Ilharg Gruul Stompy ! | War of the Spark Deck Guide – MTG Arena (Ilharg Raze Boar)

Hello my name is Emma and today we are
back with another Magic the Gathering Arena video. Today checking out a new
deck because of War of the Spark is out! This deck I’ve done a variation on a
gruul stompy deck with the new card Ilharg the Raze Boar This card is is an absolute
beast I mean also yes it is a pig so it is an actual beast this essentially
means whenever you attack with your Ilharg on board you get to attack
with a card that is also in your hand that goes onto the battlefield that attacks then
returned to your hand. So you’ve got this like yo-yo scenario going on. So what we
want to do today is get Ilharg out attack with it and then get one of our
big boy creatures like our Ghalta coming and yo-yo-ing in and out to battlefield
hopefully smashing down our opponent like a good old stompy deck does. But yeah
let’s get this big pig onto the board and start smashing down on our opponents! all right we’ve got them we’ve got the piggy in the hand so we’re gonna keep
this we’ve got the one two drops coming out Vivian’s off bow as well I think
this is actually a pretty good hand anything we’d be looking for here is of
course more mana you never have enough of that I’m excited
and then possibly a big creature maybe you know incarnate iron salto that we
can start yo-yoing without you hog trap against maybe some control this one’s
down for now and we’ll get out get out jade lights just go out right that was a bit of a whip like this isn’t
even worth playing a moment of craving on anymore we’re going to get down first
can I’m gonna swing in first with our attack with Jade light see if they all
right I think we first goes to the branch walk I mean we’re asking for
crime not too worried about that oh that is a definitely alive week are there
then we can also put out our vidiians awkward thanks Cal knows this so we can
start looking for cards I mean that’s pretty much what we’re gonna be looking
for and I’ll turn here again I wouldn’t be surprising we’re seeing a cry of the
canary I’m come out right now I probably would if I was them especially taking
out the Llano elf if they do not take it out then we could play or hog they can
say this card here go to channel so this card is really awesome played with or
hog because its ability of what is the battlefield double the power of each
other creature you control until end of turn
all right next to damage okay I’m really paranoid about getting counted here 9
and 10 times I would go here for hog but considering the new I drew this card and
they didn’t play anything in response I feel like there’s a sinister sabotage in
this hand here at the moment we’re just gonna continue beating down like I
really do want to show off the OH hog butt
all right well I’m happy with that I’m real happy with that that’s fine all
right this is the turn I’m gonna let her off else – all right put this down I am
gonna swing in fuss still all right big big time that’s very right now we just fingers
cross they don’t have any removal if they do have removal edgardo stud from
the top of my library not too terrible you’re probably gonna say a removal
stone somehow here come on come on mate wipe the pee I can see mouse hovering
over it hostage-taker alright
I mean I’d probably take it too oh I do get it back I thought that would
have gone back to them that’s fine with me
in any usual game I would then just go and start playing this if I really do
want to get the pig out so we can pull it back by putting on the battlefield
actually one two three four five no attacks they’re probably gonna just hold
my ELF to be honest just like I could have put it out we’ll see if they have
another removable spell here yeah this is why we hold their fingers crossing
into anything and we can do the big bounce of the yo-yo apart
I tried that’s right we didn’t still swing in with it
oh nice this guy there that was that was good we could try to do this again I was
gonna Chuck finale of devastation I I’m gonna keep finale of devastation which
is why I’m not gonna do that there I’ll just swing in with our without big pig
in it it is a big pig after all at the end the day it’s still six six hey I’m
just gonna go down to five I need one more mono in order to activate this
ability similarly I would be to just call this if I did it and these two can
then ill hog again if we need yeah my devastation fair enough
I still feel like we may have the win here cuz if they could remove ill hog
they probably would have by now but the double disinformation again I mean I’ve
got no cards in my hand so you can’t really do anything about that what have we got Pelt collector I mean
it risk of the akbar again let’s run in with the seats ditching the pout
collector submit look you win some you lose some alright they’re down to two last few
life be all overturning friends just feel like with no Lana why elves
this is true Dana from a hand to Cape I mean this will help us ramp a little bit
I might might keep this one for now probably don’t need to forest
what we’re looking for is just something that can get us by us a little bit more
time I think all right adventurous in pole mean Jade light can bias time would
have also been good to take a lot of wealth but I’m just use that for Drake’s
but just a little bit concerned if we’re just not getting something out for a
bunch of turns have the ability to counter here if they want to what do we
want to put down probably gonna go through the Jade light ranging here just
because I’d rather them count a jade light then I would and I could pull offs
cuz that’s gonna be a cod that protects out you’ll hug when it comes out and
gets into Dex Romano I’m getting all attack buff which is you know no check
out out Jade light that was a big whip from our dead life a mess cool cool I respect that
can we put this out I think we put out Dawn Marie now in preparation that next
turn we can smash out the ill hogs and make sure we don’t get any attacks here
da Marie we are gonna do the kicks if all things go to plan well we could have
actually might imagine if we pinged out that was really bad maths on my part
it’s just me not thinking Oh sometimes you do bad maths I think we have to head
out with the bull now because if we try to hit this out it’s just gonna
straight-up die get out the floor big boy
very aggressive they have a removable card we’re gonna be in a little bit of
trouble here nah no blocks you know why we’ve cut the
Goucher bounce we actually if they played no creature
cards here and they had no way to get rid of our old Hall what’s the best way
to go about this turn I think it’s this one cuz it gets plus 0 plus wanna alright well let’s see how this goes
well attack one attacker Kukoc off the battlefield
let’s Yerger this guy I love this so much got him

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19 thoughts on “Ilharg Gruul Stompy ! | War of the Spark Deck Guide – MTG Arena (Ilharg Raze Boar)

  1. As always, thanks for watching the video πŸ˜€ New here? Why not subscribe: .Let me know in the comments what cards you're enjoying or what decks you'd like me to play now that War of the Spark is out!

    P.S still renovating my new apartment, so uploads should stay weekly till that's finished πŸ™‚

  2. Used to watch you back in the day, recently got back into magic myself. Love me some gruul decks. Very cool vid emma!

  3. I have a deck similar to this one but I don't get how to use Vivien's arkbow, seems like it slows me down.

  4. Sorry this game become so repetitive..try to tell you many time but you don't care when AAA games are important… bye unsubscribe you.πŸ™

  5. If you got two domri in hand. And no creatures vs. Just play the planeswalkers first. Also fight. It makes your creators fight. I like most of the deck. But play better.

  6. I have a similar strategy with this thing two cards but with Kiora the Planeswalker it's broken and overpowered I'm pretty sure it's going to get banned soon in standard

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