess that’s better than faulty updates or having all my files being deleted.

  7. I haven't updated my GPU drivers in about 5 months, because I never installed GeForce Experience after installing a fresh windows installation.. Thanks for reminding me!

  8. The Epic Games Store and Discord's own store are pretty much guaranteed to not take off that much. They don't have nearly as much consumer focus, sure its nice for devs to get a bigger cut (until Epic and Discord make the dev's cut smalled) but that doesn't mean much when the platform has barely any consumer focus what so ever. Valve is probably perfectly fine with both existing and doing what they are doing, because they more then likely don't see either as much of a threat.

  9. The 1-click overclocking only works on Vega cards, so BOTH of the people that bought a Vega card can look forward to that. For those of us running an RX polaris card…yeah. Don't waste two hours trying to figure it out like I did.

  10. You're surprised by this? Microsoft has been doing this LONG before Windows 10. Or even 8 for that matter. They've had "Preview" updates available since the XP days. People are just now "offended" that it's happening in Windows 10. This isn't new. It's status quo and has been for a long time. Set your active hours, leave it on auto, restart once a week, no problems.

  11. I thought the fall update would have been fixed by now, but apparently not. Installed it yesterday, it broke my graphics driver. Every reboot led to the driver becoming corrupted and requiring a reinstall, which required a reboot to finish, which triggered the corruption again. So I chose to return to the previous version, only to get an invalid driver error bsod during the rollback. Ended up having to reinstall windows since I couldn't enter safe mode to remove the driver mid-rollback manually, and apparently the automatic repair can't do something that simple.

  12. Had to make a clean install of Windows 10 after updating made my PC unusable. HDD appearing and disappearing, slowing down into a soft lock, lost a partition and games unplayable

  13. I went to one of those IMAX VR setups once. They didn’t have anything software-wise a Vive owner couldn’t already do. They were good for introducing people to VR and they had some uncommon hardware like VR vests that reacted to being hit (it wasn’t really that good in practice), but that’s pretty much it. The people running it were cool, though.

  14. Well that's a pretty awful thing for Microsoft to do. Most times I just let Windows do it's thing and update automatically, but if I'm on a fresh install I generally spam the check for updates button to force a check rather than waiting for my system to do it for me. I guess the lesson here is don't do a fresh install after the 14th of the month.

  15. No actual tips on how to be able to put a stop to Win10 updates? (E.g. disabling certain processees, blocking certain connections through the firewall, etc.)? Disappointed to hear again what I already knew.

  16. Kinder Surprise is a hollow chocolate egg with a toy inside that has been banned in the US since it came to market in 1974. in 2018 the much sucker Kinder Joy came to the US which has the toy outside the candy. When someone talks about a Kinder Egg they are talking about the former.

  17. If it wasn't for the deadly combo of my video blocker and clickbait this video and channel would be worth watching. RIP.

  18. Hahaha, I am with version 1511, NEVER updating again, of course… just blocked them with Process Blocker (Windows 10 Pro), the video is in my channel… 😎

  19. I turn off auto updates. Then use group policy to turn off updates altogether. then block any urls related to windows, windowsupdate and microsoft on my router.

    And no i don't think i'm paranoid.

  20. It is easy to disable updates. I only update after the update has been out there in the wild for a minimum of 3 months

  21. YEah. The update wont let me install drivers without running cmd as SYSTEM and i cant get into devmgmt without launching it via a admin cmd? MICROSOFT FIX UR OS

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